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Lilly Thai Boy/girl Anal Scenes ?

Discussion in 'asian porno hotties' started by TARTANMAN, Jun 20, 2007.


    TARTANMAN New Member

    HELLO all i have just listened to snows interview with lucy lee where they discuss one of my fav asian girls lilly thai in it snow exclaims that lilly thai used to do anal scenes . i have never been able to find any movie with lilly doing a b/g anal scene can anyone supply me with info and names of movies with such scenes in them .

    TARTANMAN New Member

    even info on lilly thai boy/boy/girl scenes would be helpful
  3. HypoLuxa-HermesPan

    HypoLuxa-HermesPan Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I heard that and I was like, "wha fuh...? Maybe they got their 'Thais' mixed up and they meant Lucy Thai?" But, I looked on VideoBox and they had the scene in question where Lucy was indeed shoving a purple dildo up LILY Thai's ass!

    I would like to know of these Lily Thai anal scenes as well...
  4. Varangian

    Varangian New Member

    That was Lilly Thai's last anal scene, because of the damage done to her sphincter. She described it as "when Lucy Lee ripped my ass".

    I believe I have one or more dvd's with Lilly doing anal, only I can't remember which... Don't care much for anal sex.
  5. Bigboi

    Bigboi New Member

    I have that dvd Tight And Asian 3 that is a hot scene. Lucy does work Lily over with a strap on in the pussy and the dildo in her ass. She has not done any b/g anal scenes. She did a scene with Boz: When Big Just Ain't Enough this is probably her best IR scene I have saw her do.
  6. pukiman

    pukiman New Member

    lily thai did not do much anal at all. luci thai, on the other hand, did tons of great anal scenes before she quit & then made a non-anal comeback. the only anal scene i remember with lily is the one mentioned when lucy lee used a dildo on lily's ass. she didn't seem to like anal at all & i think i remember reading something about her being mad at lucy for banging her ass so hard.
  7. HypoLuxa-HermesPan

    HypoLuxa-HermesPan Well-Known Member

    Jeeeez... What is it with the porn industry. Oh, I get it. MARKETING.

    When a scene is referred to as ANAL, there'd better be a dick involved. Anal between girls should be called G/G anal or something like that. Same with "Hardcore," it's used inappropriately as well. G/G is NOT hardcore.

    Sorry, I've been bitten a few times by web sites that say, "Anal action," and "Hardcore scenes" without a male in sight! Just cranky!
  8. In one of LILY's scenes a few years back in the 'interview' portion pre-fuckage she was asked if she did anal on-camera, and she then noted that she didn't. She had tried in her personal life ... but that things haven't really worked out for her. Hurts too much and her ass is too tight. Said she would like to ... but just doesn't feel/appear possible.

    She turns 26 in 4.5 months.


    TARTANMAN New Member

    SO NO ANAL SCENES what about boy/boy/girl scenes i am sure i have seen a pic of her performing with 2 guys
  10. Varangian

    Varangian New Member

    Well, she did do a scene for Jules Jordan with 4 or 5 mopes... in the feeding frenzy series. Does that count?
  11. ppssm

    ppssm Senior Member

    She does a b/b/g scene in Oriental Chocolate Dreams.
  12. Stooge

    Stooge New Member

    Very Entertaining Scene Too...Def Worth A Viewing...:biggrin:

    TARTANMAN New Member

    CANT FIND ANY LISTING OR MENTION OF THIS dvd on either adult dvd universe or gamelink are you sure the proper title is oriental chocolate dreams ?
  14. RaptorX

    RaptorX Active Member

    IAFD is your friend.

  15. sookie

    sookie Banned

    Re: Lilly Thai w 2 guys

    Oriental Chocolate Dreams and one of the Asian Cheerleader Search movies are the only vids I know of her w/ 2 guys. Does anyone know of any others? Thanks
  16. UrkeLL

    UrkeLL New Member

    sorry if im bumping this...but i can provide some more information on scenes where Lilly has done anal...but none with guys, only girls with dildos..

    so far i can count she's done about 4-5...

    Tight & Asian 3
    Dirty Girlz 2
    Home Schooled
    Les Perversions

    i think theres probably one more...but cant think of it at this moment. hope this helps!!
  17. TJ138

    TJ138 New Member

  18. ginko23

    ginko23 Supporting Member

    403 I hate it when that happens.
  19. Anonymous

    Anonymous New Member

    Just thinking, again, how much I miss Lily; wow, if she came back and did anal she would be the hottest aph hands down. I'm not even into anal; she would automatically take over the void that has been lacking in tier 1 APHs the last year or so and be the hottest without doing anal; but given that so many folks seem so anal obsessed, if she finally gave that up in b/g, she would clearly be the best
  20. TJ138

    TJ138 New Member

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