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Lucy Lee

photo courtesy of New Sensations.

Vital Statistics

01.  Name:  Lucy Lee
02.  Birthplace:  Torrance, CA
03.  Birthdate:  05.20.80
04.  Ethnicity:  Korean
05.  Marital Status:  Single
06.  Measurements:  32-24-32
07.  Eye Color:  Brown
08.  Hair Color:  Dark Brown
09.  Height:   5'5"
10.  Weight:  110 lbs (50kg)
11.  Hobbies:  Unknown
12.  Education:  Unknown
13.  Fan Club:  Unknown
14.  Official Website:  Unknown
15.  E-mail:  Unknown
16.  Blog:  Lucy's MySpace  
17.  Upcoming Appearances:  Unknown

Biography & Interview

Biography coming soon! 

Two Podcast interviews with Lucy Lee are currently available.  Click here to listen to a Podcast with Snowman recorded in Las Vegas at the 2005 AEE.  Click here for a longer interview recorded at Gold Club Centerfolds in June 2007, where she was appearing as a feature dancer.


  denotes Snowman's top picks!  Shopping links that help support this website are provided.  DVDs are linked when available. 
!!!  denotes a feature with special porn significance.








Selected Compilations

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Internet Scenes

Free Galleries (photo stills and videos)


[Lucy showing off her new hooters at the 2005 Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas]


    Please note, there is another starlet named "Lucy Lee" who started filming scenes in 2003 also.  She's a Euro brunette.  Retailers are often not distinguishing between the two, so be careful when ordering!

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   In July 2007, Lucy was arrested by the LAPD North Hollywood division.  The charges were alleged to be for vandalism (> $400).  According to Luke Ford, Lucy went into a 7-11 at 2:00 A.M. to try and buy alcohol.  The clerk refused and then she "went crazy and started throwing things and breaking stuff" before "storming out."  However in excitement of the melee, Lucy forgot her purse.  When she returned for it, law enforcement arrested her on the spot.  Lucy was denied bail and assigned to the Central California Women's Facility in Chowchilla.  Many suspect this incident constituted a parole violation relating to her earlier brushes with the law.  As a result, she is likely to be at the "big house" now for at least a year.

    Past appearances:  Feature Dancer, Gold Club Centerfolds, Rancho Cordova, CA (June 2007). 

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