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Vital Statistics

01.  Name:  Kitty AKA Little Miss Kitty
02.  Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA (San Gabriel Valley)
03.  Birthdate:  10.24.84 
04.  Ethnicity:  unknown
05.  Marital Status:  unknown
06.  Measurements:  unknown
07.  Eye Color:  brown
08.  Hair Color:  brown (but has dyed it red)
09.  Height:   unknown
10.  Weight:  unknown
11.  Hobbies:  unknown
12.  Education:  unknown
13.  Fan Club:  Lil' Miss Kitty's Fan Club, PO Box 17224, Encino, CA 91316
14.  Official Website:
15.  E-mail:
16.  Upcoming Appearances:  unknown


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Feature Appearances

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!!!  denotes a feature with special porn significance.

Single Defining Appearance:  Not Yet Determined
Nastiest Appearances:  Bring 'Um Young #16, Gag Factor #11, More Dirty Debutantes #290



Selected Compilations

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Kitty as seen in JM Productions' Gag Factor #11.

Other Comments & Notes

*  Please note, there are several adult starlets who call themselves "Kitty".  Retailers rarely distinguish between them, so be careful when ordering!  Chances are, unless it is a new release, if the movie is not listed on this page, it features a different "Kitty"!

Q: Who's going to be hot in 2004?
    A:  "Hope that it will be Asian teen Kitty!" -- Phil 02/04  (RAME)

Q: Any skinny/anorexic types in porn?
    A: "If you like them Asian.. try Kitty on for size." -- John Bern  (RAME)

"Kitty and especially Nautica are first rate. Nautica has those gorgeous natural tits. And Kitty is practically flat chested and could pass for about 15 if she wanted to." -- Jaded speaking of American Cocksucking Championships #12  (RAME)

"I'm always on the lookout for anything with the irresistible KITTY in it!" -- kittyfan2005  (RAME)

[Re: Legal Teens - Daddy's Little Girls"] "But ARRRGH!!! [Kitty's] scene was borderline disgusting! No, it wasn't her. She looked as great as ever. But the guy she was with had to be pushing 70 (probably the wallet for the production.) And the look on poor Kitty's face and her body language was like a huge flashing sign saying, "I's rather be dead!" I mean, this guy made Ed Powers look like Fabio! ... Oh, my darling little Kitty. You must stop this immediately! Come here this instant and let me take care of you! -- someone (RAME)

"[Speaking of that] "Dan Hollywood" guy. He's the utterly creepy and disgusting guy with whom the adorable little KITTY had to endure a scene in the comp called "Legal Teens - Daddy's Little Girls." Just the look on her face spoke volumes about how horrible the experience was for her. After having to go through something like that, it's no wonder we don't see her around anymore." -- Someone, 05/04 (RAME)

"What I wouldn't give to someday see [an anal] scene with Asian super-waif Kitty taking Mandingo or even Brandon in through the out door." -- RockDoc  (RAME)

"I think Kitty has "taken a powder" from the biz. I haven't seen anything new from her lately (although Filmco places her picture prominently on the cover of their "Itty Bitty Titty & Eighteen #3" despite her not being in the video.) After watching her in some scenes with utterly disgusting people, I wouldn't be surprised if she took off. I'll miss her, though." -- Someone (RAME)

*  Photos courtesy of JM Productions, New Sensations,,, and

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