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Street Meat Asia

Discussion in 'net porn' started by Mokojam, Aug 26, 2005.

  1. Mokojam

    Mokojam New Member

    Streetmeat Asia

    If you're a fan of Thai bar girls this site is hot! It's 100% original content and you're not likely to see these girls anywhere else.... and they are, for the most part, sweet and innocent looking creatures with tanned and fit bodies. There only seems to be two different guys that appear with them and never at the same time. One of the male performers is disturbingly hairy while the other is a bald guy with a fairly big cock which always looks fantastic when handled a petite pair of hands... The girls (who look young but are of legal age) all seem to have cute one syllable names like Gai or Ning or Nu or Lak and are made to dress in your basic slutwear, stockings, tube tops etc. You can sign up for the pic galleries only or pics with video. In the videos, the sex scenes, which take place in a seedy hotel room, I would say (with some exceptions) are fairly robotic and that's not good son. Nigel (the bald guy) does his best to warm them up with some foreplay, chatting them up a bit though most of them don't speak very much English. He also tries to warm them up by trying to stuff that huge dick into a very tight little butt hole sometimes successfully, sometimes not. You can hear a voice (off camera) instructing them in Thai mostly to smile. I think the word is "yin"? After fucking in a variety of positions, the guy is ready to cum and the girl gets ready to receive a big load. She is once again instructed to look up and smile as Nige strokes his fat cock into the girls face. The cum shot is real and fairly decent although I suspect some of big globs of drool pouring from the girls mouth (after a quick edit) could be some fake shit. But you know what.. it still looks fucking awesome! The girl is either kneeling on the floor or sitting on the toilet, legs spread (sometimes handcuffed). This always looks great but most of the girls don't like the cum in the face and go running to the sink to wash off as soon as they are told the scene is over and they can go. There's kind of an endearing quality to that somehow and Nigel usually smiles and shrugs at the camera when this happens. Now here's the thing.. you only really notice the awkward sex positions and the humiliated reaction by the girls when you see the video. Some of these girls genuinely seem to be having a good time while others look like they can't wait to get out of there. The still pictures actually look really really good and there are a ton of them.

    Check out this free gallery http://www.chilidot.com/streetmeatasia.htm
    That should keep you busy for a while!

    or go straight to: http://www.streetmeatasia.com/ and sign up.
  2. asianman2006

    asianman2006 Banned

    What a bummer :mad: The bad news is some of the ones with boob jobs look like they had another type of surgical procedure where they change a penis into a vagina...the good news is that for some folks that is a turnon but it is an absolute turnoff as far as I am concerned.I am convinced that there are sex changed prostitutes on the Asian Street Meat site. If I saw the ones that are fake boobed and have boyish faces take out a bloody tampon on the set,then I would change my mind :)

    Don Fernando
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 13, 2015
  3. Mokojam

    Mokojam New Member


    thanks man you made my day.... ughh! i know that Street Meat also has a ladyboy site.. so perhaps you are right. i'm gonna take a shower now.


    what do you think? is it a boy or a girl.
  4. asianman2006

    asianman2006 Banned

    Mokojam -

    That's a girl...NOT!!! ...look closely at the moustache area :eek: ...'nuff said...

    My fiance Sabrine Maui htp://groups.yahoo.com/group/Sabrine_Maui_Fan_Club went to Asian Street Meat out of curiosity and the first thing she thought when she saw the front page was that it was a site of Ladyboys and then when I saw it I did not agree until she pointed out one boyish-looking girl with the moustache,the larger skull size complete with Adam's apple and even the hands...the whole works! I was raised in San Francisco and am a minority (a heterosexual male) in San Francisco and I can tell 95% of the time when a Caucasian,Hispanic or Black person is dressed in women's clothes is a chick or a dude but with Asians, Sabrine is the expert :cool:

    BTW: After I went to that site I took a shower with Borax because along with the Ladyboy look-a-likes there seems to be some underage girls on the site :mad:

    Don Fernando.
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 13, 2015
  5. enemabandit

    enemabandit Member

    Iv'e been to that site and some of the girls look pretty hot. There is a sister site to Asian Street meat and it is a sickass ladyboy site called ladyboy cock. The same two guys are having sex with ladyboys. They write stuff like fucktoy and anal whore on these ladyboys with lipstick or have them hold up a sign that says something humiliating like i'm a fucktoy. I travel to the Philippines a lot and that country is full of ladyboys but they are not called ladyboys over there, their called gays. Some are more passable than others but after a few days you can spot them out pretty well. They will approach you for sex but if your a foriegner, the locals will usually warn you. If a person surfs around for asian porn, they will come to asian street meat or their sister sites sooner or later.
  6. enemabandit

    enemabandit Member

    Holy sheep shit! After looking closer at Asian Street meat, I think a lot of those girls are ladyboys :mad: , I'm going to go take a shower with ajax. I did a little more surfing and came up with this mixture sitehttp://www.bangkokneon.com/tgp/index.shtml I hope like hell none of those girls are under age.
  7. Snowman

    Snowman Your Host

    I vote girl. I see the moustache area, but I have seen and known Latina woman who I know are not lady-boys have the same thing. Look at that girl's arms, they are slender like a chick, not thick like a man.

    I looked at a few of those Street Meat galleries and I didn't see a lot of girls that appeared to be ladyboys. Nor did they appear to be underage to me. We all know the sex trade is booming over there. It's not surprising that guy can find and hire a lot of hookers for his content.
  8. enemabandit

    enemabandit Member

    I vote girl too snowman. That chick just looks to hot to be a dude. I got my fingers crossed and I hope like hell that a second pic of her with a dick isn't posted
  9. asianman2006

    asianman2006 Banned

    Even though I was sure it was a chick; Sabrine has got me convinced it is a sex change...errrr...used to be a man :eek: ; that is, and she said - "Honey,there's something about the forehead,eyes and shape of the skull that are all wrong and...she also points out the LARGE masculine hands of the individual :eek: :eek: I'd give my right tit to hear it's voice which would be the end of the mystery;)

    Don Fernando
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 13, 2015
  10. Dragon Novelties

    Dragon Novelties New Member

    i thought most of these girls are below the poverty level or very near it. how can they afford the operaton if indeed they are "shims"?
  11. enemabandit

    enemabandit Member

    The way these guys pay for sex changes in southeast Asia is by getting the money from guys from countries like the U.S.A. Do you know what the #1 source of capital in the Philippines is ? It is money sent back home from Philippinos working in other countries. Guys in the U.S.A send money to girls all the time in southeast Asian countries. I'm sure that some ladyboys get money sent too. Girls don't make a lot of money from prostitution in those countries , 600 pisos a trick in the Philippines, about 12$ .... If that model is a guy, then it is one hell of a sex change operation. Remember the posts about Lucy Thia being a ladyboy ? Even my wife{ who is Philippino} said she thought Lucy was a ladyboy. Lets get to the bottom of this and find out if that model is a real woman.
  12. Mokojam

    Mokojam New Member

    My wife who is also Filipina would probably just say that so I'd stop looking at those bitches... ( err... except for you Lucy Thai).

    BTW how did we get into this discussion? I was just trying to get some practice writing a review! I have to admit there is a high "sleaze factor" on the Streetmeat site, but if the female models there are in fact "boys" they must have some genius plastic surgeons in Thailand. I feel like an ass now for even starting this thread!

    There are some more pics of this karen "chick" but I don't know if I'm allowed to post em here.
  13. asianman2006

    asianman2006 Banned

    Thai prostitutes are definitely above the mean poverty level for that part of the world.From what I have heard; an equivalent $7.000 boob job in the US costs only $1,000 in Bangkok because the healthcare insurance cost is very cheap in Thailand.I don't know how much a "male-to-female sex transfer procedure" costs but I am sure it is very affordable...my father used to always tell me "You can't make money unless you spend money" ;)

    Don Fernando
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 13, 2015
  14. asianman2006

    asianman2006 Banned

    Enemabandit -

    No Ajax shower needed,my friend :D .Lucy Thai is most definitely a female as I stated somewhere here last month,I think.

    Don Fernando
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 13, 2015
  15. Snowman

    Snowman Your Host

    LOL... this is an interesting thread ... no need to feel like an ass! It might be better just to post a link to the pics.
  16. enemabandit

    enemabandit Member

    I have been looking at the picture galleries from A.S.M. They won't let you enlarge the pictures so it's hard to see the details. I am also unable to copy and past pics from that site. Some of the girls figures seen questionable. I see a lot of butts that look wrong. I went to the sister site that features ladyboys. It is very disturbing to see that hairy guy sucking off some ladyboy. The bald dude with the pasty white skin is on there buttbanging more ladyboys than you can shake a stick at! At least the bald guy isn't sucking dicks, I'll give him credit for that but not much. I was trying to see if any of the girls on the ladyboy site were on the Street meat site and had been operated on. I didn't find any but it seems like some of the girls on Street meat could be ladyboys. "Street meat", what a name, how humiliating. It makes Don Fernendo's porn look like a romantic movie...... You guys mentioned Thialand, I have gotten reports that there is a lot of A.I.D.S in that country. It's way out to see guys doing anal sex with girls{and guys} who are probably not professional porn actresses {actors} but probably prostitutes doing a little porno.
  17. masterbape

    masterbape New Member

    ASM often post galleries on Asianthumbs.
    I'm not convinced all these girls are ladyboys.
    There is a site(am I alowed to post links here?) that features ladys and ladyboys from ASM. I clicked on it, I didn't know it had ladyboy porn at the time......quite disturbing.... :eek:
  18. enemabandit

    enemabandit Member

    The first time I saw a Ladyboy was on a free gallery/ clip site called ' THE HUN'S YELLOW PAGES" . The Hun is a goos site but I pass on the gay and shemale shit thats listed along with the normal stuff. For a spell there was a lot of stuff from 'Asian Street meat' and it's sister site 'Ladyboy Cock'. Now I see that there are Ladyboy galleries from a site called 'Asian TS. com' . It is almost unreal how some of the Ladyboys look so close to real girls. Some of them have faces that are impossible to tell they are men. On the other hand, some of these poor guys don't look like girls at all...... A known fact is that most sex operations are done on infants. Parents of Infants who are born with both reporductive systems end up having to make the descision to choose a sex or let the child grow up with both sets of organs. There is a small portion of the worlds population that are both sexes. A lot of times the lesser sex organs are inside the person. A person with a vagina may have testicals hidden under tissue or a person with a penis may have a set of overies. The parents of these special kids don't always make the perfect choice and the popular thing to do now is to just leave the kid like they are born.
  19. greatned

    greatned Banned

    Well, the truth is, the ladyboys are damn hot in Thailand.! I'll go for one if "she" is hot, and looks like a pretty female!
  20. aceman601

    aceman601 Member

    I've seen plenty of Ka-Toys (aka nip and tuck jobs) in Thailand. To me they are almost always quite obvious. They generally are taller than an average chick and their voices are wierd. They do nothing for me.


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