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Passing of Tolly Crystal

Discussion in 'asian porno hotties' started by snowman872, Mar 13, 2004.


Click to download the DVD
  1. snowman872

    snowman872 Guest

    Sad news. I recently learned on RAME that Mongolian Asian starlet Tolly Crystal has passed away. Apparently she died in 2002. The details or sketchy, but it seems she either jumped or fell from a (high) window or roof. So, it may be a suicide or an accident.


    She filmed only a few scenes in the U.S. shortly before her death. The scene she will probably be remembered most for was Red Light District's Two in the Seat #01. She can also be seen in Enjoy #01 and Leg Love.

    My review of Leg Love can be found here.

    -- Snowman
  2. snowman872

    snowman872 Guest

    Well, I felt sort of bummed to learn about this, so I created a starlet page for Tolly. Even though Tolly is no longer with us, we can remember her contributions to adult entertainment. That way, she is gone, but not forgotten.

    Tolly Crystal - APH Starlet Page

    -- Snowman
  3. haynese

    haynese Guest

    Tolly, we hardly knew you.
  4. trey4049

    trey4049 Guest

    Really sad news. This is a great site but unfortunately I found it looking for more info on Tolly.

    I first saw hardcore pic sets of her about two years ago. No name was associated with it. Then I saw a DIVX clip which identified her. Started renting her tapes and was really getting in to her stuff and found out the bad news.

    She was really exotic and hot. Her performances in Animal Trainer 12 and 13 were amazing.

    I would like to find out more about her if possible. There is almost no info on the net except links to buy her movies. Snowman if you know anything else about her or can refer me to someone who does I'd really appreciate it.
  5. snowman872

    snowman872 Guest

    Welcome to the board Trey and thanks for posting.

    I couldn't find much information about her either on the net. Everything I could find is on her starlet page. If you do happen to come across more, please let me know.

    -- Snowman
  6. jsbs

    jsbs New Member

    sorry to bring this thread up from the dead...but I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find the video Adolescenza Violata, Videostar, Italy as listed on the starlet page. Any links or points in the right direction would be appreciated.

    Also, wonderful website you have here. :)

  7. Snowman

    Snowman Your Host

    Thanks and welcome to the board jsbs. I don't have a source for that video. Assuming you are in the US, I imagine there must be some Euro retailers who can ship foreign discs here. I'm sure some of the European readers here will have a suggestion.
  8. jsbs

    jsbs New Member

    Yup, in the U.S. Searching google and italian dvd online stores in the italian language is tiring :p

    The only title i found near close to adolescenza violata is "l'innocense violata" or something like that. DVD cover doesnt show anyone familiar though.
  9. enemabandit

    enemabandit Member

    http://www.porn-movies-quality.com/g/mam2/12/extreme_mouth_fucking.htm here is a clip i found with Tolly in it. I heard about her death a few years ago. I never seen any of her scenes, just some clips. I can't bring myself to veiw scenes with deceased porn actresses. There was a thread on this board a while back about deceased porn stars. Tolly was a special girl. She had a nice thin body and did just about anything you would want to see in a porn flick. She looked to be a little older, prehaps 30's or late 30's.
  10. enemabandit

    enemabandit Member

    Ok, the clip didn't show up. When you click the link, you get the main site page. Just click "85 free movie clip" and the clip is near the end. This clip is unreal because one of these guys has a giant penis. The anal and D.P footage is graphic and she takes cumloads all over her face and hair.
  11. saceur

    saceur Member

    That has always been my fav Tolly scene. The look on her face during the DP gives me a woody. :rolleyes:
  12. Thanatos69

    Thanatos69 Member

    these caps are taken from one famous movie with her, but Ive forgotten its name... :confused:
  13. Snowman

    Snowman Your Host

    You guys are losing your chops!

    It's Red Light District's "Two in the Seat #01" directed by Robbie Fischer in 2002. This title also features an early Ashley Blue appearance.
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2015
  14. jsbs

    jsbs New Member

    anyone know of any international dvd distributors, especially from italy?
  15. enemabandit

    enemabandit Member

    JSBS, what does any of what you posted have to do with Tolly Crystal. Ge whizzz. :confused:
  16. Snowman

    Snowman Your Host

    Refer back to post #06 in this thread Enema. He is searching for a source for one of Tolly's European movies.
  17. enemabandit

    enemabandit Member

    Sorry JSBS didn't catch that. Should have known because if you were out of pocket , Snow would have been on it.,,,,, It's a real bummer when such a beautiful person like Tolly passes away. :(
  18. Thanatos69

    Thanatos69 Member

    I felt really sad when Tolly passed away...

    I didnt forget one of her great anal scene in International Flava.
  19. jsbs

    jsbs New Member

    no prob :)
  20. saceur

    saceur Member

    The first time I saw her she appeared in Anal Intensive #2 but is only listed as Chrystal.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 13, 2015

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