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Scene Review

Loni, Heavy Handfulls #02, Elegant Angel Video, Director: William H., 2002 
Reviewed by Snowman on 12.31.02

The scene opens with Loni playing "strip volleyball" outside with a male companion.  She looks pretty nice in a colorful, flower print bikini.  It doesn't seem like a fair match up, and Loni soon loses her bikini top and bottom.  She loses the game and must now must give the guy a blowjob on her hands and knees.  The guy treats Loni aggressively at this point and the right off the bat the blowjob is rough and messy.  Lots of spit dribbles down her face and chest.  The guy slaps her lightly a few times, spits in her mouth and titty fucks her.  Loni slaps him back.  Loni requests to lick the guy's ass, so he bends over and lets her munch away.  Then the guy grabs her by the hair and drags her over to a patio table.  He eats her pussy and then more BJ and ass eating follows.  Loni really seems to dig rimming this guy, even though he has a nasty looking bunghole.  The guy finger fucks her roughly but it is only seen for a few seconds.  During all this Loni is enthusiastic and vocally encourages the guy to do whatever he is doing to her at the time.  Loni hangs her head (and long hair) off the side of the table and the guy fucks her face with his cock.  A fair amount of slobber runs down her face.  The scene gets close to a "Gag Factor" style BJ here, but doesn't go on as long.  The guy slaps Loni's tits as he face fucks her and then fucks her large boobs again as she licks his butthole. 

At this point the guy fucks her mish style while slapping and choking her.  Loni's tits flop all around when the guy is not grabbing onto them.  After a couple of minutes, they change positions, and now he fucks her from behind as she stands over the table.  Loni folds her hands behind her back in a submissive manner.  The guy pulls her hair a little bit and then reaches around to her face, pulling her mouth open.  Then Loni rides his cock cowgirl style and they both slap each other.  After some OK bouncing, she sucks his cock P2M and uses a lot of spit.  Some brief reverse cowgirl with mouth stretching again and then back to hard mish leading up to the cum shot.  Loni quickly scoots off the table when he is ready to cum, drops to her knees and opens her mouth wide.  The guy blows his wad inside her mouth and she swallows it.  It wasn't a huge amount of cum however.  She says she wants more and the scene cuts to the guy fucking her hard and rough again.  Loni seems to get off on it.  I guess the guy cums inside of her (or fakes it).  Then he tosses water from a water bottle over her. (19 minutes) 

A good scene for fans of aggressive sex.  Loni seems comfortable participating in this type of scene and matched the guy's intensity.  The BJ and rimming action is especially good.  Too bad the scene didn't include any anal.   William's H.'s camera work is adequate, but not outstanding.  Technical quality of the scene is good.  Scene grade:  B

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