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Married Chinese Woman Obsessed With Cheating With White Guys

Discussion in 'sexuality & relationships' started by Zophos, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. Zophos

    Zophos Active Member

    Hello all,

    I've been chatting with this married Chinese woman for about a year. I live in a different state from her, but we connected on a site. She confirms my belief that Chinese women may be the most repressed, yet perverted in the world. In my experience,they certainly are. She says that she was raped, yet loved it..as a teen...and the guy hurled racial insults at her and she has been addicted ever since. Now she is married and (today) will be her 3rd Gang Bang since being married. I thought she was joking...she is so beautiful and sexy..practically model material..but she truly gets off on extreme race play...Asian Chinese Female..white male...at the risk of sounding racist..I'll spare the name calling, for now...just amazing to me....so sweet and innocent looking...yet SO freaking nasty..

    .I've experienced this dating/hooking up with Chinese woman...but she is of the extreme...since being married, she says she has hooked up with 28 guys...and today will hook up with 6-8...again....I thought she was joking, till she showed me pictures..I could not believe it...Anyway..sorry for the long, rambling message...have any of you heard of such a thing?

    I think it is fair to say..that if you are a member of this community...you are addicted to Asian women..and have had your share of fun..and nastiness..I've just never heard from an actual Chinese woman..being so honest and open...and even showing pics to me...and even did web cam with me...all for free....I feel like I hit the jackpot, lol....she is just truly kinky...she says she requires testing..I hope that is true..she says she wants each guy to have a turn at each of her holes...and wants two inside her pussy at the same time...and wants to be creampied by all...If I ever hooked up with her in the future...I'd make for sure that she has a current up to date test....it's like seeing a model get really nasty..this girl is so freaking hot...she would instantly be one of the top Asian stars today, if she got into porn..but she wants to keep private...which I respect and think is actually for the best.
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  2. ginko23

    ginko23 Supporting Member

    That’s quite an interesting situation.

    I don’t think that being Chinese predisposes you to a kinky lifestyle regardless of your upbringing. Statistically, outside of the gang-bang genre of porn like LegalPorno, the kind of lifestyle that you are describing is an extreme outlier. The folks, male and female, would probably cut across all races and socio-economic situations.

    I personally would be extremely cautious in a situation where I’m having sex with 6-8 other individuals that I don’t know regardless of the male/female mix unless it was an established swingers club. Safety. I would also take some type of participation fee as a red flag.

    Regardless of a valid test (who's doing the checking), I would not be sticking my dick in strange pussy without a condom especially when there are 6-8 other unsheathed penises in the room. Herpes.

    If a deal is too good to be true it’s probably not.
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  3. Zophos

    Zophos Active Member

    ^Thanks Ginko; I agree 100%....actually there is no way I would sleep with her without a condom..The main point I was trying to make..is that I've never heard such an extreme thing before....I've had my share of fun...but not really into any kind of gang bang in real life...I'm much more of a one on one type...and with that I"m very selective....I just wondered how popular her actions are..to me they are certainly extremely reckless...she truly is obsessed...some how got "used" as a teen..and has an extreme fetish...like most of us guys with "yellow fever"...I'm a very sheltered southern gentleman..she is in California...which I know is way more liberal...just curious how common these types of hookups are..at a minimum... it is EXTREMELY hot chatting with this young woman....who is 26. I may have shared this story with some..but my love for Asian women..was innocent...love them because they are so pretty, sexy, exotic, feminine, petite...and especially love well educated and sophisticated ones....she is all of these things..most seem so innocent..somewhat shy in public...but in my younger days of initially dating/hooking up with them...I found how nasty they are in private...as if they are repressed by society...this girl grew up with very strict parents...rebelled..and is still rebelling.....in a way I feel kind of bad for her...but it is an extreme turn on seeing her...I value her privacy..so can't share any pics...but she shared some incredible pictures...and video..and even did webcam with me..proving it was her....just amazing to me...I remember the first chinese girl I hooked up with long, long ago...was into race play.....I thought it was funny at first..but seeing her so turned on by it...turned me on..this girl is into extreme race play...and loves it extremely nasty...nope..no way I would stick it in her unwrapped, lol.. Sorry,again for the rambling message...was curious about perspectives..and how common a woman this is..that is not a "whore"....she doesn't do it for the money..she is actually very well off....and is not part of a "swinger" club.. Is they how ya'll do it in California, Snow? ;-)
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  4. Snowman

    Snowman Your Host

    Rather than be a wet blanket Zophos, I'll just agree and say "damm straight Zophos!" :whistle:

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