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"Flash Review" format

Discussion in 'guest reviewers' started by snowman872, Aug 4, 2003.

  1. snowman872

    snowman872 Guest

    "Flash Review" format


    Here's some details and an example of a recent "Flash Review" so you can see the general parts:

    * Synopsis (Introduction - general idea of type of movie, director details, plot etc.)

    * What's Hot (the best stuff in the movie)

    * What's Not (what you did not like about the movie)

    * Scene Breakdown - Performers in the scene and what happens. Be sure to try and mention briefly the big things such as costumes/outfits, major sex acts, anything particulary nasty that people look for. Always mention anal sex, dps, and facials if performed. Free free to add comments as you wish about the performers, sex action, direction, production values etc.

    * Everything Else -- other comments that may not fit in the other categories.

    * Last Word -- Summary & Conclusion. Who would like the movie, who should avoid and why if not explained elsewhere.

    Here's three new examples two are by me, and one is a new Guest Review:

    (I wrote this one of a Vivid - plotted Movie)

    (I wrote this one -- it's more of a gonzo movie)

    (Fizzy wrote this the other day and submitted it)

    Also, rate each scene according to this criteria
    (between 1 and 10 -- 10 is the highest)

    Sexual Content Ratings (weighted 2x): 6.75
    Starlet Appearance: 6, Starlet Attitude & Personality: 7, Sexual Heat: 7, Raincoat Appeal: 7

    and at the end of each movie rate these numerically:

    Production Ratings (weighted 1x): 5.33
    Dialog/Story/Script: 5, Costumes/Clothing: 5, Location: 6

    Technical Ratings (weighted 1x): 6.66
    Camerawork: 7, Video Quality: 7, Audio Quality: 6, DVD Extras: NA

    That is a new rating system above. Since I may wind up not using it. Would you please rate each scene with a letter grade overall A to F (like school).

    A - excellent
    B - good
    C - average
    D - poor
    F - unacceptable

    If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please let me know!

    -- Snowman
  2. JAGnLA

    JAGnLA Guest

    Re: "Flash Review" format

    Hi Snowman,

    Can you give me your e-mail address to send the review to once completed? Also, I misplaced the review you sent me to use as a template...I keep reading and rereading these posts about which scoring system to use, but I'm I want to make sure I get it right.

  3. snowman872

    snowman872 Guest

    Re: "Flash Review" format

    It's snowman@raincoatreviews.com!

    Jag ... just look at the most recent reviews posted on the website. On the SRR home page, I always list the most recent reviews. Basically, the letter grades are out on guest reviews at this time and the new numerical rating system is in.

    -- Snowman
  4. Snowman

    Snowman Your Host

    Re: "Flash Review" format

    I just wanted to update this thread a little ...

    The best way to contact me is at snowman872@gmail.com, not the raincoatreivews address. I only check the raincoatreviews e-mail account once in awhile.

    Also, here are two much more recent "flash reviews" written by myself to use as a reference:



    Please use my own reviews as a guide rather than those written by guest reviewers. Thanks!

    DEELINGAM Member

    Re: "Flash Review" format

    Just wanted to draw ur attention to the fact that the same review links you have provided 2 by you and third by a guest reviewer are showing 404 error. Maybe you would like to rectify them or post alternative links that work. Can ignore this post if it has already been brought to your notice.

    Also can you post the link where the guest reviews can be uploaded.
  6. Snowman

    Snowman Your Host

    Thanks for pointing the broken links out Dellingam. When the site first started, all the file names on SRR had a different extension (.shtml). When I changed them over to the more convention .htm old links that people posted in the forum became broken. This thread was originally posted in 2003!

    The links in this thread are fixed now.

    Since the forum has become the centerpiece of SRR, guest reviewers have been able to post their reviews directly on the "Reviews" sub-board.

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