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Kimi Ji

Kimi as seen in Max Hardcore's Maxed Out #01


Vital Statistics

01.  Name:  Kimi Ji (also known as Kimi Gee, Kimi Jee, Kimmy G.)
02.  Birthplace:  Vietnam.  Grew up and attended high school in Orange County, California.
03.  Birthdate:  07.11.67 * (Cancer, Year of the Goat, Ying Aspect).  * - see comments below!
04.  Ethnicity:  Eurasian (American/French-Vietnamese)
05.  Marital Status:  single
06.  Measurements: 32D-24-35
07.  Eye Color:  aqua green
08.  Hair Color:  dark Brown
09.  Height:  5'4"  
10.  Weight:  105 lbs
11.  Hobbies & Interests:  ice skating, chess (against the computer), cooking, sewing, interior decor, writing song lyrics, drama, dance, hiking, fashion, computers
12.  Education:  GED, Cosmetology Degree, Data Entry & Medical Secretary certification
13.  Fan Club:  Unknown
14.  Official Website:  formerly (down)
       Personal site at: none at present.  Former AOL homepage down as of 02.25.07.  Kimi's old website can still be viewed on the Internet Archive here.
15.  E-mail:
16.  Upcoming Appearances:  unknown


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Selected Compilations

Comments and Additional Information

On 11.21.98, Luke Ford reported that Kimi flaked from "an important bukkake scene" on David Aaron Clark shoot.  Another director, James DiGiorgio replied, ""I've hired Kimi Ji 5 or 6 times. Not only has she NEVER flaked... She's NEVER even been late and she's ALWAYS been a pleasure to have on the set...very cooperative....with a ditzy sense of humor that truly helps pass the time enjoyably by."

On 02.14.99 Kimi was involved in an serious automobile accident.  According to Kimi, "My vehicle was rammed by a huge old 1960 truck on the driver's side door..."  Kimi alleges the other driver was speeding, ran a red light and then fled the scene.  Kimi states she suffered a broken arm, hip and leg injuries and scarring.  As a result of the accident, Kimi states that she was in extreme pain, unable to work and saddled with large medical bills.  She claims the owner of the other car got off "scott free."

Since retiring from porn after her accident, Kimi has dabbled in many things.  She relocated to Las Vegas in 1999 and has worked in entertainment sales, as a customer service secretary, and on call project clerk for a major casino.  Kimi aspires to be a successful singer and songwriter, and now performs under the stage name Kimri Ji Exstun.  Kimi incorporated Kimri Ji Exstun and hopes to branch into mainstream movie production.  She recently was seeking employment as a hotel clerk, secretary or casino cocktail server.

Kimi enjoys writing song lyrics and poetry.  You can read some of her work at this link:  Kimi Ji's poetry.

On 02.25.07 an unknown, anonymous person called "Wonn" with an empty MySpace page contacted me with assorted legal threats and interesting allegations concerning Kimi Ji.  According to "Wonn", Kimi Ji's real birth date is in 1969.  Wonn writes, "Do you get it? 1969 puts Kimi at the age of 15, 16 and 17 when thirteen of the films on your list were made. What you are obviously not aware of is that all thirteen of those films have been blacklisted and removed from the film companies distribution and sales, completely removed."  No evidence of Kimi Ji's date of birth was provided.

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