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Jade Kush

Discussion in 'asian porno hotties' started by KeeaniFan, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. katzs

    katzs Member

    She reminds me, of a young Yumi.
  2. ex999

    ex999 Member

    She seems nice. I'd smoke up with her.
  3. AbeKanan

    AbeKanan Well-Known Member

    thanks for the link but its a weird download (cant download?)
  4. diggler707

    diggler707 New Member

    The entire scene is up and she can definitely suck a cock. She seemed nervous like it was legitimately her first scene (not sure what order they release scenes once they do the initial rounds.) I’d love to see her work with Darkko or Jules in the near future. Some super hard action would be amazing; I’d like to see some real reactions to getting pounded.
  5. xaggy

    xaggy Well-Known Member

    Yeah, her skills are not bad for an 18 year old, hope she sticks around!
  6. totoro

    totoro Member

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  7. Streetgang

    Streetgang New Member

    Looks like a bunch of scenes are about to drop according to her twitter:
    xfrogg on Twitter
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  8. xaggy

    xaggy Well-Known Member

  9. SurferD

    SurferD New Member

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  10. emale

    emale Active Member

    Has she dumped that suitcase pimp yet?
  11. EdgeMan

    EdgeMan Member

    Wow! She's actually great on camera. A natural. Even delivers her lines well in the Stranded Teens scene. Great deep throat skills, magnificent large tits, slim waist, nice full lips and ever-so-slight overbite that pushes her succulent top lip out even more.

    Lots to like here. I hope she develops a full skills menu - Anal/DP/DAP.
  12. totoro

    totoro Member

    Yeah she is quite stunning. Hopefully she makes some decent money, holds on to it, and stays away from some of the stoner deadbeats. She's gorgeous, but a touch scabby. To me that says she's just been living in some filthy rats nest with stoner kids who never clean up or wash properly, maybe there are flees there... or... (and I sincerely hope it isn't this) because she's smoking meth.
  13. bayareabmaf

    bayareabmaf Member

    her body is amazing, looking forward to that bbc scene :D
  14. Barbaro4

    Barbaro4 New Member

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  15. xaggy

    xaggy Well-Known Member

    While I posted a trailer to the legit site upthread a few posts back, I think that Snowman is okay with tubesite uploads so long as the content has been uploaded by the studio or site... but I do not want to speak for the mods, just my assumption.
  16. starchild74

    starchild74 Member

    That work out scene is tremendous! She's delightful!
  17. RockHard99

    RockHard99 Well-Known Member

    I found the scene pretty boring but at least she knows how to take a facial

    She looks fairly promising
  18. Kense

    Kense New Member

    She's got such a nice meaty pussy. She looks very bored and not turned on however. There seems to be no wetness to Her pussy. Unless this is another video where they edit out the girl getting creamy. Why do they always do that?
  19. Barbaro4

    Barbaro4 New Member

    Pretty disappointing debut.
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  20. xaggy

    xaggy Well-Known Member

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