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Nfl 2017

Discussion in 'sports fans' started by AbeKanan, Sep 23, 2017.

  1. AbeKanan

    AbeKanan Well-Known Member

  2. ginko23

    ginko23 Supporting Member

    Not a bad interview. But:

    74% was about brain trauma
    26% about Kaepernick
    16% of that was about Trumps comment therefore
    7% of interview was about Trump’s comments
    100% of supporting text about Trump’s comments. Hmmmm.

    Costas’s solution probably would not work but worth a try.

    I normally don’t boycott but didn't watch a game last year or so far this year like many folks. I don’t buy the argument that I shouldn’t be offended as a military guy. I’m offended. That’s also my right.

    I support the first responders in one city that are refusing to provide the color guard.

    Bottom line is that the NBA has a dress code for arriving to and leaving the games. The NFL will go bat shit crazy if any player modifies his uniform. I blame the owners, if they wanted this to stop they could do something. It’s their bottom line thats taking a hit.
  3. Snowman

    Snowman Your Host

    This is a new general thread for posts about the NFL for the 2017 season.
  4. Snowman

    Snowman Your Host

    Once again, the Tangerine Turd wades in waters he should stay out of and does the wrong thing. Ugh.

    I would have liked it if all the players on every team kneeled today. If the coaches and owners joined, it would be ever better!

    Very cool that the Steelers stayed in the locker room during the song. (y)

    Steelers will remain in locker room for national anthem in Chicago, Mike Tomlin says
  5. Snowman

    Snowman Your Host

    As usual, Rump's antics had the opposite effect of what he intended. I believe over 100 NFL players took a knee during the National Anthem today and a couple of others teams in addition to the Steelers stayed in the locker room. I read some Dolphins had t-shirts that said "I'm with Kap" during warm ups. Now the protests are spreading to baseball and basketball.

    Might not be a bad idea for the Fins to sign Kaepernick ... I don't think Cutler he off to a good start. Losing to the Jets was embarrassing and I was concerned it was going to be a shut out!

    LOOK: Several Dolphins players warm up wearing 'I'm with Kap' shirts
    In their own words: NFL players explain why they protested
  6. AussieWill

    AussieWill Supporting Member

    Meanwhile NFL and MBA are losing fans by the stadium load. Whiny over paid snowflake fuckwits. Its a sport and no one gives 2 fucks about your political agendas.
  7. AbeKanan

    AbeKanan Well-Known Member

    I didnt think this would ever happen, but.......................I have to side with the orange-cheetoh on this one
    Trump: NFL owners 'afraid of their players'

    But seriously folks, I wanna put my .02cents worth on this "stand or don't stand crap"!

    That asshole Kaepernick that started this whole mess - DID NOT know what the fuck he was doing.
    He never had any intent for any of this to happen.
    That dude knew he was out of a job! AND that last year he did this, he thought this was a goof and he had nothing to lose.
    His agent more than likely prompted him to do this on a roll of a dice. He had nothing else to lose. He had everything to gain, good or bad.
    That's my theory and IM sticking with it. The way this thing just panned out is a total fluke. There are just wayyy to many un-educated fucks out there that only makes situations worse.

    If I was Roger Goddell(sp) , I would simply order ALL Nfl games to refrain playing the anthem, period! Just stop it! NOW.
    Eliminate the controversy and let the owners association find an agreeable solution (during the off season) for next years run. Fuck this shit! Nobody is going to like whats being run now on the field. So, lets just cut that shit out till next year.

    Assholes are like opinions! Everybody's got one!
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  8. Snowman

    Snowman Your Host

    Don't be ridiculous. You ought to know by now that the Rump position is almost always wrong, stupid or based on lies.

    Speaking of Kneegate, here's Ron Jeremy weighing in:

    Ron Jeremy @RealRonJeremy

    You actually dont pay their salaries, sponsors do. Youre not the boss. Listen up white people black athletes are not your slaves #takeaknee4 https://twitter.com/armartens1/status/912060863993061376 …

    2:13 PM - Sep 24, 2017
    Jeremy also commented on this issue in a recent interview in Esquire. ""If people do it on their own time and not when the whole world is watching, then it’s a waste of fucking time."
  9. Snowman

    Snowman Your Host

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