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[Teanna at Gold Club Centerfolds, April 2004]

Teanna Kai Interview
Interview date 04.24.04, Rancho Cordova, CA, Gold Club Centerfolds

Snowman:  It's April 24th and I'm here with Teanna Kai.  We're at the Gold Club Centerfolds botique store and this interview is going to be transcribed and posted on Gene's site here at Gold Club Centerfolds and also at Snowman's Raincoat Reviews in the Asian Porno Hotties Section.  Hi Teanna!

Teanna:  Hello, how are you?

Snowman:  I'm doing well.

Teanna:  Good.

Snowman:  So, how ya doing today?

Teanna:  Just a little tired (*laughs*).  I've been here for the whole week so ... It's a long week for me. 

Snowman:  I think you're wrapping up your stay out here in the Sacramento area?

Teanna:  Uh Huh.

Snowman:  Now, you know I read that you have have grown up in Northern California.  Is Sacramento your actual home town?

Teanna:  Ummm.  You know what?  It's not.  I used to live in Stockton.

Snowman:  Oh, but that's pretty close!  So you are from this area.

Teanna:  Yeah.  Pretty close.  But I've never been here.  This is my first time actually to Sacramento. 

Snowman:  Oh, how'd you like it?

Teanna:  It's a little bit different because I moved down to Southern California for awhile now.  And the lifestyle there is totally different from here.  It's a lot faster paced.  Over here it's like ... I guess I'm used to LA, so here is kinda like different.  I feel like I'm in a different land or something. 

Snowman:  Oh really?  Is it that dramatic?

Teanna:  The people are different and the food, the environment.

Snowman:  I used to live also down in Southern California in the LA area.  How do you think the people are different uphere?

Teanna:  I think people up here are more like family oriented.  I don't think they're too much into their looks as much as like LA people.

Snowman:  Maybe more down to earth?

Teanna:  Yeah, more down to earth here.  More friendly. 

Snowman:  Which do you prefer?

Teanna:  You know what?  I prefer people are like being themselves or down to earth rather than, you know, look at the material things or more into their looks like LA. 

Snowman:  OK.  Now, let me just get this out the way.  I think on your website it said your birth date is March 25th or is it January 15th?  I've seen different dates all over the internet.

Teanna:  Yeah.  Well what happened is a lot times when I go like to photo shoots and stuff, and they just tend to put whatever they want on their website, basically.  Or sometimes I put something else and they are not supposed to display it on their website, and they did it on purpose or accidentally.  But, my birthday is March 25th. 

Snowman:  I have a page on my website with all the birthdays of all the Asian girls so I wanted to make sure I got that right. 

Teanna:  Yeah.

Snowman:  Now this is always just this gigantic topic on my message board.  And so it's something that I read and probably did find out the information on another interview but I just wanted to go over it here because everyone always talks about this on my message board.  And not just with you, but with all the Asian girls.

Teanna:  Mmm Mmm.  Right.

Snowman:  What is your ethnicity? (*laughs*)

Teanna:  My ethnicity?  (*laughs*)

Snowman:  It's the biggest issue with everyone.  But not just with you specifically. 

Teanna:  Right.  Well, you know what?  Like when I first started in this business, a lot of people, they have like different websites, they have Thai website, or Chinese website, or Vietnamese website, Korean, whatever ... so whatever they want me to be, they just fake.  You know?  But actually, I'm have Hawaiian and half Filipina and I was born in Manila. 

Snowman:  OK

Teanna:  I was born there and I came here like ten years ago. 

Snowman:  OK.  So half Hawaiian and half Filipina.  OK.  Because I think in this D Sport, you said you were Vietnamese?  So I was all prepared to talk about Vietnamese issues but that's not ...

Teanna:  That's not an issue because you know there's got to be the truth about what my ethnicity is.  You know, it has to come down to ... come from me.  'Cos everyone else, they can make up whatever they want me to be, so I basically like ... like what I just told you.  I'm half Hawaiian and half Filipina. 

Snowman:  OK.  Did you grow up in Manila?

Teanna:  Yeah, I was born there.  So, I came here ten years ago. 

Snowman:  How old were you when you came here?

Teanna:  Well, I can't tell you how old I am.  (*laughs*) 

Snowman:  Well I think your website said 1978. 

Teanna:  Mmm Mmmm.  So you probably know. 

Snowman:  Yeah.  (*laughs*) 

Teanna:  So, I've been doing this for about five years.  So ...  I'm about ... in my twenties. 

Snowman:  That's what I figured.  OK.  Now, you are an adult star.  You've been in many motion pictures here (*looking over Teanna's IAFD listing).  Do you know how many for sure you've been in?  Do you keep count? 

Teanna:  I really don't keep track of how many movie's I've done.  But, there's only a few that I thought were my favorites and I keep track of it or get movies and sign for my fans and stuff like that.  But I really don't know.  I think it's over 100. 

Snowman:  Oh wow.  On the IAFD database, they had you listed for sixty, so they must be missing quite a few.

Teanna:  I think there's gotta be more than that, because I've been doing this for five years.

Snowman:  Ok.  What's the kinkiest scene that you ever filmed?

Teanna:  The kinkiest scene ... hmmmmm ... well, I think it's me and a girl and a guy's doing her, while I'm doing her.  (*laughs*).

Snowman:  OK.  I'm trying to get a visual of this.

Teanna:  It's like a threesome, but I have nothing to do with the guy.  I'm just interacting with the girls only. 

Snowman:  OK.  So, what were you doing in the scene?

Teanna:  What was I doing?  Hmmmmm.

Snowman:  What would make that more kinkier than all these other ones? 

Teanna:  Well, it's kinky because I don't usually have guys involved you know in my scene and I thought that was kinda cool to have a guy fucking the girl.  Because I like watching raw sex,  like live sex and it's a way to be involved doing something with her and I get to watch him fucking her at the same time.  So it's kinda cool. 

Snowman:  Well, what's it take for a director to bring out your best performance when you are on the set?

Teanna:  What is the best ...

Snowman:  Like if I was the director, and I wanted to get the best scene, you know, what would it take?

Teanna:  I think he's have to let me suck his cock.  (*giggles*) Just kidding. (*laughs*) ... No, let's see ... what would be ... I just think that he'd have to get a girl that I'm attracted to or that she's really into a girl/girl thing.  And, she'd have to let herself go and open up, because if they are too uptight I won't ... I can't be myself and I can't open up.  Then I won't be giving a good scene.

Snowman:  Right.  OK. Do you normally have that kind of say when you are in a movie?  Do you get a choice of who you are acting against? 

Teanna:  Usually, most of the time, I do get a choice of who I want to work with.  But majority of the time, I don't know, a lot of girls in the business.  I mean, I've been doing it for a long time, but I just go there and work and leave afterwards.  I don't really like ... it's not like a socialize place for me, so I don't really know a lot of girls ... and a lot of times they just pick whoever they think would go good with me. 

Snowman:  Now what do you think is your hottest scene to date? 

Teanna:  Hottest scenes to date?  Letmee see ... a boy girl!  (*laughs*).  Just kidding! 

Snowman:  (*laughs*)  Well, then we have to go wayyy back for that one.  We'll get to that. 

Teanna:  No ... what did you say -- latest scene?

Snowman:  No, more like the hottest one.  Like whatever you think is the .... If you were to recommend to people who are not familiar with you, to watch the hottest scene, what would ... which ones?  Do any stand out in your mind?

Teanna:  Hmmm.  I think, you know, the majority of my movies are pretty hot.  I mean anything that I've done with my movies, I pretty much put my 100% effort out and you know try to make sure its a good scene, so basically, the majority of them are good scenes, what I do. 

Snowman:  So, have you seen most of your movies?  Do you watch them?

Teanna:  The majority of the time usually when I new one comes out, I usually watch them all to see what I do like and what I don't like about myself and how I look, my make-up, my hair.  You know, to see if I can improve anything better. 

Snowman:  Like what's an example of something that you've changed to improve yourself after you saw a video, [where] you said "ewww I don't like that", like what did you change?

Teanna:  I would say ummm  ... what would I say .... Oh,  letmee see. (*Teanna's assistant points to a poster of Peach DVD's Peach Island*)

Snowman:  Oh I saw that one.  I saw Peach Island. 

Click for more information on Peach Island!

Teanna:  Oh my god.  You know what?  I just did that Peach DVD movie.  It's called .. what is it called? ...  Peach Island?

Snowman:  Yes, I think it Peach Video and they sent me a screener of this, so I think I have a review coming up. 

Teanna:  This is the one, it's like the most embarrassing thing for me and I like ...

Snowman:  Why?!

Teanna:  We were filming and we were like on the beach and there's like tons of bugs and bees, and you know and I was doing my scene and there's like a bee ... just like wandering around right by my ass you know?  And it went right through inside and out and they didn't edit!  They didn't cut it out!  It's embarrassing! (*laughs*)  It went inside and it went out!  And I didn't [feel] it.  It's funny.

Snowman:  Well I think you're listed as a "Peach Girl". 

Teanna:  Mm Mm. 

Snowman:  So, does that mean that you have a regular, ongoing relationship with Peach?

Teanna:  I have a very good relationship with Peach.  Ummm, I'm the Peach Girl.  I ... anytime they have any signing, any appearances, any promotion stuff  they always call me up and they [are] pretty depending on me.  So ...

Snowman:  Oh and I do see you got a post up there, "Peach Girl".  So, I haven't seen that, they usually send me screeners.  So is that an upcoming release where you are the featured ...

Teanna:  That was like last year.  But that posters from last year. 

Snowman:  So it's not a special DVD.  I mean, do you have a DVD called "Peach Girl - Teanna Kai"? 

Teanna:  Oh actually I do!  I do have one.  It's called ...

TA:  Ultra Vixens

Teanna:  Ultra Vixens.

Snowman:  Ah, OK right. 

TA:  That would be her signature one.

Teanna:  Yeah.

Snowman:  OK. 

Teanna:  So any of the Peach girls do have a signature Peach DVD ... [where it] features Teanna Kai only.

Snowman:  Well I saw this, and I didn't notice the bee.  So for what it's worth, probably a lot of people may not even notice that flaw.

Teanna:  (*laughs*)  Although it would have been a good ...

TA:  Most people don't! 

Snowman:  I was looking at other stuff and wasn't looking at the wildlife. 

Teanna:  I guess I'm just too picky with myself. 

Snowman:  Now, how many of your scenes involve anal play?  I read in a review on the internet that at least one of your scenes in Anal Addicts involved anal beads. 

Teanna:  Mm Mm. 

Snowman:  Is that the only one?  Because I didn't read about it in many other reviews that I could find.

Teanna:  Well, I mean I want to try to like start anal, to do anal and stuff like that, but it's really hard because I think it's just painful.  So I started slowly with fingers and like in some of my movies you will see I put like, during the scene, I put I finger in there, or something like that, in my ... my private part.  (*laughs*)  But, hmmm yeah, that Anal Addicts, that my first one I did with beads, it's girl/girl and I do the anal beads. 

Snowman:  And was that pretty recently?

Teanna:  That was last year, like 2003. 

Snowman:  OK.  So that's something you're gonna maybe start doing more of in the future?

Teanna:  I probably will so long as I can start working on that practice on that little hole.  (*laughs*)

Snowman:  But it sounds like you don't really like it though?

Teanna:  I'm .... I'm not really into anal.  I guess ... I guess ... I dunno.  I never done it before, but the anal bead thing is cool, you know.  I think it's sexy, it's sensual.  It's not big where it hurts you, you know?  So, I think it's cool.  I think that's where I'm gonna stop. 

Snowman:  So anal beads, but we're not gonna see a strap on scene any time ... even a girl/girl strap on scene any time soon? 

Teanna:  (*laughs*)  I don't knooow!  I love doing a strap on a girl.  Like when I put that strap on [on] me, it's like my whole personality change[s].  Like, I feel like a man. 

Snowman:  Do you become dominant? 

Teanna:  Yes!  I become like a man.  I think like a man.  I act like a man -- pull hair, spanking ... I do all that stuff.  But I like fucking girls really hard you know with the strap on and I've done anals with that too before on a girl.  And I love making the girl scream.  And in some of my movies, I know that I've made the girl cum before.  Like kissing her down there or ... you know?

Snowman:  Do you feel better when you do that? 

Teanna:  I feel good!  I feel good that I can satisfy a girl on movies.  (*laughs*)

(* customer chats with Teanna *)

Snowman:  OK, we're back.  And, OK ... this is the burning question that everybody wants to know.  Why have you mainly limited yourself to working with girls in your videos?  It was interesting for me to learn that you started off working with guys, apparently you work in Don Fernando's Asian Dolls Uncut and Ed Powers under a different name in More Dirty Debutantes --

Teanna:  How do you that was me?!

Snowman:  Well, I don't know for sure, but that's that rumor.  Everyone says that on the Internet.  I mean, they said you were in More Dirty Debutantes #99 and #100 [under the screen name "Kayla"].  Is that correct?

Teanna:  How do they know that was me?!  How do they know?!

Snowman:  Were they right?

Teanna:  How do they know?!  They're assuming?! 

Snowman:  They probably don't ... I mean unless they were there on the set, they wouldn't know and maybe only Ed Powers would know but that's the rumor.  Are you saying that's not true?  That was not you?

Teanna:  I don't know.  I can't -

Snowman:  Don't know?

Teanna:  I can't discuss this.

Snowman:  You can't discuss More Dirty Debutantes?

Teanna:  Well, I mean it's ummm ... there's .... I don't want to talk about Don Fernando.  He pisses me off. 

Snowman:  OK

Teanna:  That guy just ... If I see him, I want to kill him. (*laughs*),  OK?  That's all I can say.

Snowman:  I'm not a huge Don Fernando fan --

Teanna:  I just hate that guy!  He is --

Snowman:  I'm just bringing him up because as far as I know, people on the Internet are saying you were only in those two films with ...

Teanna:  Well, let me tell you something about that OK?  Those two people that you just mentioned, Don Fernando and Ed Powers, those two are like competitive.  They hate each other.  They're like ...  ummm so whenever there's new girls come, the newcummers just come in the business they both try to see who's gonna get that person first. 

Snowman:  Right.

Teanna:  So that's what happened.  When I first started in the business, that's what they did.  They lured me into during something that I'm not supposed to do, and they persuaded me to do something that ...

Snowman:  That you didn't want to do?

Teanna:  That I didn't want to do.  They ... It's kinda like with Ed Powers, its more like raping to me.  It's very painful for me.  It's a painful experience.  Ummm he told me something that I told him what I wanna do and I went to the set ya know and he said I was supposed to do girl/girls.  [Powers said] "Oh yeah, yeah we'll have a girl there for you."  When I get on the set, he put me on the spot.  He go "Oh...", he put me on the spot, he's just like, "Oh well, we'll just take it one step further" or something.  Because when I first did something for him it was a masturbation, by myself, you know, and he just had to like, put his dick right in front of me, you know, in my face, you know, and I didn't want to touch it or nothing like that and ... ummm.  And then the second time I went there and ah ... he told me ... I said I just want to do girl/girls and he said "OK, we'll find the girls for you", right?  When I go onto the set, he say, "Oh, we'll just take it one step further."  And he just put me on the spot and he's just like, you know, I was feeling uncomfortable.  If you watch the video, it was painful.  I felt -

Snowman:  I haven't seen the video. 

Teanna:  It feels like I'm being raped to be honest with you.  I know -

Snowman:  Was that your very first -

Teanna:  Yeah! 

Snowman:  So that was your very first experience then?

Teanna:  Yes, it's painful.

Snowman:  It's probably easier for him to do that to people when they are, you know, inexperienced and don't know what's going on. 

Teanna:  That was my very first time.  I just got into the business and they're just like ... try to lure me into doing something I didn't want to do and ...

Snowman:  I think that's horrible. 

Teanna:  That was awful ... because I have a lot of my fans come up to me and say ... hmmm they were telling me like, "Oh you do that movie with Ed Powers whatever -- you're first boy/girl" and I say, and I told them, I was feel like I was being raped on that movies and they are like "Yeah, you don't  look like you don't really enjoy it very much", you know?  So, that's a very bad experience for me and I just don't wanna mention that.  And then with Don Fernando, the same thing!  That guy, he's a fuc... he's a big fat liar. 

Snowman:  I'm sorry to hear that.  I mean, did those two guys ruin appearing in boy/girl scenes for you?  I mean, is this a  part of it? 

Teanna:  No!  I have never, ever intended to do boy/girls from when I first started into the business until the end, until now.  I mean, if I was to do boy/girls, why didn't I want, start doing boy/girl from the day one until now?  Why do I just do those two when it was the beginning, when I first started it, and then, don't ever do it? 

Snowman:  Right.  That's why I thought it was puzzling. 

Teanna:  That's because those two people, give me bad experience ... ummmmm and they just, I mean ... they kinda like scar me, you know, for life.  Anytime I mention about, or anytime anybody mention about it, I say, you know what? 'I don't want to talk about it and I just like, I just put it behind my past ... I just don't wanna talk about it at all, period.

Snowman:  OK

Teanna:  Those two people haunt me for life.

Snowman:  I'm truly sorry to hear that.  I mean, that's a a shame. 

Teanna:  If I was to do boy/girl, I would have done it from then until now.  I could still do boy/girls but that's just not what I wanna do.  You know?

Snowman:  OK.  So even in the future, you don't see that happening?

Teanna:  No.  I have not done for the last five years.  I've been in the business I would not do it.  And those... like I said, those two are just a mistake! 

Snowman:  Right OK.  I've spoken with some girls, and interviewed them and they were saving it, for like you know, coming out later, kinda having a second phase of their career, or for their website, but that's not the case with you?

Teanna:  Well you know what?  Let me tell you something.  If I ever want to do boy/girls I'd probably do it with, uh, the one that I love.  Someone that I want to be

Snowman:  Like with your boyfriend or husband?

Teanna:  Boyfriend or husband, either for my website or for my own production.  But I would not work boy/girls for any other people's production. 

Snowman:  I respect that.  I think that's good.

Teanna:  Yeah. 

Snowman:  And you know, I want to say, I think that's good that you've been able to be in the business for this long, and still, you know, put limits on it and only do what you want to do.  I mean, you've been successful for all those years without doing boy/girl.  I think that's admirable.

Teanna:  Yeah... I'm doing very well for just doing girl/girls and being Asian.  (*laughs*)

Snowman:  Well, I think Asian's hot right now.  I mean, you know, that might work in your favor.

Teanna:  Yeah.

Snowman:  (*flips through interview materials*)

Teanna:  Any others?  Questions like .... (*laughs*)  Any other hard questions for me?

Snowman:  (*laughs*)  I hope not. 

Teanna:  (*laughs*)  That was the hardest one for me.

Snowman:  Well shoot, I forget to copy this one [down], but I was chatting with a new starlet in the industry online before I came here this afternoon, and she wanted me to ask you, you know, if you had anything for a new girl that was coming into the business?  Do you have any tips or anything to help make their experience go smoother?  Because she's ... you actually danced at a club not too long ago where she was working and you were the feature dancer.  She said that she was too shy to come up and talk to you but, she was just wondering if you had any advice for somebody new in the industry --

Teanna:  Somebody new?

Snowman:  Some kind of guidance to put them in the right direction. 

Teanna:  Believe me, there are a lot of tips.  These girls who want to start a business ... they want a cross over porn business they have to really think hard before they wanna do it or make a decision they want to do [it].  If they wanna ... if they're young, and they just wanna do it because of the money, whatever, hmmmm that's cool but you have to think about the future too.  You can't just think what's today and not tomorrow. 

Snowman:  Right.

Teanna:  Because you're gotta regret it when you get, you know, times when you want to get settled down, wanna have a family, ummmm you know you wanna make sure that you don't regret what you're doing.  Because a lot of girls I known who get into the porn business and they're young and they're just totally take advantage of themselves -- they don't take care of themselves, they just let themselves go, they, you know, do tons of guys and they don't really care about their body they just ... you know, they drink, they smoke, they party, all this stuff you know.  It's gonna catch up to you eventually and I just think they got to be real careful, you know.  Think really hard.  Like what I do for example, I've been doing it for five years but I put limits to myself and I had to think of what I want to get out of this eventually.  Let's say if I want to have a family or I want to settle down or find the right man to accept what I do.  So I have to limit to myself and you know, you have to have morals and you have respect for yourself.  I mean, if I was to do gang bang or boy/girls and fuck this guy and that guy on movies, you know and if I was to want to meet somebody someday that I want that person, I probably won't be able to have that person that I wanted.  

Snowman:  So you feel like, right now, because of some of the limits that you put on yourself, you don't feel like that's going to be a problem in the future for meeting, like somebody to marry?

Teanna:  Well, you know what?  For what I do, it's not as hardcore as some of the girls that I've known of.  Because, for what I do, it's pretty mild, like girl/girl.  I consider myself as a porn star, but not as like a hardcore porn star.

Snowman:  Right. 

Teanna:  You know, I think a lot of guys probably accept more of what I do than boy/girls or gang bangs or other stuff.

Snowman:  Sure.  That was something that ... this question was submitted by a reader on my board.  Do you plan to get married and start a family any time soon?

Teanna:  Ahhhhhhh (*laughs*).  Eventually yes!  I want to have a family and get settled down you know.  I think it's gonna hit me pretty soon.  'Cos I've been traveling a lot to features and stuff like that and it's lonely on the road.

Snowman:  Do you want kids?

Teanna:  Yeah I wanna have kids!

Snowman:  I read on one of those other interviews that didn't seem to have very reliable information, that you have six brothers and sisters? 

Teanna:  I have a big family. 

Snowman:  What was that like growing up with so many kids around? 

Teanna:  Believe me, I did not get a lot of attention.  I think that's why I'm doing what I'm doing -- (*laughs*) -- to get attention!  I don't know!  No, I'm like the oldest one in my family.  And I had to take care of my brothers and sisters so anything that I do wrong, they blame it on me -- my parents.  You know if my brothers or my sister are doing something bad, they'll blame it on me.  They'll go, "Oh you're following in her footsteps.  You're doing this and doing that.  You just wanna be like her."  You know, so I get blamed on everything else.  It's not fair. 

Snowman:  (*laughs*)  Do you think you would be more likely, or less likely to have a lot of kids since you're from such a big family? 

Teanna:  Do I wanna have a big family or not?  Ummmmm I really don't wanna have too many kids because I think, I'm afraid to give birth, like I'm afraid I might get fat and I might not be attractive anymore and my husband might leave me or look at other girls.

Snowman:  (*laughs)  I think you are so tiny, it's just so hard to imagine you would get real fat, you know? 

Teanna:  You never know!  Because, you have five kids and you can ... you can get pretty fat. 

Snowman:  But you do work out a lot right?  I mean you must.

Teanna:  I do.  I work out a lot. 

Snowman:  All the girls who I showed your picture, that's what they said.  They said, "Wow, what a fantastic body." 

Teanna:  (*laughs*)  Did they see my skinny, boney ribs sticking out?!  Ummm I used to work out like six days a week.  I have a personal trainer who trains me six days a week and ... I watch what I eat.  I cannot eat like a hamburger, cheese, and all dairy products.  I can't eat them.  You know, I'm Asian and I like to eat rice.  Everyday, have to have rice.  Vegetables... I love food like seafood, you know.

Snowman:  Do you cook? 

Teanna:  I love cooking.  I'm not a great cook, but I love to cook. 

Snowman:  What's the best thing you make?

Teanna:  Oh ... what's the best thing?  (*ponders*)  I like stir fry .. chicken stir fry or something like that. 

Snowman:  So if you were on a ... if you met someone special and you were on a date and you were like trying to impress that person ...

Teanna:  Uh-huh

Snowman:  ... with your cooking.

Teanna:  Right.

Snowman:  And you said, come over and I'll make you dinner, is that what you make them -- stir fry?

Teanna:  Hmmmm, I would probably order food ... order in. 

Snowman:  Order in?!  (*laughs*)

Teanna:  (*laughs*) And pretend like I'm cooking it!  I would order like Thai food or something and pour it on the pan and pretend I'm cooking it.  So he thought I was cooking it. 

Snowman:  Well, I guess that would work for that night but ... sooner or later, he'd have to find out.

Teanna:  Eventually he'd find out!  Right!

[end of part one]


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