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Kt so??

Discussion in 'asian porno hotties' started by carage, Jan 19, 2011.


Click to download the DVD
  1. carage

    carage New Member

    Just clicked on an ad...and wow this lady is pretty hot...
    Does anyone know if she is in any hardcore business? :whistle:

    KT So Official Website

  2. HypoLuxa-HermesPan

    HypoLuxa-HermesPan Well-Known Member

    She has a discussion thread here.

    Short answer is no. Not only does she not do hard core, she doesn't even show her pussy or nipples.
  3. AussieWill

    AussieWill Supporting Member

    she's showing them to someone!!... wish it was me! :pray: She looks a lot like the shiela I was perving at dinner last night at the Yakiniku restaurant.
  4. carage

    carage New Member

    Dang it!
    Does she go by a different name then? Didn't see any matches using the search function. :confused:
  5. AussieWill

    AussieWill Supporting Member

    Beautiful 'fuck me' face. Is her name Fuk Mi or Fuk Yu? :lmao:
  6. Deathsheep

    Deathsheep Australian Intellectual

    It's here.

    KT and SO are both too short to show up in the search function...but found it using 'import model' as a search criteria.
  7. AussieWill

    AussieWill Supporting Member

  8. Snowman

    Snowman Your Host

    The TAG search can be very helpful in finding related threads. An easy way to perform a Tag search is to click on the desired tag at the bottom of every existing thread.
  9. Jets Rule

    Jets Rule Member

    Nuff said. Snowman - please remove the Kt so thread. Any references to her in this forum is a complete waste. This chick is a tease - no purpose in this forum.
  10. Snowman

    Snowman Your Host

    I never remove threads Jets. This thread will serve a useful purpose next time a guy is interested in Kt-so and wonders if she has ever shot porn. And you never know ... perhaps at some point of time, Kt will decide to be more adventurous and bare more skin. She's prancing around practically nude anyway as it is.
  11. ahislayer

    ahislayer Member

    She can be all yours.

  12. HypoLuxa-HermesPan

    HypoLuxa-HermesPan Well-Known Member

  13. AussieWill

    AussieWill Supporting Member

    nice face, shame about the cellulite on the thighs..she needs high high heels to stretch out those chubby pins...love the face.
  14. LORRY

    LORRY Active Member

    I just love her legs, they are out of this world
  15. LORRY

    LORRY Active Member

    I think she is a porn actress
  16. HypoLuxa-HermesPan

    HypoLuxa-HermesPan Well-Known Member

    Unless you have new information that we don't, she's not. She only has a nudie web site, but no porn. I wish she did!!!
  17. RockHard99

    RockHard99 Well-Known Member

    Err Will.......are you out of your fkn mind ?! :p
    When you have a body and face like that, whats a little bit of cellulite between friends ???!!!!!

    You really find that off-putting ??!!!

    I'd hit that and I'd hit it hard

    You can bet your house that during doggie the thing going through my mind wouldnt be "mmm.....I'm enjoying this......shame about the cellulite though"

    • Like Like x 1
  18. HypoLuxa-HermesPan

    HypoLuxa-HermesPan Well-Known Member

    I only see a tiny bit of cellulite in that one pic above. Almost all of her pics show none.
  19. HypoLuxa-HermesPan

    HypoLuxa-HermesPan Well-Known Member

    She reminds me a lot of Alice Bradley. Another superfine asian-american gravure type model who wouldn't do porn. Although Alice graciously showed nudity. I remember DF stating here once he tried to get her to do porn and she was vehemently against it!
  20. LORRY

    LORRY Active Member

    You are correct KT has never done porn.

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