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Tai Teaze!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'asian porno hotties' started by Liquid Snake, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. Liquid Snake

    Liquid Snake New Member

    Hey Friends,

    Now that Don (asiaman2006) has done us all the favour of finally getting Nichole Orling to participate in some on screen xxx action, I am now formally requesting that Don work his magic on some more import models to cross the thin porn line!

    Specifically Don and others, have you guys heard of an asian hottie called Tai Teaze who like Nichole Orling particpates in the Boom Boom Show video series and like Nichole Orling can get pretty nasty for an import model?


    Does anyone know anything else about her? Any chance of turning her over to the dark side?

    Here are some more pics. Check the booty out!


    Here are some short vids


    Hey Snowman how about working the angle with this girl for some additional talent for Blue Syren Productions? Keep up the great work everyone!


    Attached Files:

  2. slashlarue

    slashlarue Member

    I second that!

  3. Liquid Snake

    Liquid Snake New Member


    Does anyone know anything more about this girl?????? DeathSheep, you seem to have a knack for some of the more obsure (but crazy hot) girls!

    Don, how about you. Heard anything about her? Is she a stripper in Cali or does anyone know what agency she works for? Or is she just a (nastier and hotter than usual) import model?

    I just found these pics also

  4. asianman2006

    asianman2006 Banned

    Sorry that I have not responded sooner but I have been busy working every day for the last 5 and busy shooting every day for the next week.I'll ask Nicole about her.


  5. Deathsheep

    Deathsheep Australian Intellectual

    Sorry Bro,

    I've come out short with this girlie, all I can find are the boom boom show pics. :sad:

    The Deathsheep. :sheep:
  6. dancar

    dancar Member

  7. quicksilver349

    quicksilver349 New Member

    :nuts: she looks like a sexier asia carrera

    please get her to do some hardcore stuff
  8. Liquid Snake

    Liquid Snake New Member

    Re: Tai Teaze!!!!!!!!!!!! scratch that "Tai Teeze"

    Wow Dancar! You are the man!!!! This makes Things Much Easier... "Tai Teeze" huh? Well with Dancar's extremely helpful guidance, here is what I can surmise about this beauty!

    1. Serious pornstar look.....had a chance to look at her website (http://www.taiteeze.com) and the comparison of her to a MUCH HOTTER Asia Carrera I think is pretty accurate! Those titties weren’t made for simple import modeling that's for sure!


    2. Looks like she is of Thai ethnicity and is located in Oklahoma, US.

    3. More importantly, this girl has definitely been (and may be still working as) an exotic dancer... check out the credentials below:

    Miss Exotic Dancer USA 2002/2003

    Miss Exotic Dancer Oklahoma 2002/2003

    Miss Nude World 2003-Best Breast Pole Champion

    I find this pretty comforting, since the leap from stripper to pornstar is much shorter than from import model to xxx.

    4) In addition, this girl is already friends with other asian pornstars (i.e. Mya Luanna)..... this is a good thing because of a little thing we call "Peer Pressure"! I found some pics of her at Internetmodelpalooza 3. Check out these links.


    And here are some pics of her with Mya Luanna at the same convention. You can tell from here she is not above getting down and dirty...


    5. Finally from some websites it is implied that this girl likes to get down and dirty. For example her bio at girlfriendx.com ( http://www.girlfriendx.com/Galleries/Tai.aspx ) claims (and of course this needs to be taken with a grain of salt):

    "Her interests include shooting pool, traveling, and—I swear to God I’m not making this up–making homemade porno movies. Acting or directing, one wonders? "

    In conclusion ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we need to get this girl into porn and quickly! If Nichole Orling can do it, then given the facts of the case at hand, Tai Teeze should be ripe for the picking!!!! So Don, pls work your magical super hero powers!!!! Have you worked with Mya Luanna in the past? If so, work the angles!!!!! PLEASE!

    What do ya think! Keep up the great work everyone!!!

    P.S. Before rendering final decision, here are some great attached pics for all my fellow raincoaters out there!

    Attached Files:

  9. suckonthischump

    suckonthischump New Member

    This thread has been buried for a bit now. Wondering if anyone has any new things on this beauty? Seems that her website is offline and can't find any new pictures. Thanks for your help.
  10. soicowboy

    soicowboy New Member

    i believe she has lots of problems at airport check in
    :football: go Hawaii
  11. soicowboy

    soicowboy New Member

    i believe she has lots of problems at airport check
    :football: go Hawaii
  12. suckonthischump

    suckonthischump New Member

    Anyone have any updates regarding this beauty?
  13. bruce777

    bruce777 New Member

    She's released a pretty decent (non-sex) performance for JB Video. Not sure which one....

  14. Jets Rule

    Jets Rule Member

    Re: Tai Teaze!!!!!!!!!!!! scratch that "Tai Teeze"

    This girl is Korean.
  15. kittyyungfan2

    kittyyungfan2 Active Member

    As far as I know (but I don't know much) Tai isn't very active in modeling these days.

    She did do an excellent JB Video pantyhose video with full nudity, very nice!

    I'm friends with her on facebook through a mutual friend, but I doubt she'd want her name there released into the wild.

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