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Evelyn Lin

Discussion in 'asian porno hotties' started by asianman2006, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. Thanatos69

    Thanatos69 Member

    I would like to join us buddies! I ve a good camera to take nice shots of new talents as Evelyn. Anyway I can t move from France right now! :suspicious: :cry:
  2. Evelyn Lin

    Evelyn Lin Banned

    Haha, I love how it's in Vegas... what goes on in Vegas, stays in Vegas eh? But yeah yeah! I wanna go *beams*

    And as for Thanatos, I'll go to France if you fly me there :love::bigsmile:
  3. Snowman

    Snowman Your Host

    OMG Thanatos ... you have to take her up on this offer and be her tour guide!

    Evelyn, any interest in seeing historic Sacramento?! I'll buy you an airplane ticket! There's a really cool railroad museum here and old town! :wink:
  4. saceur

    saceur Member

    Babe if these guys don't book you to sign in Vegas then you can hang out with us.:blink1: You can stay in my room cuz when not at CES or AEE i'm at a table. I only come back to the condo for the afternoon BBQ and to change. WHo the hell sleeps in Vegas?:huh:
  5. Snowman

    Snowman Your Host

    Maybe I'm in the minority, but I don't like Vegas that much. Can't stand the 24/7 glitter and gaudy ambience. Vegas is for suckers!
  6. mr bill

    mr bill Member

    I'm with you, Snow. Vegas is plastic, on steroids.
  7. saceur

    saceur Member

    You only see the "glitter & ambience" if you go outside:huh: I'm there for tech, tits & tables. Never play house games, they are for SUCKERS. I play poker locally only go to VEGAS once a year and it's for puters, pussy & poker.:coolsmall:
  8. Thanatos69

    Thanatos69 Member

    That will be a real pleasure to make you visit France. Maybe as a first step, Paris should be great and romantic! :)
  9. asianman2006

    asianman2006 Banned

    Saceur -

    Actually...we indie director's have about 15% say on the particular decision-making on which talent gets to sign at the booth and the good news is - be assured that Evelyn Lin will be signing in Las Vegas because of her booming popularity plus she will be on Winter Break from her Pac10 University studies.The bad news for you is - since she will be signing her accomodations will be paid for by the studio so Evelyn won't have you chasing her around your room in the Las Vegas condo :toung: :smilesmall:

    I want to wish you a belated Happy Birthday,Saceur!...I couldn't yesterday because I was busy shooting another new Korean/Irish APH named Miko Sinz http://www.raincoatreviews.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3251
    and I have also attached a pic here.

    BTW: I am bringing you a very special birthday present tomorrow night at the Blue Syren Dinner...see you there,pal :smilesmall: :smilesmall:

  10. asianman2006

    asianman2006 Banned

    here is a test pic of Miko Sinz which I took yesterday during her scene with Donny "Spanish Stallion" Long for Volume 2 of my "Big Dicks - Little Asians series.She said - "My top half is Korean and below the waist;especially my butt, is Irish"
    her bubbly personality is wonderful...very clever and her humor is witty - much like Sabrine's.

  11. mac_kw

    mac_kw New Member

    I cann't wait to see both of these girls in action.
  12. saceur

    saceur Member

    Ok you guys can all call me retarded because I was so transfix on this pix I did not click the link in the previous post or even read what was in this post. :amazed: OMG Thats the new Miko I've been waiting for:amazed:. Mmmm, I can't wait, So so nice.
  13. saceur

    saceur Member

    However, while reading Don's post about Playboy Model Nicole Oring In Her First Explicit XXX Video I got concerned because thats the same day Pirates of the Caribbean comes out and I thought Virgin of the Screen also.

    I know this is getting long but it's really good just wait.:smile1:

    So I go to Combat Zone's website to check the date and who do I see?:amazed:
    the extremly beautiful Tia Tanaka:love: :love:


    So (just like you guys:noworry: ) I click "enlarge back" to see the action and what do I get?:rolleyessmall: Yes boys and girls I get rewarded with what I have been waiting a month for... one of the two girls who I know can give Tia Tanaka a run for her money on the Best Looking New Asian Starlet poll.... the new "Miko"

    Link to see (explicit back cover)


    I rarely "keep" movies, I buy them, lock a copy in my HD then give it to my bro (don't want the kids to stumble onto them) but Combatzone is going to make about $40 buck off me.:bigsmile: I'd ;ove to see all three of my new fav's in a threesome.
  14. asianman2006

    asianman2006 Banned

    Saceur -

    Go back and read the post addressed to you previous to the one you quoted (both from me)...seems like you overlooked it by accident.

    Also noteworthy - I had to check my calculator three times because I couldn't believe it...averages to 278 views a day since I started this thread a mere 20 days ago !...I wonder if that is a record as far as average daily views go for a newer thread ?

  15. mac_kw

    mac_kw New Member

    wainting until 9.18.06 for this flick is going to be hard. Miko and Tia look incredible on the box cover. Too Bad they didn't include Evelynn and Lana.
  16. asianman2006

    asianman2006 Banned

    Here's a pic taken by Snowman of Evelyn and I at the Blue Syren Dinner last night in Little Tokyo.
  17. Thanatos69

    Thanatos69 Member

    Nice photograph! :smilesmall: :smilesmall:

    You can t imagine how I would like to be at your place posing with Evelyn!
  18. BongoGigilo

    BongoGigilo Banned

    Snow, Don and all who attended the Blue Syren dinner, I'm very envious that you were all able to interact with Evelyn. I'd really like to meet her sometime among other things.
  19. Snowman

    Snowman Your Host

    Here's a couple of photos I took of Evelyn at the Blue Syren dinner on Sunday night! I think these turned out really nice. She's such a QT pie! :love:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Also, I did an interview with Evelyn and will post a transcript (and maybe Podcast!) of it in the future. However, it was very hard for us to hear each other and concentrate because the music was getting very loud and Evelyn speaks softly! I hope I will be able to hear her clearly on the tape.
  20. Snowman

    Snowman Your Host

    Yes, I will be making a starlet page for Evelyn this summer. Right now there would not be very much to put on it since most of her scenes have not yet been released. Girls who shoot for Blue Syren and/or participate on the forum always get priority! =)

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