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China Doll

China Doll as seen in Hardcore Schoolgirls #13.

Vital Statistics

01.  Name:  China Doll AKA Lin Su, Khone
02.  Birthplace: unknown
03.  Birthdate:  unknown 
04.  Ethnicity:  unknown
05.  Marital Status:  unknown
06.  Measurements:  unknown
07.  Eye Color:  brown
08.  Hair Color:  black
09.  Height:   5'4"
10.  Weight:  unknown
11.  Hobbies:  unknown
12.  Education:  unknown
13.  Fan Club:  unknown
14.  Official Website:  unknown
15.  E-mail:  unknown 
16.  Upcoming Appearances:  unknown


China Doll only stuck around the porn scene for a couple of years, but if you were a Max Hardcore fan, she made a lasting impression.  If you were not a Max Hardcore fan and you blinked, it's possible you missed this very petite cutie entirely.  From box to wire, China Doll was an enigma.  Her ultra nasty, schoolgirl, anal scenes with Max proved she was a raincoater's delight.  She seemed to have no limits.  China didn't even appear to mind Max hosing her with pee.  What's more, China Doll had classical, Chinese good looks.  Although she was nearly flat chested, she had wonderful nipples and nice skin to make up for it.  Surprisingly given her body type, China's ass was decent and her supple bunghole gaped very well.  One would expect she would appear in dozens, if not tens of dozens of hardcore flicks.  However, China did exactly the opposite, appearing in only a handful of scenes.  Interestingly, more than half of them were with Max.  At the time, Asian fans on RAME puzzled over the situation.  One representative thread was called "China Doll - Glutton for Max's Punishment."  Her whereabouts today are unknown.  China Doll remains one of the great mysteries in the strange world of Asian Porno Hotties.

China Doll as seen in Maxed Out #20.

Feature Appearances

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!!!  denotes a feature with special porn significance.

Single Defining Appearance:  Hardcore Schoolgirls #13, Hollywood Hardcore #12 (tie)
Nastiest Appearances:  All the Max Hardcore appearances are very nasty.





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China Doll as seen in Hardcore Schoolgirls #13.

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Other Comments & Notes

*  Please note, there are several Asian starlets who call themselves "China Doll".  Retailers rarely distinguish between them, so be careful when ordering!  Chances are, if the movie is not listed on this page, it features a different "China Doll"!

Many of China Doll's scenes for Max Hardcore feature golden shower action.  However, this can only be seen in the Euro DVD versions or Max's website.

*  China, if you are reading this, I'd like to interview you for this website.  Drop me a line in e-mail!  ;-)

*  From a RAME thread titled "China Doll - glutton for Max's punishment":  "After seeing Max Hardcore obliterate China Doll in Junior College Hardcore Schoolgirls 13, Hollywood Hardcore 12 and one of the Extreme Max films, I was surprised to see her at it again in Maxed Out 20. What is she trying to set a record or something? Max has her at the point now that he just puts his cock right up her ass without even guiding it, man, he's got her all broken in. Sort of reminds me of deaf starlet McKenna and all the scenes she did with Max..." -- LeChieffre34 [RAME, 07.00]

*  Reply to "glutton" thread:  "Yeah, what IS the deal with her? Here you have this Asian woman, flat-chested but with incredibly hard and great nipples, a wondrous ass and asshole, and skin so soft and smooth it could set a new standard, and cute as hell, too. I saw her in a couple things, ONE she almost came in, was dying for her to stick around and reach an orgasm or 2, and she does all this anal stuff with MAX, which I can't remember the last time a woman came with this guy. Surely she can do better? What a waste!"  -- dcoldman  [RAME, 07.00]

*  "Max has really lost it. I just saw his scene with China in Naughty Hardcore College Schoolgirls 13 which proves it. China is doing her best to pretend she's a prepubescent and when Max tells her to say "molest me Mr." and later "rape me Mister" I'm convinced that Max is over the edge. Don't get me wrong, China is a beautiful woman, but Max's fixation with having women pretend they're young girls is growing more and more disturbing. When China is riding Max's dick in a reverse cowgirl and he tells her to pretend she's on a teeter-totter that's the clincher." -- Honeybadger00   [RAME, 05.00]

*  "China Doll was also in Maxed Out 20. She seems to really love working with Max, and doesn't seem to mind the abuse at all."  -- Bofnyc  [RAME, 09.00]

*  "[Number 5 on my list of top ten current oriental porn babes is] China Doll - I'm not one of Max Hardcore's big fans but when I see China on the box it GETS rented." -- Mike Mudd   [RAME, 10.01] 

*  In reply to Mudd's "top ten current oriental porn babes" list, SleazeBag sez, "After seeing China Doll guzzle a litre of piss in 4 German Max Hardcore fliks, I'd rate her the filthiest."  -- SleazeBag   [RAME, 10.01]

*  Observation by Matt on RAME, ""Solomize me mister!" China Doll bumbling this line repeatedly in a recent Max Hardcore vid."  -- Matt   [RAME, 10.00]

*  Re:  China's appearance in Planet Max #04:  "After Junior Hardcore College Schoolgirls, Maxed Out, Max World and Extreme Max,  I thought I saw the last of China Doll, I didn't.  As the old saying goes," saving the best for last" Max again puts the exotic China Doll through the wringer and this scene which starts out as Max picking up the runaway from home China Doll on his way to the CES show in Vegas (Ms. Doll wants to be a big star in Las Vegas).  [This scene] is one of Max's best and an instant classic, he EVEN asks her to give the man at the gas station some head for a full tank of gas which she agrees, giving her dumb bimbo/innocent teenage runaway act its Coup De Grace and ending one great scene........" -- LeChieffre34   [RAME, 08.00]

*  "The night prior to [the filming of Planet Max #04], she did two anal sex scenes with me, then had her driver take her from San Diego to La up to Max's -- she told Max on the phone that she was tired out and sore, but Max told her to sleep in the car on her way up to his place.   When I saw her two days later at CES, she said she was exhausted but loved everything!!! China liked working with Max!  She'll be in Sex Fun 5 due out in mid-Oct. We did most of the sex in a van in a strip mall parking lot two blocks from the Police Station.  :-) "  -- Dave Cummings (Porn Star/Producer)  [RAME, 08.00]

*  "Max is a silly boy, nothing more, he is more 'watchable' than Ed! OK that's damning with sputtering praise, but still.... most of the chicks he 'reviled' seem to be having a ball! check out Rosie Rocket and Kitty Yung and more recently China Doll giggling their way through the digital anal passage workouts and "fuck me Mister" shtick."  -- Didier, Cardinal DeFroc   [RAME, 06.02]

"China Doll's probably my fav max girl.  I love her simplistic look, Also her Dialogue, Whatever she says, No matter how irrelevant or beside the point, They seem to brainwash me. "Like a Teeter Tottor" This scared me for life. and that one where she sings, "in and out my poophole" I have to properly stop myself from spontaneously coming out with it, (not the sorts of words a man should sing) and the one on Schoolgirls #13 Where max asks her why she had an elosoplast on the Breast. "oh!, I got a little ouchie, cat scratch me) this also changed my life, lol. (the elasoplast is to cover her strange tattoo) I just thought, "what a cute little lie" Now I cant stop saying it and the Cat never scratched me either."  -- gabbachris [Max Hardcore Resource Center MHRC, 02.14.09]

*  Photos courtesy of Max Hardcore and EXP.

*  Thanks to BlazenLA and Viet Nastee for alerting me to omissions and/or broken links.

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