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Bianca Trump - White Supremacist

Discussion in 'porn star chatter' started by Deathsheep, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. Deathsheep

    Deathsheep Australian Intellectual

  2. Snowman

    Snowman Your Host


    I remember Bianca. When she first started off in the early 90's I thought she looked quite hot. She did grace a fair amount of box covers and appeared in Penthouse, Hustler and High Society. This was before she "ballooned her breasts to sickening proportions." The vast majority of her adult movies were produced between 1991 and 1994 as you can see from her listing on IAFD. I think she did a few lukewarm anal scenes, but in that era they were generally not as long or explicit as today's.

    Prior to being a porn star, Bianca was married at age 18 to a military man stationed in Washington state. Bianca claimed she was a virgin until she was married, because "those were the morals I was raised with." However the marriage did not last long and they separated after just a few months. Divorced, alone and without work experience, Bianca became an erotic dancer at age 19 to make ends meet. Three days into dancing, a Penthouse scout noticed her and it wasn't long until she started working in adult movies.

    There's no doubt that Bianca (real name Wendy Iwanow) is a emotionally disturbed train wreck. It's pretty clear from her Wiki entry why she fell off the porn radar from 1995 forward. Bianca became greedy and got the escorting bug. She packed her bags and moved to Broward County, Florida. In Florida she hooked up with an escort agent and allegedly began charging customers $1200 an hour. But apparently that wasn't enough for Bianca.

    She became deeply involved with shady characters, including ex cons and began to mastermind crimes against her own customers! In June of 1995 Ms. Trump was arrested for involvement in a home invasion robbery attempt, although the facts of this incident are not clear to me.

    After that, she continued to have brushes with the law in Florida, although most seem related to domestic clashes with neighbors of African-American descent. As an example, when black children would walk by her house on the way to school, she would yell at them, ""Stay away from my house, you little niggers!" Apparently, fifteen to twenty of her neighbors got tired of her racist antics and beat the hell out of her in 2001. No one was arrested after this incident much to Bianca's chagrin. Bianca subsequently tried to sue the Police Department for negligence, but flaked out on required court appearances and the case was dismissed.

    The article that Sheep cited claimed over 140 calls were made to 911 over two years and local police called it, "the worst dispute West Palm Beach's police force has ever had to referee." Things came to a head in 2002, when a SWAT team descended on her home after a report of gunshots being fired. Bianca held the police off with her 12 gauge shotgun until the wee hours of the following morning. Police took her into custody and placed her in a psychiatric hospital for observation.

    It was around this time that Bianca first popped up on Stormfront, a discussion forum for white nationalists. Her first post was a photo of her posing on a rock at the beach. In her second post, she elaborated on her feelings and beliefs:

    In 2003, on her 31st birthday (November 7th), Bianca was arrested in the airport at Spokane, Washington on check forgery charges. The great irony is, at the time she was traveling with Richard Girnt Butler, the founder of Aryan Nations. Aryan Nations is a white supremacist "church" that mixes Christian identity with National Socialism. Their motto as seen on their website is "Violence Solves Everything!"

    Until then, Butler had no clue of Bianca's racy porn past as "The Latin Princess" where she appeared in titles such as Women of Color #02, Dr. Rear, and In Living Color #01. For these scenes she was paired respectively with Sean Michaels (on the first two) and Julian St. Jox. For those of you unfamilar with male talent, both of these guys are well hung black guys. She also pops up now in compilations such as Little White Girl, Big Black Man. One blogger who picked up this story back in 2005 wrote, "I just love that last title - who knows what paroxysms of rage, humiliation and inadequacy Richard Butler's going through now, knowing that Big Black Bucks have been where he has before he could stick his little, little man in there?"

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    She was arrested again in 2005 after police searched her mother's home and found fraudulent paperwork, IDs and social security cards as well as firearms she was prohibited from having (as a alleged convicted felon). A local news report at KREM-2 News described her home as a "fake ID factory." At the time of the arrest she was hiding in the basement. Bianca is alleged to have stolen thousands of dollars of merchandise.


    Finally, in June of 2005, she was arrested again for possession of meth, discovered during a traffic stop.

    Bianca posted bail, but she just couldn't stay out of trouble. During her release, she and two other slugs kidnapped and beat up a man they claimed stole from her. Police investigators said the victim was lucky to be alive. Bianca subsequently plead guilty to second degree assault, kidnapping, and multiple counts of forgery. On 11.29.06 Bianca was ordered to pay $602 restitution, and sentenced to 43 months in prison.


    Bianca Trump has truly earned a place in Porn's Hall of Shame.
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2016
  3. Sean Renaud

    Sean Renaud Member

    You know Douche is going to point out that those subhuman blacks beat her up and there were no arrests because she was you know. White.
  4. ZowCowNow

    ZowCowNow New Member

    More pics here!

    I was a big fan of Bianca's back in the her heydaze (sic). I even traveled to Tucson Arizona to see her dancing at the Raiders Reef. I remember she did a very nice set with body lotion and a blanket. Yum!!! During her last set of the night, we had a chance encounter in the men's room. She was getting ready to go on stage to do her last set and I passed her in the hallway on my way to the rest room. As I was taking a leak, she walked in to check her hair and then took a quick peek into the urinal to check out my package. She giggled and then left to do her set. I smiled.

    It's been about 15 years since this chance encounter and I still remember it vividly. Weird how the mind can remember all the perverted sex escapades in a person's life and has trouble remember important stuff like ex-wives birthdays. :)
  5. nakanakaumai

    nakanakaumai New Member

    One word to describe this....Pathetic!

    How many wanna bet "White Power Wendy" and the rest of the KKK's (better known as Krazy Krackhead Kowards) kidnapped and assaulted victim was black? Wouldn't it be ironic if Wendy's cell mate happened to be black. That could make for an interesting experience.
  6. Snowman

    Snowman Your Host

    OMG, I read her interview with Rog from 1999, after she attempted to come back into the industry. In light of recent events, it's a very entertaining read. Here's some statements I found interesting:

    Rog: So we won’t be seeing you in the Fucking Forties series, or Fucking Fifties?

    BT: No. I am going to graceful and retire before people start talking about how I am aging disgracefully.

    Damn ... that plan went seriously askew! LOL

    Rog: What do you look for in a guy?

    BT: I have a list. It details everything from physical description to every little details. And no, big dick is not one of them. I should post that on my web site. Things like character, honesty, a night owl, open mind, willing to share me with my fans.

    Haha ... isn't that always the way? The girls with the least to offer are the most delusional and act as if they be the most selective! So who does she actually hang out with? --Ex cons, Nazi haters old enough to be her grandfather etc. And you just got to love the "character" and "honesty" requirement! Of course, Bianca just exudes those qualities though every pore of her body!

    She was being honest at times!

    BT: [Producers] intentionally give me movies with little or no dialog, because I suck at dialog. So, people never really hear me talk in movies and in real life I’m pretty loud and obnoxious if you want to get brutally honest. I don’t think any of that reflects in videos.

    Loud and obnoxious was right on the money!

    I also love how judgmental she is about everyone. Over and over she labels others in a variety of ways. How funny she presumes she can judge anyone!

    BT on Cyberfans: I’d say it’s 50/50, either people are really cool or they really suck.

    BT on other porn stars at the AEE Expo: Now I’m just the prude of porn cuz I won’t parade around like some of these skanks here, showing everything.

    BT on Vince Voyeur: ... he turned into a fucking asshole ...

    BT on new people in the industry: ... I didn’t meet anyone that I would want to be friends with. Outside of working, I wouldn’t want to hang out with anyone I met, anyone new in the industry.

    BT on Brandy Alexander: ... she is just a disgraceful person. *** Brandy can kiss my ass.

    BT on Brad the former RAME moderator: the fucking moderator of RAME can kiss my ass too.

    BT on herself: Money will make you change your ways really quick. ***
    I’m a little fucking crazy ...

    Take one part flexible morals, one part love of $$$, one part wacko, and mix it all together with a whole lot of hate, and where do you wind up? Exactly where Bianca is now.
  7. starchild74

    starchild74 Member

    That is come crazy shit!
  8. Deathsheep

    Deathsheep Australian Intellectual

    I've found the perfect Pen Pal for EnemaBandit!

    From Luke Ford (or is it? he did sell his site afterall.....)

    Bianca Trump @ Prison Pen Pals

    Now if only Lucy Lee would post an ad.....
    • Like Like x 1
  9. Snowman

    Snowman Your Host

    Instead of milking lizards for $$$, now Bianca Trump is selling lizards for $$$! She's out of the prison and apparently is opening a new petshop in Spokane called "REDRUM Reptiles." Scary huh?

    Check out her new MySpace page!

    She's practically covered from head to toe with tattoos now. The pics below are from 2008, 2004 and 2000 (I'm guessing on the last one).





    q21.jpg in gallery bianca trump 01 (Picture 36) uploaded by yamaseka on ImageFap.com
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2016
  10. Sean Renaud

    Sean Renaud Member

    That belt tattoo is pretty fucking hot though. I know I'd tear that shit up. Too bad she's brain damaged.
  11. Bigboi

    Bigboi New Member

    This is proof of pussy power, she can be fucked in the head but with a body like that some guy is going fall head over heels over her. And she only did 43 months after the assault what about all the other crimes.
  12. HypoLuxa-HermesPan

    HypoLuxa-HermesPan Well-Known Member

    Sean, agreed... she needs a grudge fucking!
  13. AussieWill

    AussieWill Supporting Member

    Gang bangin by Mandingo, Wesley Pipes and Lex.
  14. Sean Renaud

    Sean Renaud Member

    Has any sane person denied that pussy is power? Besides I'm terribly self centered as long as she isn't assaulting ME our problems our minimal. Besides her attitude has terribly little to do with anything else. Just like Michael Jackson's affairs with little boys have no bearing on Thriller being if not THE best in the top five Halloween songs of all time. Nor does it effect any of the other iconic tunes he put out over the decades.

    I'm definitely down for the grudge fuck, I'm not mandingo but I feel I can contribute to this! The deep throating racist goes :turkeylurky::turkeylurky::turkeylurky:.

    On a side note with all the clearly racist porn out there usually the ones with the excess degrading language and situations being white men vs black females. Is there anything similar with blacks and latinos? It seems there may be an untapped niche here.
  15. FredNorris

    FredNorris Active Member

    Wow Snow! That is some good INTEL, my man! Good shit! I mean, you really got all the down lo nitty gritty shit this girls got.
    I'll be honest too and had a fetish for her body and cans in the 90's :p
    Back when I was wearing 30inch waist pants. LOL!
    Anyways, this fuckin slut had my blood boiling with her vids. I knew she'd be the type to go "for rent", sooner than later.
    Too bad she wasnt around my neck of the woods. I wouldv'd whacker her sum!

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