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Grace Park Pipeline and Appreciation Thread!

Discussion in 'mainstream media' started by Snowman, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. AbeKanan

    AbeKanan Well-Known Member

    nice!:finger: hope they're nice big implants, preferably C or D, I like 'em like that
  2. AussieWill

    AussieWill Supporting Member

    Naturals. :woot: but thinking of a trip to Korea for a lil enhancing. :smuggrin:
  3. AbeKanan

    AbeKanan Well-Known Member

    This year is season 7 of H50 on the air now. I have to say that after x2 episodes so far, I think they have finally jumped the shark:unsure: The season opener started off with the CGI of the original Steve McGarrett, meeting the updated McGarrett and it looked really weird. And in the 2nd episode they incorporated a story of a MI6 secret agent teaming up with 5-0 and the story was just a mess compared to previous seasons.
    Kono(Park's character) was forced to dress sexy in a scene and it was not good. LOL! I think she wore pants in that scene and it just wasn't right. They need to shape-up or ship out!


  4. AbeKanan

    AbeKanan Well-Known Member

  5. Snowman

    Snowman Your Host

    Not liking that photo. Perhaps her time has past with regard to "provocative scenes." She's 43 now.

    I never really turned into the new Hawaii Five O. I caught a few episodes here and there but it didn't seem very good. I read that it was renewed for season 8. Interestingly, the ratings have been very consistent every year (ranking around 25).
  6. AbeKanan

    AbeKanan Well-Known Member

    Oh, if you did'nt know already (LOL!) the photo is a "faux" photo of Grace (not real) :whistle:
  7. AbeKanan

    AbeKanan Well-Known Member

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  8. Snowman

    Snowman Your Host

    Hmmm ... not sure how I feel about this. I don't necessarily think every star in an ensemble cast should be paid the same. Are those two the biggest draw? Do they get more screen time versus Daniel and Grace? How essential is it that all the original cast members stay together in the series? This could be a bad move for Grace.
  9. AbeKanan

    AbeKanan Well-Known Member

    Both dudes, Caan and O'laughlin are consumate "B-list" actors. In other words, in the big scheme of things, they're both nobodies. To be honest and frank about it, Grace Park is the biggest name on that marquee. Given her solid accomplishment and resume' and she's been doing it a long time.
    Fact is Grace and Daniel was in the original pilot and has been there since as cast members of a four ensemble. Nobody is telling me that O'laughlin is the glue of that series? He's a nobody and just got lucky getting that role. Even today he's NOT that more recognizable. He's vanilla. So yes, this is an ensemble cast. All for one, one for all.
    We don't know the background goings on with CBS and those four. For all we know the other two are pushing for equal pay because it does'nt come out of their pockets. If they remained silent the whole time, then they're douchebags about it.
    CBS is just another evil corporation out to use people. That's all.
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