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Soapy Asian Massage

Discussion in 'asian porno hotties' started by Deathsheep, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. Deathsheep

    Deathsheep Australian Intellectual


    Saw this new asian site today, anybody else seen it...or joined??

    It's got plenty of porno chickies including Kitty, Ange Venus, Kaiya Lynn, Mia Smiles, Asia, Leilani Li, Ryaan Reynolds, Lana Croft, Lyla Lei and our very own Kitty Langdon!

    I guess it's a pretty neat concept for a site, though I do have a little beef with the content. If you look at the sample pics, it's seems to be that the guys are getting all soaped up and not the gals! Not exactly the visual I wanted to see! Anyways....some galleries and clips....


    Asia @ Soapy Massage
    Leilani Li @ Soapy Massage
    Ryaan Reynolds @ Soapy Massage (MPEG)
    Kitty Langdon @ Soapy Massage (MPEG)
    Mia Smiles @ Soapy Massage (MPEG)
    Mia Smiles @ Soapy Massage II (MPEG)
    Kaiya Lynn @ Soapy Massage (MPEG)
  2. Bigboi

    Bigboi New Member

    In SE Asia there are places that do this type of massage. Another reason to take a trip to Thailand.
  3. RebelScrub

    RebelScrub Member

    anyone ever have soap come up your urethra?That sh*t f'n burns.
  4. HypoLuxa-HermesPan

    HypoLuxa-HermesPan Well-Known Member

    Hawaii and West Coast too!
  5. Aficionado

    Aficionado New Member

    It's a nice concept and the chicks are hot, especially Lana, but I don't want to watch some dude getting soaped up. I guess it will appeal to those who've never had a soapy or been to Thailand before. But for a concept like this to appeal to me, I would done with girls from Thailand who gave soapies instead of with pornstars.
  6. Kitty_Langdon

    Kitty_Langdon Asian Porno Hottie

    Hi Death,

    Gotta say that this was one of the "cleanest" scene I've done. LOL

    Kitty Langdon
  7. TomoParadise

    TomoParadise Asian Porno Hottie

    My scene on Soapy Massage is coming soon. I'm in the banner!


  8. HypoLuxa-HermesPan

    HypoLuxa-HermesPan Well-Known Member

    Booooooo puns, booooooo!

  9. Deathsheep

    Deathsheep Australian Intellectual

    Yeah Kitty....haven't you 'Pun'ished us enough?? :biggrin:

    I could counter with my dirtiest joke....about the boy who fell in the puddle...but I am too classy to tell dirty jokes. :tongue:
  10. Deathsheep

    Deathsheep Australian Intellectual

    Oh - there you are....scrubbing away! Looks hot Tomo.

    TARTANMAN New Member


    now ther is an idea that brings back very nice memories to me experienced plenty of them in pattaya thailand and will do so again in november highly recomended by me are sabailand/sabairoom satisfaction guaranteed i agree it would have been better to get some genuine massage girls to do the scenes no offence to any of the girls who did the scened but the phrase horses for courses comes to mind
  12. soicowboy

    soicowboy New Member

    i guess you where the guy in the kilt at big c
    hey but japan is the king of soap land or turk o to be non pc
  13. ZowCowNow

    ZowCowNow New Member

    Ahhhhh.......the body to body massage.....good memories. Let's hope that Nadi and Sakura get a scene.
  14. Deathsheep

    Deathsheep Australian Intellectual

    :push: Ouch...I think every male has experienced that sensation at least once.

    From Jackin World: The Ultimate Male Masturbation Resource....

    Worth it to get a soaped up massage from one of these ladies tho.

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