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Alias...no Not Akas.

Discussion in 'tech talk' started by ginko23, May 22, 2017.

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  1. ginko23

    ginko23 Supporting Member

    I’ve been spending some time cleaning up my porn achieve. Being borderline pathologic obsessive compulsive there are a couple things that drove me crazy organization wise that has a simple solution. Creating [alias]s.

    “I know Ginko, next you are going to tell me how to cut and paste or use spell check.”
    If you know about using these fine, move on. If not. Here's whats up.

    I use these in six situations (I know OCD):

    • In the annoying situation where a girl has multiple AKAs.
    • Where two or more girls are in the same scene.
    • Where you have a file for say a websites content e.g. Playboy, but want to link the scene to a girl’s personal folder.
    • Where you have a photo that you may want to achieve in one place but use it in other applications.
    • Where you have a particular fetish like “Double Anal” and want all these in one location but still want a copy in the girl’s folder.
    • You run out of space on an external hard drive.
    A simple solution for all of these is an [alias] that windows and MAC both support. You can make an alias out of a picture, movie or folder.

    Example 1:

    Lana Croft has worked under Lana Laine, Connie and Luna Croft.
    I use “Lana Croft” has her main file.
    In MAC you [right click] on her folder, curser down to [Make Alias] and then [left click]. A new folder will appear as “Lana Croft alias”. The folder will also have a little arrow in the lower left corner to show its an alias.
    Change the alias folder name [Lana Croft alias] to any thing you want e.g. [Lana Laine BKA Lana Croft].
    Drag the alias file anywhere you want. This is very helpful when the AKA is another letter in the alphabet.

    Lets say you had several Gigs of content in a girls folder. The alias folder will only have about 8KB, but if you click on any of the content in that folder, it will pull it up.

    Example 2:

    Oriental Orgy World has 9 APHs going at it simultaneously. You can make 9 aliases of the movie and drag these to each girls folders.

    Example 3: Tia Ling has a DPP scene in “Asian Fever 28”. You could make an alias and drag it to a folder called “Best DPs ever”.

    I think you get the idea. Collecting porn is serious business. People will judge you on your organization skills.
    Last edited: May 22, 2017
  2. xaggy

    xaggy Well-Known Member

    I think this is an instance where tags >>> folders.
  3. Snowman

    Snowman Your Host

    I don't know why you just don't create a database and detailed records of each scene if you are that worried about it. Include the hard drive location of course so you can find it easily. Perhaps something like a free notebook application would also work well (such as Evernote or OneNote).
  4. ginko23

    ginko23 Supporting Member

    My porn collection organization evolved over time. At first I just put the clips and photos in a folder arranged in alphabetical order by first name. Initially 90% of my collection was Asian.

    At one time computer hard drives were very small and floppy disks were the main storage media. So storage was a big problem for early computer users particularly if you collected video. In the situation where there were two girls in the same scene having a copy of that scene in two different folders did not make sense.

    Multiple AKAs also present problems.

    In both of the above I used to create an empty folder referring to another.
    In both of the above I used to create an empty folder referring to another.

    I did and still use tags in my database/collection. I found them particularly helpful for tagging certain activities/fetishes or director/website material. At this point it is a “legacy” issue, not something I do anymore.

    If you have a small porn collection, a great memory or just don’t care this discussion is mute. But if you have some organization to your porn collection consider this:

    If you want to keep tract of your Asian Double Penetration material. You could create a tag [Asian DP] on the clip. That is something like 12 key strokes for a MAC. If you want to call the tag that would be another 10 keystrokes and you would have to remember what you called the tag.

    Making an alias only takes two key strokes and a couple more to drag it where you want it.

    I would encourage anyone who routinely uses tags to give [Make Alias] a try.
  5. ginko23

    ginko23 Supporting Member

    That would have been the way to go if I kept up with it from the beginning. At this point to make a database for my collection would mean 100s of thousands if not millions of keystrokes. The [Make Alias] feature works for me as a legacy patch.

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