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Balloon Fetish

Discussion in 'unusual desires' started by ginko23, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. ginko23

    ginko23 Supporting Member

    Yesterday I was perusing ModelMayhem bios and I came across an interesting post from a model that does [nude, fetish] photoshoots. I wish that I saved or bookmarked the post but didn’t. She was an experienced fetish model that did not shoot hard core porn or any other type of “pink” shoots.

    She said that she was available for soft core fetish work except “ballon” fetish. She stated that she has had many bad experiences producing content for these sites because the photographers were real perverts and she couldn’t deal with them anymore.

    If someone is out there giving us perverts a bad name I’d like to know about it. Are there any members that have this fetish or know someone that does?

    I have seen several clips of girls in various states of undress sitting on ballots and popping them. Is this what this fetish is about? I don’t see the eros here or how even a photoshoot could be perverted. My guess is that the photographers for this content have this fetish and were getting off during the shoot, making it creepy. Any insight anyone?
  2. Snowman

    Snowman Your Host

    Here's one just for you Ginko.

    "Steamybabes present "Sexy Balloon Babe - Teen Tatiana Balloon Game." Watch 19-year-old Tatiana, a busty young ethnic beauty. This is her first time in front of a camera with balloons. Shy in the beginning but not as shy later in this video. A lot of latex balloon inflation and balloon riding. She rides two or three at a time, loving the way the balloons feel rubbing her down there."

    Lots more BALLOON FETISH titles on Hotmovies!​
  3. Snowman

    Snowman Your Host

    Here is more information about balloon fetish from Wikipedia:

    A balloon fetish is a sexual fetish that involves balloons. A balloon fetishist is also referred to as a "looner". Some balloon fetishists "revel in the popping of balloons and [others] may become anxious and tearful at the very thought of popping balloons". Others enjoy blowing up balloons or sitting and lying on them.


    Like many paraphilias, the origins of a balloon fetish are complex and vary between individuals, but may be explained as a form of sexual imprinting. Many "looners" attribute their fetish to early sexual or pre-sexual experiences with balloons, often involving their being burst by members of the desirable sex.[6] These experiences frequently accompany or instigate a phobia of balloons in the individual,[10] most often associated with the sudden loud noise when they burst, a form of phonophobia.

    Depending on the extent to which this phobia persists through and after puberty, balloon fetishists may regard balloons bursting as either essential to the sexual experience (and frequently refer to themselves as poppers), or to be avoided at all costs (as non-poppers). Even those who are not phobic of the act of a balloon popping may prefer not to pop due to an anthropomorphized emotional attachment to the balloon, which is perfectly normal to non-poppers. One hallmark of the distinction between poppers and non-poppers may be in seeing balloons' bursting either as a metaphor for orgasm, or as a metaphor for death.

    That popping balloons is central to several popular party games suggests that enjoyment of the act, the challenge, and the anticipation of popping is not confined to fetishists. However, for fetishists the adrenaline rush associated with the "danger" that a balloon will pop produces a sexual response. This helps to explain why even non-poppers who have an intense phobia of balloons popping in non-sexual contexts may be aroused by the possibility within safe sexual contexts. It may even suggest that balloon fetish, for poppers and non-poppers alike, is part of the BDSM spectrum of fetishes in which a controlled amount of danger is used to elicit a pleasurable fight-or-flight response in participants. ***


    A different form of this fetish is the "Bubblegum Balloon Fetish" or "Bubblegum Looning", where, instead of latex balloons, Bubblegum is used to produce small to big balloons (depending on the size of the gum). In this case, the "popper" or "non-popper" difference is absent since balloons can be produced over and over (differently from latex ones, that, once burst, have to be discarded). Bubblegum looners tend to like watching people produce balloons with bubblegum or producing balloons themselves.

    As with balloon looning, Bubblegum Looning can be used in sexual activities to enhance sexual performances. In this case, bubblegum balloons may also be blown against some partner's body parts to enhance sexual excitement or as a form of game play.

    A number of looners also enjoy other variations, such as rubber glove balloons (mainly latex and nitrile medical gloves), condoms, beach balls, the Wubble Bubble Ball, inflatable PVC plastic toys (mainly blow up sharks, whales, and hammers), and inflating bin liners or garbage bags. The latter is often combined with a crush fetish where the looner is aroused the sight of glossy, polyethylene garbage sacks being compressed by the hydraulic compactor of a garbage truck or other similar apparatus to the point where they burst or explode - in its most extreme form this may even be combined with a form of vorarephilia, where the looner desires to be crushed and consumed by the machine itself along with the sacks. ***


    Might be a fun party activity!

    Again, anyone who wants to check out some balloon fetish videos, Hotmovies has plenty of them!

    The full article on Wikipedia is here
    (Creative Commons Text of CC BY-SA 3.0).

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    Last edited: Aug 2, 2017

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