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New Starlet Page added for Kimi Ji

Discussion in 'asian porno hotties' started by snowman872, Jan 27, 2003.

  1. snowman872

    snowman872 Guest

    I added a new Starlet page for Kimi Ji tonight. In 1997 and 1998 Kimi probably would have been a raincoater MVP had SRR been in existence.

    I contacted her via e-mail about a possible interview, but she didn't respond. Since her new personal web pages don't even mention her 100+ porno appearances, I guess she is done with the industry.

    I believe Kimi suffered some serious injuries in an auto accident a couple of years ago. I'm not sure if she ever fully recovered or not.

    Here's the page. Let me know if you have any suggestions, additions or corrections!


    -- Snowman
  2. horny001

    horny001 Guest

    Nice. Looks like she was pretty dirty. I see she had some Max Hardcore appearances. :)
  3. Snowman

    Snowman Your Host

    I updated Kimi Ji's Starlet Page last night after receiving this anonymous e-mail from a blank MySpace profile yesterday. The e-mail is filled with lots of legal threats and suggests that I remove Kimi's page completely several times! The sender also alleges that Kimi Ji was born in 1969, not 1967 and as a result she was underage when thirteen of the older movies on her list were shot! Mystery man didn't send any proof of Kimi's age.

    Here's the e-mail I received!

  4. ZowCowNow

    ZowCowNow New Member


    Does this mean that you won't be attending the Blue Syren Awards Dinner this year? LOL

    I looked at the the IAFD listing and the 1967 birthyear is still listed. Several of the movies listed are still available for purchase. i.e. In Search Of The Golden Bone. Seems logical that the major movie companies would be made aware of this situation before little old you (no offense meant). That email is very weird.

    Can u post his myspace account. I'd like to ask to be his friend. Haha

    I bet Mr. Wonn is a member of this site. Sounds like a fun game of CLUE to me.


    P.S. Is there a thread that we can post funny emails. I have one that I would like to share.
  5. Snowman

    Snowman Your Host

    I will still be attending, but it looks like if we selected Kimi Ji as a Hall of Fame girl, she's gonna be a no show! =(

    I noticed "Mr. Wonn" is going around to other sites and posting similar allegations. Check out all the comments he is writing on IMDb! On IMDb he is going under the alias "wonnroppots."

    and ...

    I have a hunch that "Mr. Wonn" is Kimi Ji! She appears to be one of those former starlets who try to distance themselves from their past but hasn't quite come to terms with their time in the adult industry. Unfortunately, some girls look back on their porn career with regret. The other most likely possibility is that "Mr. Wonn" is a new boyfriend who is having trouble accepting her former work.

    If the funny e-mails are porn related, feel free to start a thread in one of the porn boards. If they are not porn related, you can start a thread in "Ramblings and Babble".
  6. Bigboi

    Bigboi New Member

    I agree with you Snow the person who wrote the email was probably Kimi Ji. And after the Tracy Lords scandal I doubt the companies that are still selling the movies have not doubled checked the age verification. She is probably still surprised that the details of her porn career are so available.
  7. ginko23

    ginko23 Supporting Member

    The thing I remember most about Kimi was how much make-up changed her appearance. In her early works she was rather a rather Plain Jane type. I did not think it was the same person later on with the different color hair and make-up.

    When she first appeared on the scene there really was not a great number of APHs. Depending on what rules are established for the APH Hall Of Fame she might get in just because of lack of talent during that era.

    I never had any thoughts when I saw her early works that she was underage. Mr. Wonn needs to come up with some documents to back up his threats. Legally where does the consumer stand when they purchase porn in good faith and it turns out its kiddie porn?

    Ginko :soldier:
  8. explorateur

    explorateur Member

    well in the 80's I was still being mothered by the "great" communism, not to mention the only interest I had in girls was to pull their hair :o) so I don't think I can elaborate with any knowledge, but it seems to me that Snowman might be right, Wonn might be Kimi, or maybe her bf or agent. I would think that if the movies are still out there for sale (in legit stores mind you) I doubt it would be considered purchasing Child Pornography. I agree that the production company would cover its ass especially nowadays.
  9. Deathsheep

    Deathsheep Australian Intellectual

    I ain't never seen the Kimster in action, but sounds like Snowman hit the nail on the head and "Mr Wonn" is either Kimi or Kimi's boyfriend.

    It's funny, if they want to hide her past, it would have been better to let her fade away into obscurity. Sending the above e-mail has got us all talking about her again.
  10. Deathsheep

    Deathsheep Australian Intellectual

    Oh wait, yes I have, she was in Haiku with the lovely Leanni Lei on the cover. I sold that movie and no longer have it in my collection - such a dumbass!
  11. ginko23

    ginko23 Supporting Member

    If we ever do have a Hall of Fame some where we need to have a few scenes of the girls posted for download (maybe even for free).
  12. soicowboy

    soicowboy New Member

    snow i am not having a slap at you but
    what would you have done if kimi ji had just e mailed back saying i am not into porn anymore mind not puting that page up
    i think folks should come to the undestanding you cant go back and nuke your old life
    oh youll all be happy to know i am going to check out THE SPELL CHECKER
    then we will only have to worry about sentax and grammar:rolleyessmall:
  13. Snowman

    Snowman Your Host

    I would have politely declined to remove it.

    The starlet pages are provided as an information resource for APH fans. I hope that the starlets are pleased when I create one, but if they are not, it is of no consequence to me. The goal is to create a starlet page for every APH eventually.
  14. Snowman

    Snowman Your Host

    You keep forgetting copyright law Ginko.
  15. Kimi Ji

    Kimi Ji Asian Porno Hottie

    Re: This is Kimi Ji and here's my updates.

    :rolleyessmall: This is Kimi Ji. If I have anything to say I will say it directly!

    Most everyone already knows about me being in the films, including friends and relatives... so there's no way for me to even try to hide having been in adult films, unless you aren't up to date yourself with worldwide internet exposure and what that does. Hiding the past would be almost impossible, especially since it's posted all over the internet for the entire world to see. Secondly, if any guy who makes some comment about me were my boyfriend then just about every guy who ever bought a film I'm in must be my boyfriend, geez, and let's stop inventing twisted theories out of nowhere, please. Third, don't you all have better things to do than trying to find a way to get my attention and some kind of responce out of me. Fourth, since I am Kimi Ji... I'm going to update any email, weblinks, bios, filmographies, etc. online about me whenever I feel like it, if I even want to bother with it. Anyhow, here are factual updates on me...

    ADULT WARNING LABEL: If you're prohibited by law to view adult material while under the age of 18 or 21 then you are not permitted to read the contents of Kimi Ji aka Kimi Gee info or images anywhere online whatsoever and must exit out of such pages. The purpose of info below is to update inaccurate info on Kimi Ji (aka: Kimi Gee)...

    My webpages are:


    My email if you have something to say to me: kimijiactress@yahoo.com

    :love: KIMI JI BIOGRAPHY: Kimi Ji (aka: Kimi Gee) is a female actress, 5' 3 & 1/2" tall, 115 pounds, dark-gray eyes, 33CC-24-35 measurements, born the month of July with the astrological sign of the crab. Kimi Ji enjoys reading, writing, fantasy plots, drama, art, beautiful resorts, fashion, and ice skating. Kimi Ji always used some form of internal protective products when she performed in adult films, and blood tests were always required of the performers. Kimi Ji, adult film actress, had 1 film & 1 compilation recalled 1985 plus 9 films & 2 compilations recalled 1986 by the distributor/production companies due to out of stock or no longer manufactured or contract voids, was in nine adult films from 1987-1989 (one of which is lez only), took a seven year break from mid-1989 through mid-1996, then returned to the adult industry late 1996, did 2 films late 1996, was in 55 original adult films 1997 (4 of which were non-intimate or girl only), was in 27 original adult films up to mid-1998 (9 of which were non-intimate or girl only), then officially retired from doing adult films by or before 1999. Since then, over 70 compilations had come out derived from films Kimi Ji had been in 1998 and before.


    01. Name: Kimi Ji (also known as Kimi Gee, Kim Cho, Kimmi Ji, Kimmy Jee, Kimmy Gee, Kimmy G, Kimi Jee, Kim Ji, Kimiji, and Kim Chi.)
    02. Birthplace: Asia. Grew up and attended high school in Orange County, California.
    03. Birthdate: July (Horoscope sign: Cancer; Astrological sign: Crab)
    04. Ethnicity: Eurasian (American/Asian)
    05. Marital Status: single
    06. Measurements: 33CC-24-35
    07. Eye Color: dark gray
    08. Hair Color: brown
    09. Height: 5'3-1/2"
    10. Weight: 115 lbs
    11. Hobbies & Interests: reading, writing fantasy plots, drama, art, beautiful resorts, fashion, and ice skating
    12. Education: GED, Cosmetology Degree, Data Entry & Medical Secretary certification
    13. Fan Club: none
    14. Official Website: http://kimiji.blog.com or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:KimiJi or http://www.freewebs.com/kimigee or http://www.adultmatchdoctor.com/profile_KimiJi_essay.html
    15. E-mail: kimijiactress@yahoo.com
    16. Upcoming Appearances: none
    17. Years Adult Industry Activity Has Been Recalled: 1985-1986.
    18. Years Active In The Adult Industry: 1987-1989 and 1996-1998.
    19. Years Inactive In The Adult Industry: Birth-1984, 1990-1995, and 1999-Present Date.

    20. Endorsements: Kimi Ji (aka: Kimi Gee) does not endorse any adult websites online whatsoever, nor does she receive any compensation, commissions, gratuities, nor loyalties in any form whatsoever from any adult website online at all. The only website that has a signed and written contract or permission to place a personal biography with photo of Kimi Ji (aka: Kimi Gee) is Wicked Pictures, and that is for the purpose of presenting the film Kimi Ji is in: Indigo Delta, as Wicked Pictures is the production company of the film itself. All other commercial adult websites which have been posting the Wicked Pictures bio and photo of Kimi Ji have been posting it without written permission from Kimi Ji. Since these websites are going to post info on Kimi Ji anyhow, please remove current info and update the info using the information provided herein. In no way does my joining this blog and posting this info here on this blog provides that I endorse anything that may have legalities on this website nor do I endorse any weblinks anywhere from this site. This posting is only to update the accuracy of information on the internet about Kimi Ji. If there's a problem with that, get counseling!


    1985: Hot Chocolate 2 (recalled, out of stock, or no longer manufactured)
    Wild S-x Stories (compilation; recalled, out of stock, or no longer manufactured)
    1986: Bachelor's Paradise (recalled, out of stock, or no longer manufactured)
    Dirty Tricks (recalled, out of stock, or no longer manufactured)
    Dressed to Thrill (recalled, out of stock, or no longer manufactured)
    In Search of the Golden Bone (recalled, out of stock, or no longer manufactured)
    Burma Road #4 (recalled, out of stock, or no longer manufactured)
    In Search of the Wild Beaver (recalled, out of stock, or no longer manufactured)
    Karate Girls (recalled, out of stock, or no longer manufactured)
    Let Me Tell Ya 'Bout Fat Chicks (recalled, out of stock, or no longer manufactured)
    Tons of Fun 3: Abondonza, Tons of Fun 4: Hard & Lard (comp, recalled, out of stock)
    Revenge of the Babes (recalled, out of stock, or no longer manufactured)
    Ultimate Lover (recalled, out of stock, or no longer manufactured)

    [NOTE: Some films in VHS format which are recalled, out of stock or no longer manufactured may be out on DVD, but those films were recalled due to contract voids. When a distributor recalls a product, the distributor cannot force a retailer to return a product. If a product is considered in need of repair and a consumer purchases it anyhow and is disappointed in it, tough... because you already knew it was recalled.]

    [FONT=@DotumChe][/FONT] ​
    [NOTE: comp or comp'd is a compilation derived from previous old footage & is not new]
    [SCRIPTS: original films had scripts in story format, soap opera sequence or lessons.]
    [ADULT FILM INTIMACY: Kimi Ji intimacy only took place if part of script, & not always.]
    [SAFE PRACTICES: Kimi Ji (aka: Kimi Gee) used internal protective products in films.]

    1987: Amazing S-x Stories #1 (re-released as compilation same title 1992)
    National P-rnographic #02 (re-released as compilation Lovin' Spoonfuls 1987)
    1988: Cheek-a-boo (with Kimi Gee+Don Fernando)
    Girls Will Be Girls (all girls film, no males)
    1989: Girls of the Bamboo Palace (Kimi Gee+Blake Palmer; comp'd 1993 + 1991's
    China Girl)
    Madam X (Kimi Gee+Buck Adams; reviewed 1990, but filmed in 1989)
    Positive Positions (Kimi Gee+Ron Jeremy, re-released as compilation same
    title 1993)
    Roll-X Girls (Kimi Gee+Aja+Christine Robbins (girl/girl), AVN 1989 review confirms
    made 1989)
    Up the Ying Yang (Kimi Gee+Jerry Butler; re-released as compilation same
    title 1991)
    1996: Max Hardc-re's An-l Auditions #04
    (aka: An-l Auditions 4 ;
    Four stars AVN rating)
    Raw 2 (with Kimi Ji+Don Fernando+Becca Chow (girl/girl); re-released as comp 1999)
    1997:01} An-l Booty Burner 2 (same 1997 footage re-released as DVD dated 2003)
    02} An-l Gangsta 'Ho (short script in soap opera sequence)
    03} An-l Honeypie #2 (short script in soap opera sequence)
    04} An-l Load Lickers 2 (short script in soap opera sequence)
    05} An-l Video Virgins 4 (Brian Surewood+Kimi Ji+Michael J. Cox)
    06} Asian S-x Goddess (story: Asia's women as Goddesses of Desire)
    07} Asian S-x Invasion (Kimi Ji+Billy Glyde; re-released as DVD dated 1998)
    08} As-es Galore 6: Fallen Angels (Kimi Ji+Maria de Sanchez+Olivier Sanchez;
    2003's DVD)
    09} Bad Girls (story: who's the baddest, coolest of them all)
    10} Black At The Ranch (Kimi Ji+Jack Hammer, white male; story: events at a
    country ranch)
    11} Booty Bombshells (Kimi Ji+Kiki+Claudia (girl/girl); story: men away, so gals
    hang out)
    12} Bu-twoman #5 & #6 (Kimi Ji+Blake Palmer; compilation onto DVD 2001)
    13} Chinatown 2 (a lot of visible external adult practices; Three & half stars AVN rating)
    14} Deep Inside Mrs. Moto (filmed a year prior to Brooke Ashley being infected)
    15} Deep Throat The Quest #3: Sid Gunn's All Girl Girl's School (acting-only, no intimacy)
    16} Eighteen & D-'d (re-released using same footage as DVD & online trailors
    year 2000)
    17} Freshman Fantasies 3 (Kimi Ji+Rod Fontana+Jack Hammer; story: fantasies
    of freshmen)
    18} Haiku (Kimi Ji+Syren+Brad Armstrong and Kimi Ji+Steve Hatcher; story:
    geisha's arts)
    19} Happy As- Sl-ts (aka: Happy A-s Sl-ts 1; short script in soap opera sequence)
    20} Happy As- Sl-ts 2 (aka: short script in soap opera sequence playing
    sl-t character rolls)
    21} Hardc-re Debutantes 5 (aka: Asian Assault; comp'd 1998+2002: Hardest of
    Hardc-re Debutantes)
    22} Hawaiian Ecstacy: Private Gold 21 (aka: Private Gold 21: Hawaiian Ecstasy)
    23} House of Flesh (short script in soap opera sequence)
    24} I'm So H-rny Baby (short script in soap opera sequence)
    25} Indigo Delta (re-released as DVD dated 2001; Four and half stars AVN rating)
    26} Junior College Hardc-re Schoolgirls #06 (aka: Hardc-re Jr. College Schoolgirls:
    Vol.6; 1999+2004 DVD)
    27} Lesbian Bikini Team (story about a bikini team; all girls film, no males)
    28} Lessons in Bl-wjobs (story: class provides training session to educate about
    29} Love Bytes: Howard (made 1997! error: film not made 1995; re-released
    DVD dated 2000)
    30} Max 14: Pearl Necklace (story about a pearl necklace with short script in
    soap opera format)
    31} Max World 1 (short script in soap opera sequence)
    32} Max World 8: Under Pressure (short script in soap opera sequence)
    33} Maxed Out 1 (story about a roadtrip to Mexico; Four and half stars AVN rating)
    34} Maxed Out 3 (Kimi Ji is on the boxcover; short script in soap opera sequence)
    35} N-sty Nymphos #16 (Vince Voyeur+Kimi Ji+Mr.Marcus; Four and half stars
    AVN rating)
    36} Nightshift (director James DiGiorgio; story: things taking place at cab
    company; 4 stars AVN)
    37} Oriental Love-In (story about Asian women from different backgrounds;
    re-released as DVD 1998)
    38} Over Eighteen Video Magazine 2 (story about magazine models hanging
    out after hours)
    39} Over Eighteen Video Magazine 3 (story about magazine models hanging
    out after hours)
    40} Puritan Video Magazine 9 (Kimi Ji+Don Fernando; 1997 footage re-released
    in 2006 as DVD+trailors)
    41} Puritan Video Magazine #14 (re-released onto DVD 2004, using 1997's
    footage and same title)
    42} P-ssy Poppers #02 (this in an all girls film, no males; retitled compilation
    as P-ssy Poppers 7 in 1998)
    43} P-ssyman's Escape from L.A. (Jade Lee, Kimi Ji & Shawn E. with Mr. Marcus;
    short soap opera script)
    44} Right Up the Ying Yang (this is the second EVN film with "ying yang" in the
    title Kimi Ji's in; short script)
    45} She's My Little Fortune Nookie (Kimi Ji+Tom Byron; AVN's rating: 4 stars)
    46} Squirt-A-Thon (short script in soap opera sequence)
    47} Strippers (short script in soap opera sequence)
    48} Thai Me Up (Kimi Ji+Jonathan Morgan, John Decker, & Julian; came out
    on Playboy channel in R-rated)
    49} The Adventures of Bobby Dickman (Kimi Ji+Bobby Dickman; short script
    in soap opera sequence)
    50} The World's Luckiest Man (presented by Vivid & Hustler Magazine;
    re-released on DVD 1998)
    51} Trashy A-s Delinquents (Kimi Ji+Jake Steed; re-released onto DVD 2003)
    52} Triple X 31 aka Private XXX 31 (aka: Triple XXX #31; Don Fernando+Kimi
    Ji+Julian St. Jox; DVD 2003)
    53} Valentino's Asian Invasion (aka: Asian Invasion; re-released onto DVD
    2001 & DVD+trailors 2006)
    54} Valentino's Euro-Invasion (short script in soap opera sequence)
    55} White Men Can't Iron on Butt Row (Chrissy Lee & Kimi Ji with Don Fernando
    & Mark Davis; short script)
    1998: 01} 3 Into Chasey Lain (short script in soap opera sequence; re-released
    onto DVD 2003, same film)
    02} Alley Cats (Kimi Ji+Kyle Stone; short script in soap opera sequence;
    re-released onto DVD 1999)
    03} An-l Asylum (Kimi Ji+Rod Fontana; short script lines based on story that
    takes place in an asylum)
    04} An-l Offenders (Kimi Ji & Lennox with Valentino; short script; three and
    half stars AVN rating)
    05} Angela Summers: All of Me (Kimi Ji+Red; short script in soap opera sequence)
    06} Angel's Quest (this came out 1998, not 1999 & you can confirm that with
    Dolly Golden; short script)
    07} Asian Nurses (small budget film with mini script about nurses from Asia)
    08} Backseat Driver 8: An-l Overhaul (Kimi Ji+Pat Myne; unbeknownst movie
    trailers came out year 2000)
    09} Beach Sluts of the Pacific (short script in soap opera sequence)
    10} Blackened Beach Wh-res (short script in soap opera sequence filmed in Mexico)
    11} Blo-job Babes (short script in soap opera sequence)
    12} Bu-t Freaks (short script; re-released onto DVD 2001)
    13} Chasin' Pink #04 "Super Hero" (short script; all girls film (girl/girls), no males)
    14} Deep Throat The Quest #4: School's Out (directed by Bud Lee; short script
    in soap opera sequence)
    15} Further Adventures of Bobby Dickman (Kimi Ji in scene alone, with herself only
    + speaking only lines)
    16} Glamour Asians (script written by Kimi Ji; three and half stars AVN rating)
    17} I Love Asians 2 (Kimi Ji+John West early in his career prior to him being
    in 100s of films; short script)
    18} Kittens 10 (Kimi Ji+Chastity (girl/girl), no males; three and half stars AVN rating)
    19} Ladies Lovin' Ladies #04 (all girls film, no males; short script in soap opera sequence)
    20} Leg S-x Fantasy (directed by Rod Fontana; all single/girl scenes, alone, no males)
    21} Legman's Lassies #05 (aka: Lassies 5; came out online 1999, but same film;
    stockings & heels fetish film)
    22} Max 20: Fu-k Toys (story about dolls that come to life; short script in soap
    opera sequence)
    23} Perverted Stories #16: Twisted Trips (Kimi Ji with John West & Mike Long;
    short script; AVN: 4-stars)
    24} Shades of S-x #02 (Kimi Ji+Tyce Bune; short script in soap opera sequence)
    25} University Co-Eds #06 (Kimi Ji with Jay Ashley & John West; short script in
    soap opera sequence)
    26} Wet 'N Wild Alyssa (Kimi Ji+Alyssa Allure+Sukoya (girl/girl) and Kimi Ji+John
    Strong; short script)
    27} Wonton Workers (Kimi Ji has a single/girl scene, alone with only herself and speaking
    only script lines)
    1999: None
    2000: None
    2001: None
    2002: None
    2003: None
    2004: None
    2005: None
    2006: None
    2007 and into the future: None

    [FONT=@DotumChe][/FONT] ​
    [[​IMG]NOTE: There's over 70 compilations, and 70 compilations are listed below... derived from old pre-1998 footage[​IMG]]

    1987: 1} Lovin' Spoonfuls (derived from 1987's National P-rnographic #02)
    1989: 2} Lip Service (derived from 1988's footage on Kimi Gee & pre-1986 footage
    on Ginger Lynn)
    1991: 3} China Girl (derived from 1989's Girls of the Bamboo Palace)
    1994: 4-6} Dirty Doc's Lesbi' Friends #1, Dirty Doc's Lesbi' Friends #9, &
    Dirty Doc's Lesbi' Friends #11 (Distributor: Las Vegas Video; derived from
    footages of the late 1980's)
    1996: 7} Burma Road: Vol.#3 (derived from 1988's Cheek-a-boo with Kimi Gee
    +Don Fernando)
    1998: 8-10} Coed C-cksuckers #9 (derived from footages 1997's House of Flesh
    filming), P-ssy Poppers 7 (derived from 1997's P-ssy Poppers 2), Sandy Sea Sluts
    (derived from 1998's Wet 'N Wild Alyssa)
    1999: 11-13} Amateur Madness #31 (4 hr. comp from pre-1998 footage, also
    re-released 2002 DVD), Asian Hotties (3 hr. comp DVD derived from pre-1998
    footage), In Your Face: Tropical Excursion (derived from footages 1998's Wet 'N
    Wild Alyssa filming)
    2000: 14-16} An-l Cravings #2 (female performer Inari Vachs did not enter adult
    p-rn until 1997, so could not have come out 1996 as listed on some sites;
    derived from footage 1997-1998 & is 2 hr. comp on DVD 2000), Outrageous
    C-cksuckers #1 (2 hr. DVD comp derived from 1997's Love Bytes: Howard),
    110 All Star C-mshots #02 (4 hr. compilation derived from old footages pre-1998)
    1998-2001: 17-24} Dragon Ladies 4 & Dragon Ladies 5 (1998), Japanese Tease,
    Soy Sauce Sl-ts, & Mesoo Horny (1999), Pearls Of The Orient: Wang Bang Gan-
    Bang #1 (2000), Pearls Of The Orient: Wang Bang Gan- Bang Part #2 &
    Dragon Ladies #05 (2001); (from Kimi Ji in 1998's Wonton Workers)
    2000-2001: 25-26} Se- Starved Students (2 hr. comp) & Lick It Clean
    (5 hr. comp); (derived pre-1998 films)
    2001: 27-30} As- F-cked, Www.Shagnow.C-m, Wall To Wall #02: An-l, &
    United Colors of Private (derived from old pre-1998 footages of films shot prior
    to mid-1998, but not later than mid-1998)
    2002: 31-36} Lesbia- Se-, Private Gan- Bang #01, Private Geographic #01,
    Eruptions #33: Screwjitsu, Toxxxic C-mloads #2, & Lovely Asian Babes;
    (all compilations derived from old pre-1998 footages)
    2002-2003: 37-42} Confessions Of Asian Girls, Dormroom Debutantes:
    After Class A-s, Team 2, Lovin' C-m, Massive C-mshots, Women Ki-sing Women,
    & Young As-: Legal Teens; (Distributor: Leisure Time; derived from old footages
    from the late 1980's, yes... that's how old the original footage is)
    2003: 43-44} Asian Girls: The Best of Private 43 (Kimi Ji scene derived from 1997's
    Triple X #31) and 4 Hours Of Super S-x Movies #3 (this DVD is a compilation
    derived from pre-1998 footage)
    2004: 45-49} Big Ti-s Se- #2, Unreal S-xxx #11, Private Colors, Just An-l #07, &
    Double Dippin' Dykes; (These DVD compilations are derived from old pre-1998
    footages, and are not new films at all)
    2004-2005: 50-68} 2 In Deep, An-l Divas, Asian Se- Tales, Asian Super Sl-ts, Balls
    Deep In The Orient, Big Ti-s Pink Cli-s, Double Trouble, D- Junkies #2,
    D- Queens 5, Extreme D-'s, Girl's Favorite Toy, Hungry For Asian P-ssy,
    Kimono C-nts, Make It A Double, Singapore C-nts, Stuff My Throat,
    Wet Silk 3, Wet Silk 4, & Young Asian Erotica; (Distributor: Sin City; DVD's
    derived from pre-1998 films)
    2006: 69} Right Up The Ying Yang (DVD derived from old pre-1998 footage)
    2007: 70} Amateur Madness 1: 5-Disc DVD (Compilation derived from old footages
    shot pre-1998, not new, old!)

    [​IMG] Error Film Credits: Kimmy Kahn (aka: Kimmy Kahn, Kimmi Khan, Kimmy Kahn, Kimmy Kann, Kimi, Manila) active 2001-2006 with over 40 original film titles to her name... had her name misprinted as "Kimi Ji" in two films: 2001's "The Babysitter #7" and 2002's "Cunt of the Month: Kimi Ji." These two films fell under the filmography of the original Kimi Ji (aka: Kimi Gee) at many online websites, when in fact Kimi Ji is in neither of those films as Kimmy Kahn is in both films.

    :love: Okay, folks, that's all there is that I think needed to be clarified. Thanks for your time.
    Take care and have a wonderful life... from Kimi Ji.
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  16. Kimi Ji

    Kimi Ji Asian Porno Hottie

    Re: Kimi Ji





    Please replace your photos of me that show nudity if you do not request that the viewer be of legal age and do not require age verification. Use the replacement images here[​IMG] Thanks.
  17. ginko23

    ginko23 Supporting Member

    Hhhhmmmmm. :idea:
  18. ZowCowNow

    ZowCowNow New Member

    I was surprized that her birth year wasn't included. Wasn't that a big issue before? Also, movies that were removed only had a generic reason --- not the one that had stated that she was underage.

    She never mentioned her BOOB job. I liked them. I wonder which movies were done with her big boobies. I only have seen one.

    Snowman -- you should do an interview with her.
  19. Snowman

    Snowman Your Host

    Re: Kimi Ji

    Hello Kimi and welcome to the forum!

    As I told you in e-mail, I will update your starlet page as time permits as I see fit. Also, I choose the content including the photos that appear on the page. The APH starlet pages are an independent source of reliable information for Asian porn fans compiled by myself. They are not intended to be your personal press release. I would not presume to tell you what to post on your website, please show me the same courtesy. Keep in mind, on your own website, you can post whatever you like! Last but not least, you do not need to concern yourself with the legalities of my website. =)

    I still think you were Mr. Wong! ;-)
  20. Snowman

    Snowman Your Host

    Her birth year is/was included on her starlet page. I most likely got it from IAFD. Who knows what happened back in the 80's when she shot her first scenes or why those movies are not available now? There are many movies from the 80's that are not available on DVD and it has nothing to do with age verification issues. I've never heard that Kimi Ji was alledgedly underage when she started in the industry until the mysterious "Wong" contacted me on MySpace as described above.

    With regard to the starlet page, the filmography will continue to list them regardless of their current availability. The past cannot be undone and for the sake of historical accuracy, in my view they should be included.

    That's a great question for Kimi to answer directly!

    I'm open to doing interviews with most people in the industry, but based on her communication with me so far, it seems doubtful Kimi would be receptive to the idea. Perhaps if all of you expressed interest she might come around!

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