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Kitty Yung

Discussion in 'asian porno hotties' started by AussieWill, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. data miner

    data miner New Member

    I think I found her "office supplies" business. It appears Mindi set up an LLC called "Save On Ink, LLC" on July 01, 2002 (LLC7971-2002). The LLC's filing status is now listed as "permanently revoked." The LLC principle(s) listed are:

    Mindi Gladman
    Po Box 70477
    Las Vegas, NV 89170

    This was likely once of those small shops that offered to refill inkjet cartridges with generic ink at a reduced cost.
    It is interesting the last "due date" was 07/31/2004.


    I also found this tonight in the Las Vegas Desert Sun. On November 29, 1999, a child was born to a "Mindi Gladman" in Las Vegas. The entry in the births section is as follows: "Summerlin Hospital - Nov. 29: E*** to Mindi Gladman and Randall F***** II." Another similar page states that her child was a boy. E*** would now be 14 years old and attending high school.

    The father of E*** is easy to find on Facebook and there are a few public pictures of his son. It's hard to tell if the child is mixed with Asian but it appears possible. No mention of Mom, but it appears that Father has recently remarried. It is notable that in the year 2000, shortly after the baby was born, Father moved to Glendora, which is in the Los Angeles Metro area. He appears to be a big gun advocate and perhaps collector.
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  2. ginko23

    ginko23 Supporting Member

    Before Surgery.

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  3. data miner

    data miner New Member

    More data for your consideration.

    Docket Report for a Guardianship case related to the child. The case was filed on August 14, 2006 in Washoe County, Nevada (Reno).
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  4. data miner

    data miner New Member

    Death Certificate search results from Archives.com.
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  5. data miner

    data miner New Member

    Marriage record information from Clark County Nevada (Las Vegas). The marriage date was May 19, 2004 and the groom was Steven Bagwell. This is also from Archives.com.
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  6. data miner

    data miner New Member

    This search result box indicates she had a connection to Stevenson Ranch, California. Stevenson Ranch is in Santa Clarita County off the 5 freeway near Magic Mountain. It is about 20 minutes from the San Fernando Valley where most porn studios are located. I am unsure what the connection is.

  7. Snowman

    Snowman Your Host

    Kitty Yung as featured in Private Magazine (circa 1994)​
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  8. yoda57us

    yoda57us Supporting Member

    As gripping as all of this "real world" info is, I'd much rather watch Kitty suck a cock than read her marriage certificate...
  9. Snowman

    Snowman Your Host

    The mention on Solace Tree becomes more significant after reading the purpose of this charity:

    "In 2002, while teaching at an elementary school and finishing his Masters degree in school counseling, Emilio Parga discovered he had cancer. He was also assisting students who had lost parents to suicide, accidental death and cancer. In his attempt to provide these children with emotional support, he realized that many kids and teenagers in Northern Nevada had lost a parent, sibling or caregiver throughout the year, and that there were no grief support programs for them. Knowing all too well a child or teen’s need for support when a family member or caregiver dies, Emilio decided there was no time to wait and he created the Solace Tree in 2004." (emphasis added)

    If you have sharp eyes, you might spot Mindi's son on the memorial page.
  10. Snowman

    Snowman Your Host

    In time, I believe this thread may surpass the view count of the popular "Passing of Tolly Crystal" thread.
  11. kittyyungfan2

    kittyyungfan2 Active Member

    This is not sounding good.

    So, what we know:
    - Apr 21, 1999 EDIBLEFANTASIES.COM was registered by Gladman, Mindi (MG13817) rkd@LVCM.COM Son Consulting Co 9225 West Charleston #2251 Las Vegas, NV 89117 (Establishing an association between Kitty Yung and "a" Mindi Gladman)
    - on Nov. 29, 1999, a child E*** was born to "a" Mindi Gladman and Randall Fr***** II
    - "a" Mindi Gladman got married on May 19, 2004 to Stephen Troy Bag**** (different person than the father of the child)
    - "a" Mindi Gladman died on Nov 20,2004
    - August 14th, 2006 FR****, RANDALL II files for guardianship of E*** Fruzza

    Edit (from Ginko23):
    Her (Kitty Yung) reported birthday of February 6, 1970 has been attributed to her and precedes PWL by many years.
    Mindy(Mindi) Gladman’s DOB was February 6, 1970 and she lived in Las Vegas and CA like Kitty Yung.

    (Not sure why we're "anonymizing" the names of they guys involved here....if its for the benefit of E*** I think the recurring presence of Mindi Gladman is what would get a search engine hit.)

    So, this is a pretty strong association. However, do we have anything that kinda guarantees it?
    Possibility one: there are more than one Mindi Gladman
    Possibility two: Mindi Gladman is a seperate person from Kitty (business partner) and she is the one who registered the domain name

    This is probably grasping straws but who knows.

    Unless it is inappropriate (it may be, I'm not sure), perhaps Snowman (being a person of record in the industry) could send a polite query on facebook to Randall or Troy? It's not like either of them could possibly be unaware of her past, so I don't think accidentally bringing that to light is something to be concerned about.
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  12. ColdCanuck23

    ColdCanuck23 Active Member

    Seriously, why don't you guys give it a rest? If she has passed away, let her rest in peace. If she is alive, she obviously wants nothing to do with porn anymore.
    Just enjoy what she left for us to look at.
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  13. kittyyungfan2

    kittyyungfan2 Active Member

  14. Snowman

    Snowman Your Host

    Agreed. At this point, I am strongly inclined to believe that Kitty Yung passed away in 2004, about six months after she was married. I believe her death was probably intentionally kept quiet by her family members who wanted to distance her as much as possible from the sex industry.
  15. yoda57us

    yoda57us Supporting Member

    I think it's more likely that a woman who was no longer in the industry and not publicizing herself in any way simply passed away and none of her fans new about it because, well, at that point it was really none of their business....
  16. Snowman

    Snowman Your Host

    I know you always take that position Yoda, but it's totally unrealistic and just blatantly false. When someone becomes a star, they don't lose their star status just because they decide to retire or pursue another path in life. Dan Marino will always be a football legend even though he no longer plays for the Miami Dolphins and now is a sports broadcaster. Paul Newman was still a cinema superstar even though he focused on making spaghetti sauce for charity in his later years. Bill Clinton still commands $1,000,000 or more for speaking engagements even though he no longer is the President of the United States. Even if they wanted to, they could not just slip into obscurity and expect the world to stop talking about them. All of these people still have millions of fans around the world and fans sure as hell do want to know when their heroes pass away. It's part of the bargain when you seek fame and fortune -- you will lose privacy and people will forever share gossip about you.

    Like it or not, porn stars ARE famous and do develop a fan base whether they want one or not. They cannot simply walk away from the adult industry and expect their fans to forget about them. All the discussions about "retired" porn stars on this and similar forums are undeniable proof that porn fans feel connected to their favorites and are interested in their lives to some degree. Certainly porn fans of a particular starlet would be interested to know if she passed away. The Tolly Crystal thread is a good example of this. The girl was virtually unknown compared to someone like Kitty Yung, yet that thread has over 150,000 views and quite a few responses. I also receive e-mail about her from fans from time to time.

    Porn scenes are forever. "Porn Star" status is forever and fan interest in their favorite porn stars is forever.
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  17. yoda57us

    yoda57us Supporting Member

    Comparing any well know sports celebrity to a porn star is ridiculous Snow. There are probably less than half a dozen porn stars in the entire history of the industry who have any sort of notoriety comparable to professional athletes, entertainers or even politicians. To try and compare people who work for a few years in an industry that is largely underground as having the same level of notoriety as folks who's work is broadcast around the world on free television every day is nothing more than wishful thinking by porn fans.

    I completely agree that porn stars have very loyal fans and that those few years worth of films will, thanks to the internet, mean a never ending fan base in many cases. I'm quite certain that there is at least someone out there wondering about "what ever happened" to just about any woman who has ever had sex in front of a camera. That doesn't mean however that, once they leave the industry, most of these women give a rat's ass about the films or the fans. It also doesn't mean that, if one of them happens to die, the family is trying to "hide" anything from the public. They are simply choosing not to send out a press release about it. Why? Because it's no one's business. It's private. Yes, I understand it's all stuff available in public records searches and I agree that "fans" think it is their business, but it's not. I understand how the internet works when it comes to porn actresses. I don't however think that, outside of fan-based sites like this one, the general public cares all that much. As a fan of porn I enjoy reading and participating here but when I log-off I don't chat with people at work the next day about what I read last night on Snowman's Raincoat Reviews any more than I talk about TER or any of the strip club sites that I participate on regularly. These sites exist and thrive because they feed a fan base that is interested in a topic that is considered taboo but society in general. I understand that it makes us all feel as if we are a part of something-and we are- but the bottom line is that we are a part of something that is relatively small.

    Kitty is actually a perfect example of my point. Google the phrase "is Kitty Yung dead?" Two hits come up and one of them is from this site last week. If Kitty has indeed been dead since 2004 why was there no vast rumor mill among the porn internet intelligentsia for the last nine years? One would think this would be a hot topic. Yet, until NYC came along a few weeks ago Kitty's death was a topic that, apparently at least, was non-existent. It's not that none of Kitty's fans cared about her but most of them are more interested in her films than in her real-world activities.

    Trust me Snow, I'm not naive about any of this. I am however entitled my opinion about privacy and the right that any person should have to it once they choose to walk away from a life in the so-called "limelight" of adult work. Believe me, a few fan-boys doing internet searches on porn stars is nothing compared to what I've seen women in other segments of the adult business have to deal with from guys who consider themselves fans, customers or "friends". Do I think anyone doing porn in the internet age is nuts if they think it won't follow them forever? Yes I do but I still don't but the theory of any sort of huge public interest outside of a small group of fans or, in some cases, fanatics. I mean, honestly, there are more than a hundred thousand porn actors listed in the IAFD data base. Who really knows what most of them are up to or even if they are dead or alive....
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  18. noguera

    noguera New Member

    This is embarrassing for me to ask ......

    Are Kitty Yung, Kitty Jung, Lil Miss Kitty and Kitty all the same person? The tiny little thing with no tits but oh so sexy? The photos and videos of Kitty Yung do not look anything like those of Kitty Jung or Kitty.
  19. yoda57us

    yoda57us Supporting Member

    Kitty and Kitty Yung are not the same person.

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