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[Nautica at 2004 AVN Adult Expo]

Nautica Thorn Interview
Interview date 01.09.04, Las Vegas, NV, AVN Adult Entertainment Expo

Snowman: Hi Nautica!

Nautica: Hi!

Snowman: Well, youíre one the favorites on Asian Porno Hotties.

Nautica: Really?

Snowman: Yes, you really are. You have a ton of fans on there.

Nautica: Niceeeeee.

Snowman: How long have you been in the industry at this point?

Nautica: Ummm Ö Iím going on ten months I believe.

Snowman: OK. Do you know how many movies youíve appeared in by now?

Nautica: No. (*laughs*) No. I seriously donít know.

Snowman: Do you ever watch any of your movies?

Nautica: I do! Iím gonna have this review on my website where I go ahead and count the cums while I watch the video.

Snowman: Oh wow. Any idea how many that might be?

Nautica: Ummmm Ö so far Iíve Ö letís see. I reviewed a couple. I think four cums. And thatís a good thing!

Snowman: Wow. Is there anything at this point that you wonít do in porn?

Nautica: I donít do the anal thing yet. Iím working up to that.

Snowman: So thatís something we might see in the year 2004 possibly?

Nautica: Yes, Iím trying to go ahead and prepare myself for Lexington Steele and Mandingo at the same time.

Snowman: Wow, that sounds pretty impressive. How does a girl prepare herself for something like that?

Nautica: Stretch her ass for a whole year. (*laughs*)

Snowman: (*laughs*) Is anal something that you do in your personal life?

Nautica: Anal is something Iíve tried in my personal life, but too drunk to remember.

Snowman: Well that doesnít sound too good.

Nautica: No. (*laughs*)

Snowman: Did you do any dancing or anything before you were in porn?

Nautica: Yes, I danced for about five months or so.

Snowman: And how did you actually break into the porn business?

Nautica: An agent found me at a club.

Snowman: He just approached you?

Nautica: Yeah.

Snowman: What did you think at that time? Did it seem like something you were interested in or did you have reservations?

Nautica: Ummmmm. It was something I knew Iíd probably end up doing anyways. So I was like ďO.K. might as well start nowĒ. (*laughs*)

Snowman: Well thatís a good approach. Has porn pretty much been a positive experience for you up to this point?

Nautica: Yeah! Everyone is really nice in the industryÖ treated me very good. No bouncing checks which is good too!

Snowman: Thatís a good thing. I see your picture on up there on the boxcover of Red Light Districtís Fuck Dolls. Did you view that movie after it was done?


[Nautica appearing at the RLD booth at AEE 2004.  For more information on "Fuck Dolls" click the box!]

Nautica: Actually, no I didnít view that one yet. They didnít give it to me!

Snowman: Awwww. You gotta talk to Jake [Malone] about that!

Nautica: I will be in Fuck Dolls #01, #02 and as many as they all come out because I am the ďofficial Fuck Doll.Ē

Snowman: Is that right?! Whoa, thatís amazing!

Nautica: ďQueen Fuck DollĒ. So thatís very interesting. Iím going to be on each video.

Snowman: Is this actually your first boxcover or have you been on other boxcovers too?

Nautica: Yeah, Iíve been on other boxcovers.

Snowman: OK

Nautica: Not as pretty as this one. (*giggles*)

Snowman: What kind of guy do you like to date in your personal life? If you were writing a personal ad, what would you put in the ad to attract a man?

Nautica: Hmmmm. So long as you donít have a 13Ē dick, Iím all for you.

Snowman: So size matters, but in a bad way?

Nautica: Yeah. I donít like big dicks.

Snowman: (*laughs*)

Nautica: (*laughs*)

Snowman: So what would be the ideal size?

Nautica: Ideal size is Ö I like 7, 8ish. Thatís good for me.

Snowman: OK. You mentioned that you have a website. When did that go online?

Nautica: Ummmm. Itís actually not up yet! (*laughs*) Itís gonna be up in about a couple days or so.

Snowman: Is it something that you have personal participation in that you are putting together yourself?

Nautica: Yes, Iím doing most of my content at home. Ummmm. Red Light is doing it for me because we are doing a lot of work together.

Snowman: OK. What kind of special Ö Anything upcoming that the fans should know about? Special Ö

Nautica: Special, special stuff. Well, me and Red Light are in talks of maybe going ahead and me maybe starting my own line. Thatís about it.

Snowman: And thatís other than the Fuck Doll line?

Nautica: Yes. Itís other than the Fuck Doll line.

Snowman: Alright. Just a couple more quick questions here. If you could find the personal diary of one person from history with all the juicy details, whose would you want to find?

Nautica: Ooo Oooo Ö Cleopatra!

Snowman: Why Cleopatra?

Nautica: íCos I betcha she was fucking hot and she ate pussy too and didnít tell anybody.

Snowman: (*laughs*) OK. If you had to pick the worst television series very made, which one would win the contest?

Nautica: Ohhhhh. OK. Thatís a hard one, Ďcos Iím a TV junkie. Oh oh oh Ö I donít like Ö boy what is that, what is that Ö I donít like NYPD Blue anymore!

Snowman: Oh, how come?

Nautica: ĎCos they got rid of the dude. The good dude.

Snowman: They got rid of a lot of dudes on there. Which one?

Nautica: The dude! The original dude with the fat dude! His partner?

Snowman: Andyís ... ? With the red hair -- David Caruso?

Nautica: The tall guy.

Snowman: I think David Caruso. That was awhile ago though.

Nautica: Well and thatís when I stopped watching.

Snowman: OK.

Nautica: (*laughs*)

Snowman: If you could invent one new home appliance, what would it do?

Nautica: A new home appliance?! (*gasps and laughs*) OK. It would have to be something that makes really good hot dogs Ďcos I like hot dogs. Just instantly!

Snowman: Hot dogs?

Nautica: Yesss! Hot dogs.

Snowman: Ever think about a job at ďHot Dog on a StickĒ in the mall?

Nautica: I actually would work there if I didnít have to wear the stupid hat.

[I thought a visual would help here! Seeeee ... the hat doesn't look half bad!]

Snowman: (*laughs*) Alright. And if you had to describe your most reoccurring dream, what would it be?

Nautica: Last night, I had a very weird dream. I dreamt that I was on a farm, with a bunch of animals around me and for some reason, cum was falling out of the sky.

Snowman: Thatís not good. I think we better wrap it up on that point. And thanks very much Nautica for talking to us today on Asian Porno Hotties.

Nautica: No problem.

Snowman: And weíd like to see you stop by the site sometime. Any last words for the fans on there?

Nautica: Just love you and jerk off really fast and hard all over the face!!

Snowman: OK. Thanks Nautica

Nautica: Thank you.


Nautica's official website is coming soon.
Thanks to AVN for arranging a press pass and Red Light District for permitting the interview!

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