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Celebs/stars We Lost In 2017 .... May You R I P

Discussion in 'mainstream media' started by AbeKanan, Oct 3, 2017.

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  1. AbeKanan

    AbeKanan Well-Known Member

    Stars We Lost in 2017

    Have to add most recently
    Tom Petty Dead at 66 After Family Pulls Life Support

    Honestly? 66 is pretty young.
    Dude looked like he was 86 to be brutally honest.
    Lets just say I don't think the dude lived a clean living.
    Jus sayin...

    Aside from Hef,

    Monty Hall - Grew up watching his show everyday as a kid! Nobody else like him in the biz!

    The legendary Let's Make a Deal host and co-creator died on Sept. 30 at the age of 96.

    Jake LaMotta

    Legendary boxer Jake LaMotta, who was portrayed by Robert De Niro in Martin Scorsese’s Raging Bull, died on Sept. 19, 2017 at a Miami-area hosptial at the age of 95. LaMotta took up fighting in 1941 after he was rejected for military service due to a medical issue. As a middleweight fighter, LaMotta won 83 of his 106 fights, earning the nickname “The Bronx Bull” because of his rugged fighting style. His memoir inspired the 1980 film Raging Bull, and De Niro won an Academy Award for his portrayal of the troubled boxer.

    Bernie Casey (black character actor, one of the very best)

    Bernie Casey, the actor and former athlete known for his roles in movies including Revenge of the Nerds and I’m Gonna Git You Sucka, as well as his seasons with the NFL’s 49ers and Rams, died Sept. 19, 2017 in Los Angeles after a brief illness. He was 78. Casey's other screen credits included the western sequel Guns of the Magnificent Seven, the James Bond movie Never Say Never Again, and the Martin Scorsese film Boxcar Bertha, as well as Cleopatra Jones, Another 48 Hrs., and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

    Harry Dean Stanton (best all time character actor)

    Harry Dean Stanton, the utterly unique performer whose career soared across generations of film history, died Sept. 15 in Los Angeles at age 91. The actor's career spanned decades, with roles in classic films like Godfather II, Pretty in Pink, Repo Man, Cool Hand Luke, Alien and Escape from New York. Having just reprised his role as the trailer park guardian

    Jay Thomas (he did not tell anyone on Syrius radio he was dying and nobody knew)

    Emmy-winning Murphy Brown star and Cheers actor Jay Thomas died on Aug. 24. "Jay Thomas was one of the funniest and kindest men I have had the honor to call both client and friend for 25 years plus. He will be dearly missed by so many," his longtime publicist, Tom Estey, said in a statement. Thomas, who was also known for his radio broadcasting career , died from cancer.

    Dick Gregory

    The famed civil rights advocate and comedian died Aug. 19 at age 84. Gregory is widely regarded as the first black comic to perform in front of white audiences.

    Glen Campbell
    (my Rhinestone Cowboy!)

    The country singer and entertainer, who sold more than 50 million albums during a career that spanned over a half century, died Aug. 8 after several years of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. He was 81.

    Sam Shepard (laid back character actor)

    The celebrated playwright and Oscar-nominated actor, who earned a Pulitzer Prize for his play Buried Child and had roles in films such as Black Hawk Down and The Right Stuff, died at the age of 73.

    John Heard

    The character actor, best known for playing Kevin McCallister's dad in 1990's Home Alone and for appearances on The Sopranos and numerous other television series, died July 21 at age 72.

    Chester Bennington

    Chester Bennington, the frontman of the alternative rock band Linkin Park, died in an apparent suicide. The musician was found in a private residence on the morning of July 20, what would have been the late Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell’s 53rd birthday. The Linkin Park musician performed at the funeral for Cornell, who died by suicide

    George A. Romero

    The legendary filmmaker, known as the godfather of the zombie genre, made such classics as Night of the Living Dead, Day of the Dead, and Creepshow, among many others. He died July 16 at age 77 after a short battle with lung cancer.

    Martin Landau (grew up watching him in "SPACE 1999")

    Martin Landau, who won an Oscar for playing Bela Lugosi in Tim Burton's Ed Wood and also had memorable costarring roles in Crimes and Misdemeanors and Rounders, died on July 15 at age 89.

    Stephen Furst (one of the best one-hit wonders of all time)

    The actor, best known for playing Flounder in Animal House and also for his role on '80s television classic St. Elsewhere, died at age 63 on June 16.

    Adam West (the original Batman!)

    West, who played Batman on the campy, classic 1966-68 TV series (and in the feature film version of the show that was released in 1966 as well), died on June 9 at age 88. The Hollywood legend also provided memorable voice contributions to Family Guy among other shows.

    Roger Moore (I used to like him better than Sean Connery because I grew up watching him as a kid)

    Sir Roger Moore died May 23 after a brief battle with cancer. He was 89. Moore was best known, of course, for having played James Bond in seven 007 films, beginning with 1973’s Live and Let Die and ending with 1985’s A View to Kill. He was the third actor, following original Bond Sean Connery and one-off 007 George Lazenby,

    Chris Cornell

    Chris Cornell, the legendary frontman of Soundgarden who was known to possess one of the most powerful voices of the grunge era, died May 17 in Detroit while touring with his band. He at 52. Born in Seattle in 1964, Cornell was a fixture of the grunge generation, leading Soundgarden and supergroup Temple of the Dog in the late ’80s and 90s

    Powers Booth (excellent actor! awesome dude on RED DAWN)

    Powers Boothe died May 14 in his sleep from apparent natural causes. He was 68. The actor made his breakthrough in 1980 starring as a true-life cult-leader in the CBS docudrama Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones. Released just two years after the real incident, Boothe won an Emmy for his portrayal. There was still no shortage of roles for Boothe:

    Erin Moran (grew up with her character on t.v. as a kid)

    Happy Days and Joanie Loves Chachi star Erin Moran died April 22 of stage 4 cancer. She was 56. Moran was in her early teens when she was cast on Happy Days as Joanie Cunningham, the younger sister of Ron Howard’s protagonist Richie. She played Joanie in more than 200 episodes over the course of 10 years on the beloved sitcom,

    Don Rickles (one of the earliest influnces in my life in comedy)

    Legendary comedian Don Rickles died April 6 from kidney failure. He was 90. Before making his name as one of the greatest insult comics of all time, the New York-born star originally intended to be an actor; he studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and his long résumé includes the starring role in the ‘70s sitcom C.P.O. Sharkey, parts in 1970’s Kelly’s Heroes and 1995’s Casino, and playing Mr. Potato Head in the Toy Story films. He is best known, however, for his comedy. Crowds of fans swarmed to his stand-up shows in Las Vegas to be verbally assaulted with his merciless mockery, and he took his insults to the screen with such films as 1998’s Dirty Work and dozens of TV appearances, including over 100 on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.

    Chuck Berry (funny guy, entertained me)

    Music legend Chuck Berry died March 18 at the age of 90. His impact on rock and roll cannot be overstated; artists from Elvis to the Beatles to the Beach Boys to the Rolling Stones were enormously influenced by his sound and style. Though the rock pioneer continued to release music into the ‘70s and got his biggest hit with 1972’s “My Ding-a-Ling,”

    Bill Paxton (very good character actor)

    Actor Bill Paxton died Feb. 25 due to complications from surgery. He was 61. Paxton began his decades-long career with TV appearances and small film roles, including parts in 1984’s The Terminator, 1985’s Weird Science, and 1986’s Aliens. He was especially prolific in the ‘90s, during which he starred in 1995’s Apollo 13 and 1996’s Twister,

    Richard Hatch (original Battlestar Gallactica star)

    Actor Richard Hatch died Feb. 7 after a battle with pancreatic cancer. He was 71. Best known for playing Captain Apollo on the original Battlestar Galactica in the ‘70s, Hatch later appeared in the 2004 reboot of the series in a recurring role as Tom Zarek. He also wrote Battlestar Galactica novels and campaigned for a long time to revive the franchise in the form of a sequel rather than the remake that eventually happened (and of which he became a part). Before he was Apollo, Hatch began his career with a role on All My Children in 1971; his other TV credits include appearances on Fantasy Island, CHiPs, Murder She Wrote, Dynasty, T.J. Hooker, The Love Boat, MacGyver, and Baywatch, among others.

    Mike Connors (one of the very first t.v. detectives)

    Mannix star Mike Connors died Jan. 26, soon after being diagnosed with leukemia. He was 91. Connors starred as Detective Joe Mannix for the duration of the series’ long run, from 1967–75, and was nominated for six Golden Globes, winning one, and four Emmys for playing the sleuth. Connors’ other TV credits include appearances on Gunsmoke, Maverick, Perry Mason, The Love Boat, Murder She Wrote, and Two and a Half Men. His big-screen resume includes roles in Sudden Fear, Island in the Sky, The Day the World Ended, The Ten Commandments, and Gideon.

    Mary Tyler Moore..........( I grew up watching her on t.v. and lusting after her hot body back then)

    Television icon Mary Tyler Moore died Jan. 25 at the age of 80. Moore got her breakout role on The Dick Van Dyke Show as Van Dyke’s character’s adorable wife, Laura Petrie. She won two Emmys in the part, which she played for the series’ entire run, from 1961–66. It was with The Mary Tyler Moore Show, however, that the actress broke boundaries for women in television. She collected three more Emmys for her work on the sitcom, which ran from 1970–77 and in which she played Mary Richards, a sweet, single, career-oriented 30-something. Many of her later roles would try to shake off the sunny image Moore built with the show, including her Golden Globe-winning turn in 1980’s Ordinary People and her Emmy-winning performance in the 1993 TV movie Stolen Babies, but nothing overshadowed her legacy as Mary Richards. Outside of entertaining, Moore was also committed to raising funds for diabetes research and spreading awareness of the disease, having been diagnosed with it herself as a young woman.

    Miguel Ferrer.
    ........(one of my al time favorite character actors USA)

    Actor Miguel Ferrer, the son of Rosemary Clooney and José Ferrer, died of cancer on Jan. 19. He was 61. He started out in entertainment working in music, playing drums for various bands and touring with his mother. When he switched over to acting, he picked up early credits on CHiPS, Magnum P.I., and Cagney and Lacey, among other shows, and a part in 1987’s RoboCop. Ferrer is best known, however, for starring on NCIS: Los Angeles, as Assistant Director Owen Granger; for playing Garret Macy on Crossing Jordan; and as FBI Agent Albert Rosenfield on Twin Peaks (as well as the show’s upcoming revival).


    THE LIST IS LONG..........
    Stars We Lost in 2017
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  2. AbeKanan

    AbeKanan Well-Known Member

    hate to add this man (so young at his age) to this sad list in 2017 :sick:
    Comedian Ralphie May Dies at 45

    Dead at 45 so sad
    Arkansas-raised stand-up comedian dies of cardiac arrest following bout with pneumonia...........
    Earlier this morning at a private residence in Las Vegas his body was discovered, cause of death is cardiac arrest," the comedian's rep said ina statement posted on Facebook.

    "Two days ago he won the Casino Comedian of the Year at the Global Gaming Expo and had performances throughout the remainder of 2017 as part of his residency at Harrah's Las Vegas."

    On September 22nd, after canceling a Colorado Springs concert, May wrote on Facebook, "I can't shake this bronchitis and the altitude is no joke."
  3. ginko23

    ginko23 Supporting Member

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