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“Forbidden Lolitas” – DVD Review – VCX (2008)

Discussion in 'reviews' started by quagmire, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. quagmire

    quagmire New Member

    Forbidden Lolitas

    Staring Chris Peterson, Lysa Thatcher, Kitsy Storme, Mae East, Dorothy LeMay, Brooke Young, Taylor Young, Shauna Grant, Andrea Adams, Beth Anna, Hillary Summers, Lisa Deleeuw, Merle Michaels & KC Winters. With Paul Thomas, Spencer Davis, Ron Jeremy, Leo Moveover, Carl Regal, John Holmes, Sam Grady, Davis Morris, Randy Allen, Bob Presley & Carl Regal

    Around 116 min. with photo galleries and trailers in the bonus section. In addition the DVD contains two other titles, Expensive Tastes and Teenage Twins that can be viewed on a computer after paying a fee. I didn’t.

    From the VCX vaults comes this compilation of sex scenes from the ‘70s and ‘80’s. The scenes come from the titles next to the performers names in the descriptions below. This is a very good representation of what many features looked and sounded like from the Golden Age of Porn. Over done make-up, ridiculous hair styles, outlandish fashions, silly dialog, laughable soundtracks, comical situations along with some very bushy bushes can all be found in this one.

    Much of the camera work and sex acts are basically the same as they always are. But the overall quality of the images produced today is pretty amazing when compared to what it was back then. An interesting feature to watch that gives a glimpse into those pre-internet days when and one had to frequent adult movie theaters or watch Beta/VHS tapes to see things other then what magazines offered.

    Many of these scenes have school girl themes with a few ‘first time’ scenarios.

    Scene 1 – Chris Peterson with Paul Thomas – Little Girls Blue

    Chris as the student and Paul as an administrator. They do dogg on his desk before Paul gives her oral. Mish is next where he will pull out and pop on her stomach

    Scene 2 – Lysa Thatcher with Spencer Davis – On White Satin

    Blow job action is first as they sit on a couch. Sixty-nine follows where he pops into her mouth.

    Scene 3 – Kitsy Storme, Mae East with Ron Jeremy – Good Girls of Godiva High
    Kitsy from a rival school seduces Ron who gives her oral. Mae enters for her turn as Kitsy blows Ron. Mish for both then Ron pops on Mae’s back while doing dogg.

    Scene 4 – Dorothy LeMay with Paul Thomas - Fantasy
    On her knees Dorothy sucks Paul’s cock. With them both standing he enters her from behind where he will pull out and pop on her bush.

    Scene 5 – Brooke Young, Taylor Young with Leo Moveover – Teenage Twins
    One of the twins is having her puss and tits licked by Leo on top of a bed. The other twin suddenly gets horney in an office and gives oral to Leo. Scene switches back and forth from oral on the bed to anal sex in the office where Leo will pop on her back.

    Scene 6 – Shauna Grant, Andrea Adams with Ron Jeremy – Shauna Grant: The Early Years
    Ron’s interviewing Shauna and Andrea focusing on sexual topics in an office. Shauna will do some posing before Ron fingers and licks both girls. Ron goes mish with Andrea before both girls give him some oral attention. After some dogg action for Andrea he pops on her face.

    Scene 7 – Lori Blue with Carl Regal – Little Girls Blue

    Lori is naked and standing over the naked Carl to receive oral. They switch positions so she can give him oral and will take his load inside of her mouth.

    Scene 8 – Beth Anna with John Holmes – Summertime Blue

    Outdoors Lori is on her knees giving John oral. With a smooth move he lays her down onto the lawn and they go mish where he will later jack himself onto her face.

    Scene 9 – Hillary Summers with Sam Grady – Hot Dallas Nights
    Hillary invites Sam into her bubble bath where they give oral to each other. Cow girl and mish follows before she helps jacks him onto her face.

    Scene 10 – Lysa Thatcher with David Morris – Fantasy

    Lysa and David discuss having sex in positions other then mish. They give each other some oral fun before moving onto anal reverse cow girl. He’ll pull out and pop on her stomach.

    Scene 11 – Lisa Deleeuw and Randy Allen – Frat House

    She goes to her knees to give oral. Moving to the bed he returns the oral favors. Cow girl and mish starts things off and he will pop on her face after going dogg.

    Scene 12 – Merle Michaels with Bob Presley – Good Girls of Godiva High

    Bob talks Merle into her first time in a flop house. They share oral before moving onto mish. With him on his back she gives him more oral where he jacks into her mouth.

    Scene 13 – KC Winters with Carl Regal – Little Girls Blue
    Carl enters KC’s room for her first time. He fingers and licks her puss. He then talks her into giving him oral and soon they’ll go sixty-nine. They move to dogg where she’ll end things by getting up and going to the bathroom. No pop for this one.

    Overall Rating for Forbidden Lolitas: B-
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  2. Snowman

    Snowman Your Host

    Thanks for the review Quag! It sounds like a true "blast from the past!"

    Here's the box cover, synopsis, shopping links and other information about Forbidden Lolitas.

    "Tight young, gorgeous and forbidden. From their legendary library, VCX presents the greatest collection of barley legal starlets ever compiled in one film. School Girls, naïve teens and innocent dolls receive their first lesson in depraved debauchery. Watch these barely legal teens unleash their newfound sexual appetite in their transformation from purity to super slut."

    Released: 05.16.08

    DVD [Adult Video Universe] [Gamelink]
    VOD [Gamelink]

    Thanks to VCX for providing a screener of this disc!
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2014
  3. fetishbabe

    fetishbabe New Member

    Wow! Must watch movie. I can also say those lolitas has a forbidden ass too.
  4. ginko23

    ginko23 Supporting Member


    I have read that anytime you Google "Lolita" the search engine sends an email to the DOJ. Is this true?
  5. Snowman

    Snowman Your Host

    I believe that would violate Google's own privacy policies Ginko. Even from the perspective of the DOJ it would seem illogical and of limited utility. I'm sure there are endless examples of why someone might be searching for "lolita" other than searching for child porn. For instance, they may be looking for the Stanley Kubrick movie or the famous book it was based on by Vladimir Nabokov. There are also many songs named "Lolita" or have lyrics that reference the word. There's also a popular Lolita fashion style in Japan. We could go on and on.

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