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Lolita Young Interview
Interview date 08.01.03, Conducted via e-mail (Orange County, CA)

Q1.  As one of porn's freshest Asian starlets, it would be helpful for readers to know a little bit about your background.  You know, all the typical vital stats such as age, height, weight, birthday, where you grew up, ethnicity, marital status, and of course, breast size.

A.  I am nineteen years old soon to be turning 20 on August 20th.  Please not TOO BIG of PRESENTS. Aaahhhaa. I am 5Ē2Ē and 80 pounds (yes I do eat, but just the wrong kinds! Aahha) I grew up in Orange County where I still reside for now until I am done with going to college. I am 100% Vietnamese and single. My bra size is 32A and will stay that way forever unless they naturally grow.

Q2.  What do you think is the sexiest part of your body?

A.  The sexiest part of my body would be ass and my nipples. My ass always gets tons of compliment. I even had an ex tell me he just wanted to marry my ASS.

Q3.  One remarkable thing about you, judging by your posts on the Asian Porno Hotties message board, is your apparent love and impressive knowledge of the porn scene.  How the heck does a young Vietnamese girl barely out of high school get introduced to porn and become so familiar with it?  Do you masturbate to porn?

A.  Yes, I started masturbating when I was five , but I was not aware of what exactly I was doing. I just knew it was something that I had to do again and it felt good. I didnít start actually cumming until like maybe after 13.  By then I knew what I was doing.

Well, ever since I was younger, I used to sneak downstairs while my parents were snoring upstairs and turn [the TV] to the Spice Channel and tried to get off on fuzzy and staticky quality porn.  I loved porn from the beginning. I started paying attention to the talent, directors, studios, and reading about the industry from like maybe in high school.

Q4.  Who are the top five Asian starlets in the industry you admire most and why?

A.  Damn, here goes Snowman again trying to get me to choose. But, Iíll try my best this time.

I like Leanni Lei because she is tiny, but yet she managed to do all those hot anal scenes that still leave some drooling.  Even though Brooke Ashley ended up [HIV+], it took major courage to try doing that big anal gang bang!

Mei-Yu & Jade Marcella were just nasty, but its still HOT even after they are gone!

Iím going to say Mimi Miyagi because she managed to be a porn star, start her own companies, and than to making a comeback. I would hope I would become as successful as she is, if not close.

Q5.  There's very few Vietnamese starlets in the Adult Industry (now and in the past).  Do you have any thoughts on why this might be?  Is there something in the culture that makes it a strong taboo to be involved in the sex business?  As a person of Vietnamese heritage, is there anything special you feel you can bring to your scenes? 

A.  My only reasonable explanation on why there are so few Vietnamese starlets is because for the most part, we are raised to believe that we are not meant to that sexually-bold, [let alone] use our bodies to get money.  But, that just doesnít go for specifically with being Vietnamese.  I would say that goes for being a girl in general.

To tell you the truth, I am not that in touch with my heritage.  I am very Americanized. =(

The only thing I would contribute to the industry that is associated with my heritage is to prove that Vietnamese know how to fuck and hopefully bring more a lot more Asian girls into the industry.

Q6.  On the message board that you also mentioned that you enjoy watching raincoater titles, including those that feature the hardest sex acts like anal and DP.  I think this is relatively rare for a female.  Those kind of movies might send most females running from the room in disgust or result in a rant about how porn degrades females.  How do you perceive them and why do you think they turn you on?  What are some of the more memorable raincoater type titles you have seen?  What's the nastiest adult video you have ever seen?

A.  I would like to see of myself as a rare breed of gals in the world that can actually love watching a chick like ourselves take it up the ass or seeing her or  a buncha other females being stuffed in every orifice.  But, than again, @ the same time, I sort of have a sexiest view on women @ times. Like, a woman SHOULD never be our President.  I donít want to go on because I think other gals that would read this might be coming after me.

A few of the memorable raincoater type titles Iíve come across was the first ever lesbian gangbang Iíve seen.  I had no idea that other females can be extremely nasty to each other!  Sorry, but I am not sure of what the title was.  The one that I always seem to think of a lot is "Clusterfuck".  I just love Skeeter Kerkoveís style.

A very naughty and memorable raincoater title for Lolita!
  Clusterfuck, Mayham, 2003,
(Action-DVD) (Adult Video Universe) (Gamelink)

The nastiest adult video(s) I have come across are probably a few of the Max Hardcore films Iíve seen.  I donít think I could go that hardcore.

Q7.  You have stated that, prior to entering the adult industry, you felt you did not have much sexual experience.  I find that very interesting because I would imagine most girls who enter the industry have a considerable amount of experience.

a.  Did you just recently undergo a great sexual awakening and now crave wild sex with lots of partners or would you say you were always a very sexual person, but had to repress those feelings because you didn't have appropriate partners to express it with?

A.  I was a virgin for the last 19 years up until the beginning of this year.  Iíve always been a sexual person, but I just thought sex was a bigger deal than it was.  But, when I finally lost it, I was like ďWow, no big deal."  But, damn, I would love to share my inner sexuality and sluttiness with the whole world.Ē

In March, I shot my first boy/girl scene and havenít wanted to stop. My curiosity seems to grow every time I do a scene.

b. Do you believe watching a great deal of hardcore porn made you more curious about engaging in nasty sex?

A.  I would definitely be associating watching a good amount of porn with my curiosity in wanting nasty sex or else how would I even know you can do double anal and vaginal?

Q8.  If you could try one thing in bed that you've never done, what would it be?

A.  If I could do one bed that Iíve never done before, it would have to be maybe get an actual orgasm from a gal. I only been with a gal two times and never reached an orgasm. But, maybe, hopefully soon, some hot gal would be able to break that if she can fuck me as I would try to fuck her and make me forget she was a gal.

Q9.  What would you say is your primary motivation for wanting to become a porn star?  Money?  Fame?  Sex?  I noticed that your online profile says you are a part time student and clerical worker.

A.  My primary motivation would be definitely 50% actually wanting to fuck as often as I can and discovering my ultimate sexual persona and the rest of the 50% is for money & fame.

Like I have said previously in the forums, I do not know what my [true] sexual persona is as of yet. But, being in porn would [let me] be able to discover it.  [I] love more than anything to have the audience [be] part of the process so maybe they can relate to me.

It would be a crock of shit if I tried to claim it had zero to do with money.  I would love to fuck for free, but us talent needs to somehow get paid for the energy, time, and prepping to do a scene just like the how the people on the set that need to get paid for their time and effort they put to making that scene you are watching look hot -- right?

Q10.  How and why did you choose your porn screen name?  It doesn't appear that you used my free "Asian Porno Hotty Name Generator".  :-(

A.  I had felt that LOLITA YOUNG suited me well because I am very young looking @ a lot of times @ heart as well and plus, I can be a big tease. =)

Plus, you would have a hard time looking for my name under a search because you would be coming up with nothing, but really younger looking chicks.

At this time of this interview, none of your scenes have been released yet.  To date, I believe you have done four xxx scenes:  (in order of appearance)  "All Natural #12" (Rain Video), "I've Never Done That Before #14" (Wildlife), "Me Luv U Long Time #04" (Red Light District Video), and "Asian Sluts Uncut" (In-X-Cess).

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Titles featuring some of Lolita's very first scenes!  Click the box or shopping links below for more information!

Asian Sluts Uncut #01, I-X-Cess, 2003, (Action-DVD) (Adult Video Universe) (Gamelink)
Me Luv U Long Time #04, Red Light District, 2003 
(Action-DVD) (Adult Video Universe) (Gamelink)
Banana Cream Pie #01, Video Team, 2003 
(Action-DVD) (Adult Video Universe) (Gamelink)

Q11.  It's interesting to me that your very first scene in "All Natural #12" was a girl/girl one.  That means that you were experiencing two big firsts on that shoot, because it was the first time you had ever been with a girl. Can you tell us what that was like to not only be performing sex on camera for the first time, but also to be intimate with another woman for the first time?   Did you feel overly nervous or anxious?  Excited?  Scared?

A.  I was rather nervous and yet excited because it was my first time being seen on camera and not just being naked, but being sexual.  My first girl/girl experience was with Jade Hsu/Jada Fox/Jade who is one of my favorite models. We used to share the same agent who happened to be Roy Garcia.  Not only was I itching to do my first girl/girl as well as on-camera appearance, but one of the girls I look up to was going to pop that cherry! Imagine what was running through my head!

But, in all honesty, if you watched that scene, you most likely be disappointed because I am personally not into girls as much as I am into guys and you could probably tell just from watching that scene.

Q12.  How did you mentally prepare for your first scene - the night or morning before?  What kind of thoughts race though a gal's head when she's about to make her porno debut?  What were you most worried about?  At any point feel conflicted and think about backing out?


I was definitely mostly worried about catching a fatal disease, but to tell you the truth, not as much as suddenly one day, not being able to get bookings @ all forever and having to say, ďWelp, I guess being in porn wasnít for me.Ē  At this point right now, I am just loving any experience I can get out of this and wanting to do more and more of it in the long run.

The only point where I have thought of wanting to back out was the fact that I was starting school d the night before my very first scene.  I thought I wanted to make school my top priority and it still is, but I couldnít keep away from porn too long as you can see. I am slowly learning how to balance these things and making it work.

Q13.  Prior to filming your scene in "All Natural #12", were you attracted to girls?  Did you ever fantasize about girls or is licking another woman's snatch probably something that never would have occurred but for your involving in the porn industry?  As a man, I cannot imagine "getting in the business" and then having sex with another guy for $1000 unless I already had homosexual tendencies.

"All Natural #12" Lolita's very first xxx scene and lesbian experience!  What a trip!

A.  To tell you the truth, I wasnít really not that much into girls.  I found girl/girls as boring.  I always had to fast forward [when watching a porn tape] until I saw a damn cock as part of the scene.  Recently, I just finished up a three way scene with LONI and BRIAN SUREWOOD for an untitled film coming up for VIDEO TEAM.  It was really HOT.  After being with LONI, I [don't] think I would mind giving girl/girl a chance as long she is gonna be rough.  Raawwrrrrrr.  Heheh.  ::: giggles :::

Q14. What was it like performing in your first boy/girl scene?  Since it was with a guy, did you feel more or less comfortable doing it?  After it was over how did you feel?

A.  I was a little bit nervous because before doing my first scene, I have had sex with one guy.  Not only was I going to screw just one guy that I didnít know, but I was going to do TWO guys that I didnít know on the same day for the same scene.  At first, I would thought I have been nervous to be doing that.  But, it actually was exciting. It made me want to do it more.  I think I get a rush out of being able to screw as many people as I donít know and no having strings attached. That could be a bad thing, but right now, it isn't.

Q15.  How does that make you feel that guys all over the world will soon be watching *you* have sex on their television screens and beating their meat to what they see?  Is it a turn on?

A.  It is most definitely a turn on. Itís one of the big reasons why I want to do this even more. I am sure everyone wants to contribute something to the world while they are still alive. Well for me, itís going to be the fact that I turned the world on with my scenes. I want to save world from going soft! Aaaahhhaa

Q16.  So far what's been the most surprising thing about the adult industry?

A.  In all honesty, I have yet to find anything that surprises me about this industry that stands out. But, I guess I can say is the fact I have yet to hear anyone from the industry who has told me to get implants. Before I got into doing scenes, I had assumed by seeing majority of the porn stars having big tits that I would be going through the pressure right away. Boy, was I wrong!

Q17.  How did your family react to your decision to become a porn star, assuming they know at all.  If they don't know, when do you think you will tell them and how do you think they will react?

A.  As of right now, my parents arenít aware of what I am doing. Some of you may think itís stupid for me trying to hide it from them, but I donít think so. I am choosing not to tell my parents at all. I know it would break their hearts. But, at the same time, if they did find out on their own than I will have no choice, but to admit to it. But, I wonít admit it to them until I have moved out of their house. Yes, I am still living with my parents. How worse can it get? =)

Q18.  Are there any male performers in the industry that you are really looking forward to getting a chance to work with?  Females you would like to do a girl/girl scene with?

A.  Hmm males performers I would like to work with... There you go again making me choose! =)

I am going to name just 3 names for now.  But, this is not all the guys I would like to work with.  I would like to work with Brandon Iron, Mr. Marcus (who DOES NOT want to work with him nowadays?), and Nacho Vidal.

As for girl/girl, I am curious to see how a scene with Sabrine Maui and I would turn out. I am going to say Chasey Lain because she was the first ever woman to make me horny in my whole life. If I turned out to be bi, she could have been my first ďgirlĒ of my dreams.  ::: giggles :::

Q19.  On the APH message board, a recent hot topic has been Asian starlets who hold back on performing anal sex.  Even though you watch a lot of nasty raincoater porn, and stated you love watching anal scenes, you seemed a bit surprised that many porn viewers fully expect starlets to routinely take it up the ass hard and deep and that the girls who hold back may fall out of favor.

Now that you are a starlet, instead of simply a porn viewer, for the first time you are confronted with the realities of the adult industry (and fans) in pushing the girls ever further down the road of extreme, lewd conduct.  In a recent message, it appears that you already made the decision to do anal.  "I plan on doing anals and dps hopefully in the future though. I am just waiting until I am ready." You also  recent wrote, "... I would rather watch a scene with the girl taking it up her poop chute and actually enjoying it instead of possibly counting the dollar signs that she'd be getting for doing that scene in her head."

Lolita may be an anal virgin, but she's got the position down! (click photo to enlarge)

a. Do you practice anal sex in your personal life, and if so, do you enjoy it?

A.  I donít practice anal sex in my personal life. Reason why I choose not to now is because I [would] rather start prepping for anal when I know its closer to the point of me being ready for my anal exploration.  When I am prepping for anal, I would like the audience to see me prepping for it because I would like my fans to be there for me every step up until the point where I make that ultimate decision of choosing to incorporate any anal in my scenes or not.

b. Do you personally feel there is a lot of pressure on you from studios and/or fans to take it up your rump?  If so, do you feel the pressure is unfair?

A.  So far, in my case, I have not really felt any major pressure from studios or fans to take it up the ass. Sure, I get the occasional person telling me that I wonít be able to last if I donít start doing anal.

But, I know for a fact that it is possible to stay in the business if you donít do anal (that is if I happen to not really like anal when I finally choose to try it out). You just wonít be favored by the raincoater masses as much. But, I donít know that for sure until the time when I finally decided to get analized.

c.  When did you actually decide that you would (at some point) perform anal?  What kinds of considerations went into your decision making process?

A.  I decided to anal @ some point way back when I was still trying to make the ultimate decision of whether or not I would want to try out doing porn in the first place. I think all new girls before getting into porn should plan out on how they want they want their careers to begin to the finishing point.

The considerations I thought about were if I want to do it just because I want to or for the bigger money amounts or my fans.

In the end, it all came out to the part where I decided I would do anal just for the combination reason of doing it for myself and the fans. Personally, I love watching anals and dps. That shit looks HOT!

d.  In taking about scene for Don Fernando in "Asian Sluts Uncut", you wrote, "I didn't do any anal or dps. I just performed vaginal sex. Sorry, to disappoint."  Doesn't it seem rather warped that new, beautiful girls in the industry like yourself feel the need to apologize for not having their rectums brutally assaulted and gaped on camera?  And to make matters worse, this was one of your first scenes.  Does this environment make you feel discouraged about your future in the industry at all?

A.  Nah, it doesnít really seemed odd to me that as a new girl I have to apologize for not yet giving permission for my rectum to be reamed just yet.

In a way, to tell you the truth, sometimes I am disappointed in myself that I still donít have the guts to try out anal yet because I love watching it, so how come I canít bring myself to do it myself?  Sorry, I tend to talk to myself.

This doesnít really discourage me @ all concerning my future in the industry. I know everything happens for a reason. I know, if I were to start doing anal while I am still getting over the fear of it than I will regret it later on.

If it turns out in the end, that I donít like anal, than I guess anal isnít for me. I believe that ANAL isnít for EVERYONE.

e. What needs to happen before you are "ready" to do anal scenes and when do you expect this will occur?

A.  In order to know that I am ready, I would have to know full 100% well right in my mind that I am not scared of trying out anal and open to try it out. Of course, Iíll be like a lot of other gals and try prepping my ass by starting out to use the small things and gradually moving on to more bigger and real things.

f.  After you start doing anal scenes, will you have any qualms about doing ass to mouth?  Doesn't the idea sucking a cock that was just planted deep in your ass seem disgusting even though it may be common these days in porn?

A.  Actually, as of recently, I gotten a few opportunities to dabble into a little of some ďa2m/atmĒ action and found myself wanting more!  So no it doesnít really disgust me to be sucking mine or someone elseís ass juices.  Iíve found a few ass juices to being tasty.  Even Loniís. =)

g.  If your boyfriend wanted you to perform a2m would you do so?  If not, doesn't that seem unfair to do super nasty stuff with strangers for money, but restrict sex at home to more "vanilla" activities?

A.  Since, I have decided to not have any committed relationships while I am doing scenes then this question doesnít really apply to me. But, if in my personal life, like say I have a ďfuck buddyĒ, or was ďdatingĒ someone and he wanted me to a2m, than fuck my tongue would be already planted in there!  I hope to be meeting some guys who are open to that in my personal life.  I have been disappointed in the past when guys Iíve been previously been with in my real life werenít really that ďopenĒ enough to let me get a taste of their chocolate. =(

Q20.  Assuming that you are able to handle anal scenes, do you plan to go all the way and become a full fledged raincoater hero by performing DPs, double anal, gang bangs and the like?  Are there any sexual acts that you feel are definitely off limits to you?

A.  If I do to ultimately decide to incorporate anal in my scenes, I wonít try to be a hero for the raincoaters.  It isnít an EASY job to do that!  If I do anal scenes, I am going to pace myself.  I am not going to do anal in EVERY scene.

But, once I know I can handle anal, I going to take the other things one step at a time.  If I can handle anal than Iíll try to see if I can do dps.  If I can do dps than weíll see if I can deliver some hot double anal/vaginal action.

But, I would definitely love to do a few gangbangs.  I think there is something erotic about doing gangbangs. Normally, a lot of girls would find it degrading.  For me, it turns me on knowing I would be doing like 5+ guys.  Each guy has different desires and needs. So most likely, I would be getting a different intensity level and a different kind of orgasm from each guy.

Q21.  In the same conversation on APH, you made the point that you were concerned about the possible health risks of being an adult performer.  You wrote:

"To say that if someone was really concerned about the health issues than maybe porn isn't for them would be sorta presumptuous. Once a person decides to fuck for camera and do no condom scenes, I would think they have a right to be worrying about their health. For me, personally, I am not gonna lie and say that every time a dick slides in with me without a condom that I never have a thought in my head that it could possibly be giving me an STD. I may not be thinking that during the scene because I am caught in the hot moments. But, than afterwards, it does run through my head. I still get almost scared every time I take a new current test."

Maybe it's just me ,but I think sometimes when a gal bitches and whines about hating to do anal all the time or if she caught an disease and blamed it on the industry, its partly HER fault for CHOOSING to DO ANAL for (almost) EVERY scene. Even if anal scenes made one girl popular, I would think she'd knew that she didn't have it do it for EVERY scene."

I get the impression from your comments that believe the primary health risk is related to performing frequent anal scenes without a condom.  However, you may be minimizing the wide range of other STDs which can just as easily be passed through vaginal sex.  According to a recent article in the Los Angeles Time discussing the rise of fall of Asian porn star Brooke Ashley,

"The extent of infection among [adult] performers is unknown because no government or regulatory medical agency has ever tracked the industry consistently. The limited data that does exist is alarming. The Adult Industry Medical HealthCare Foundation (AIM), an industry-backed clinic in Sherman Oaks, administered voluntary tests to a group consisting primarily of adult film workers.  Of 483 people tested between October 2001 and March 2002, about 40% had at least one disease. Nearly 17% tested positive for Chlamydia, 13% for gonorrhea and 10% for hepatitis B and C, according to Sharon Mitchell, a former adult actress who founded AIM. None of the tests came up positive for HIV, Mitchell said. The testing was funded in part by the Los Angeles County Health Department.

By comparison, 23,277 cases of gonorrhea were reported statewide in 2001, less than one-tenth of 1% of the state's population, according to the Department of Health Service's division of communicable disease control. For Chlamydia, 101,871 cases were reported for the year, or about three-tenths of 1%--a rate health officials consider epidemic. The Chlamydia rates in the porn world are about 57 times higher than those epidemic proportions. But that and other statistics can also be explained by the small size of the population and its abnormally high rate of sexual activity."

Given these statistics, and your decision to perform vaginal and anal sex without a condom, are you hoping to just "beat the odds" with regard to STDs?  Does it all boil down to the proverbial ostrich with her head in the sand?  If you discovered you contracted a sexually transmitted disease, would you continue working in the industry?

A.  I am hoping that the good time that I spend doing scenes, I will not catch anything.  Or @ least anything fatal.  All I can do right now is pray and keep myself clean and aware of what is going on in my body as much as I can at all times.

If I discovered a minor STD that could be treated then, yes, I am going to continue on my porn escapade.  But, if I were to be unfortunate enough to discover that I contacted a fatal disease than I would have no choice, but to stop doing scenes.

Q22.  A lot of performers in the industry become depressed and develop drug and/or alcohol problems.  This may be because of the unique pressures of the industry, availability of a lot of cash, and a pervasive party lifestyle.  In promoting her recent autobiography, former porn superstar Traci Lords said something to the effect that "never met a porn star who was happy or sober?  Are you concerned that this is something that may happen to you?

A.  I have faith in myself that I can surpass the pressures of the industry and not let party lifestyle get to me. Porn is not my only job. I juggle school as well as a ďregular 9-5Ē job. I juggle the two along with porn for a REASON. The reason is to keep myself in a ďgroundedĒ perspective. Also, I have people in my life that I care about and care for me enough to look out for me. I believe as long if a person has those things than it would be less likely for to fall ďvictimĒ to the stereotype.

Q23.  The adult industry is well known for taking in new female talent, using them up at a frantic pace, and then spitting them out only to begin the process all over again with fresh girls.  I believe the average amount of time a starlet stays in the adult business is 1 1/2 years.

a.  Where do you see yourself in 1 year?  How many movies do you predict you will have made by that time?

A.  In a year, I see myself still doing scenes, but by than, I would have developed a few skills or gotten better in some skills I already have, but I still be learning. Hopefully, Iíll be closer to being ready for some analization. I predict that I would have done at least a close to 50 movies by that time.

b.  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  Do you have plans to be involved in the adult industry that long?

A.  In 5 years, I hope to be still working within the porn industry. I canít foresee if I will still be doing scenes.  But, I would like to have a solid fan base.  Maybe within 5 years, I will be doing more in the behind the scenes aspect [of porn]. I would love to be working in the industry for the longest time. I very much want to start my own production company and produce porn. Maybe get into directing, but I am not sure if I can be that creative. Weíll see.  I, also, would love to manage porn talent and help girls develop their careers in the adult industry.  I, even would be happy to be a receptionist for some company or something.  Just as long I get to work in the industry somehow.

Q24.  If you had the select the sexiest word in the English language, what would you say it is?

A.  The sexiest word in my mind right now is unique. I say unique because not everyone is unique. We are a rare breed. =)

Q25.  If you were given $5,000 to spend in one store in the world, where would you do your shopping?

A.  I would do a shopping spree at Henri Bendel because I love the clothes they have there. They have funky uptown clothes which describes my clothing style most of the time. Too bad, it's in NYC. =(

Q26.  What are three of your all time favorite (mainstream) movies?

A.  American Psycho, Jawbreaker, and Gone with the Wind.


Q27.  What are your top five desert island music CDs (i.e. the five discs you would bring with you to a desert island where you would be alone and isolated from the world)?

A.  Ha!  Snowman is always trying to make me choose!  Hell no am I choosing which albums to take to an island.  I'll never go to an island for that matter!  But, I mainly love listening to drum and bass (jungle). It's a subgenre of the electronica music genre.

Q28.  Are you a closet computer geek?  You seem to have a good handle on the Internet and respond to e-mail and online messages very quickly.  What kind of computer setup do you have?  What are your five favorite sites on the web?

A.  I am a computer geek, but definitely not in the closet. I just know to make decent beginning level websites with basic HTML, rip music, delete internet history both on Mac and pc (youíll need to know that!), and what not. I donít know how to hack. But, I love being online.  I am online 24/7.  I cry for days if I go without it for like more than a few hours. =(

Q29.  Describe your ideal mate in terms of appearance, background, personality and qualities.

A.  My ideal mate would be good-looking, taller than me, got style, has short hair, and is any other race, but the same as mine. I love interracial dating.

I secretly want my ideal mate to have a whacky personality of a nerd/geek/dork/what not -- a la Steve Urkel maybe.

He would definitely have to have a secure enough to understand that I am in the porn industry whether I am in front [of the camera] or behind it.

I am not going to go ahead and list off a bunch of different qualities because I believe that every person out there is so different.

Q30:  How do you feel about your fans?  Are the guys who are going to be watching you in XXX videos and milking the lizard losers?  Would it help or hurt a guy's chances with you if they revealed they were your fan?

A.  I would like to think of myself as someone who is fan-oriented. I love to interact with my fans especially on a certain little forum that I frequent so darn often!  It wouldnít necessarily hurt him to let me know that heís a fan. It would more like sorta help him win a few brownie points because obviously I donít have to worry about him getting turned on by me.

Q31.  On APH, you stated that you do enjoy dating older men.  "Of course, I do!  I think any gal in her own right mind should love screwing older men! A lot of guys that I've met that are my age still have the mentality of "I just want to bust a frickin nut!"

Is there an upper limit of age beyond which you would not consider dating that person?  How old was the oldest person you've dated to date, and what was the biggest challenge presented by the age difference?

A.  The upper limit of age that I would consider dating is maybe the age of 50. I think anyone beyond that age would be too old for me. But, of course, if you were close to the age of 50, you would have to do a little work to get a date with me. =/

Q32. If you were seriously involved with someone, would you give up your porn career so that you could be faithful to them?  Do you feel it is possible to be faithful to a partner and still an adult performer?

A.  The only time I would give up doing scenes to be faithful to my partner is when he will ask my hand in marriage and if the time has come where I know I have done enough scenes to contribute to the industry.

I feel it is very possible to be faithful to a partner and still do scenes. There is a difference between having sex with someone you hardly know on camera because that is more like work. When the camera rolls, I do not care what your name is, where you from, if you are married or not, if you did gay films before or still do it, or what not.  As long as you got an updated clean test result and can fuck than go ahead and pound the shit out of me.  I use porn to live out my sexual fantasies.

While, in real life, I just canít do it with someone I hardly know. I would have to get to know them a little bit or at least be dating with them.

Q33.  If you were to ask someone you love for a single proof of their love for you, what would you demand?

A.  Thatís a cinch. To show that they love me, they would have to fucking still be with me the whole time I am doing scenes and still be good to me.

Q34.  If you found out for certain there is a Heaven and a Hell, how would you change your life?

A.  I would change my life by trying to becoming more peace in the spiritual side of things. I never really got in touch with spirituality as much. And, I would try my best to be a good person from now up until the day I die.

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Lolita Young can be contacted directly via e-mail at  She also has a friendster account and participates regularly on the APH discussion board.  Finally, if you are adult studio or photographer interested in booking Lolita, she has an information page at Adult Stars Management here.

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