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Nyomi Marcella: Anal

Discussion in 'asian porno hotties' started by inadgomez, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. CGaijin

    CGaijin New Member

    But I just can't get by the shit thing! :push: I remember looking at a Charmaine Star :love: ( who I think is a goddess by the way )clip with Max Hardcore and she was getting it up the ass and it showed some brown liquid leaking out UGH! I couldn't look at her for months after that! Even Seymore Butts says you have to deal with shit if you're going to do anal. I was reading one interview when he said he pulled his cock out of Lauren Phoenix's asshole and shit fell in to Mari Possa's mouth! How fucking disgusting is that! I can't even look at either of those babes now.
    Nyomi has a great looking set of piss flaps and I'm more than happy to just enjoy seeing them get stretched by a huge cock. I don't think she's somehow lesser of a porn whore because she doesn't want a huge cock up her ass.
  2. enemabandit

    enemabandit Member

    I notice that a lot of girls seem sedated during an anal scene. Sometimes they slur their words but not in a drunk sort of way. I heard years ago that many girls take muscle relaxers befor an anal scene to make it easier to take on a big cock. I also heard that they prep for an anal scene by doing a little mini fasting and flushing their colon with a 5 gallon enema. I don't recall ever seeing a mess like CGaijin discribed but I don't view or buy sunstandard material like the stuff Max Hardcore makes. Knowing Max Hardcore, he probably used some kind of prop material that just looked like poop juice to shock his viewers. ,,, I tend to believe that a lot of girls are doing Valium, Oxy or Vicodin during a challenging anal scene. I also believe that most women don't like anal sex and don't want to do it.
  3. saceur

    saceur Member

    Dude Max :sick:core. No wonder you are turned off by anal, WTF were you thinking. :blink: :sick: :sick: :sick: :sick: :sick: :madsmall: :madsmall: :sick: :evil: I fucking HATE that sack of shit
  4. enemabandit

    enemabandit Member

    How true, Max Harcore is discusting to the Max! I don't want to see shit, puke ,blood or vomit. I'm not going to get on my cyber soapbox and go into how how much I detest porn makers with little dicks who feel that they need to do all the scenes. It's like throwing a turd into a good pot of chili in my opinion. I guess most of the public are not as informed or into porn like the members on this forum. Most guys just walk into a porno shop or rental place and get what looks good on the jacket, not knowing a lot about the performers, producers etc. I think producers know this and a lot of material is geared toward an uneducated public that for the most part, think Jenna Jemmison is the good stuff. Or Don's material that has some of the most beautifull asian girls on the cover but not usually the best content.
  5. klozoff

    klozoff New Member

    You guys get too attached to your porn stars. They are professionals at this, I think it's right to expect more of them than regular girls.

    Would you watch sports on TV where guys play at the level of regular backyard athletes? I'm sure you expect more skill and entertainment out of the pros. So I think it's reasonable to expect the sex PROS to do more, and anal is a big one. Unfortunately the good looking girls get a pass even if they put in vanilla performances.
  6. Snowman

    Snowman Your Host

    I saw this on another forum (ADT) the other day. It was posted by "Backdoor Bob." No further details were posted and no one responded to the thread there.


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