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Tia Ling

Discussion in 'asian porno hotties' started by Deathsheep, Feb 15, 2006.

  1. tialing

    tialing 2010 APH Scene of the Year Winner

    Awwww ..... always nice to hear that baby ! Thank you !
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  2. superfan911

    superfan911 Member

    whoa man thats hardcore. i dont like it myself but i suppose porn is like wrestling fake and staged moves and dialog. sorry wwe fans :D so hey tia ling are asian girls okay with non asian guys callin' you ch*nk or yellow sl*t etc would u let any guy white or black say that shit too, does your boyfriend go that far?
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  3. HypoLuxa-HermesPan

    HypoLuxa-HermesPan Well-Known Member

    I have to agree that on a public forum board where a certain level of decorum is expected, (meaning no racial slurs), it has to be a universal rule for all races. If the N-word is unaccepted here (and rightfully so) so should the many slurs for asians, (Jap, Flip, Chink, etc.)

    Of course we shouldn't be too PC, but I think leaving racial slurs out of our prose would be the best idea.

    And we know that SlutLover meant nothing by it. But still, probably not the right thing to do.
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  4. superfan911

    superfan911 Member

    have seen all ur vid, and dam tia u r hardcore, public disgrace etc and facial abuse nice to see you get well i dont know what to call fa myself. hey would you ever do a vid called the sexual destruction of tia ling. say face fucking and dp super gang bang the guys keep going still you cant.

    plus hey you ever been slammed by lee stone, lex steele or that white zilla guy?
  5. superfan911

    superfan911 Member

    quite right and well said but just curious on it, as saw a sasha grey vid two black guys on her she dropped more n bombs than a klan rally and those guys loved slammin' her even harder. but not a good way to be. but on a different note see tia ling getting slammed get fucked will always be a great thing to see go get 'em tia:) stay safe too:)
  6. theslutlover

    theslutlover Member

    go back through the thread my other Tia fantasies are way more hardcore. I added in the slurs because of the discussion that going on in the thread at the time. It was a whole PC debate thing and I just wanted to break it up a bit.
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  7. Snowman

    Snowman Your Host

    In the future, please find a new way to "break it up a bit." Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.
  8. superfan911

    superfan911 Member

    i just want to know what tia thinks of that!? would she be okay with that? as tia well did you see her on facial abuse. anyway i cannot believe this site at last something on porn. thats good to comment on . plus hey do any of you want to see tia ling vs max hardcore? do u think she would do that? or is that guy just to crazy?
  9. theslutlover

    theslutlover Member

    Tia always responds positively to my fantasies. I've posted many here and a few at another board. I'd hate to see Tia with Max Hardcore. I don't want to see some old grey haired guy dress her up like a school girl girl and pee on her. The thought of it makes me want to hurl.
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  10. superfan911

    superfan911 Member

    i would love to see it cos i think tia would take him down. but ur right man. tia's to classy to pee on.

    p.s hoped u liked my links i posted too

    my favs

    [illegal tube site links deleted by Snowman]
  11. superfan911

    superfan911 Member

    everyone out their what superhero would you like to see tia take on? plus hey tia would do u look like dressed up as wonder woman?
  12. Deathsheep

    Deathsheep Australian Intellectual

    Ahhh...how long have I been waiting for someone to ask this question? :p

    I would love to see Tia fuck her way through the entire DC & Marvel Universe...but if I had to narrow it down to one...I would go with Nightcrawler. I think Kurt could use his teleportation abilities to 'BAMF' around from hole to hole ensuring Tia achieve's maximum fuck coverage. Plus the prehensile tale offers up a whole other avenue of penetrative abilities.

    The downside? Well...the smell of cordite might act as a bit of a turn-off...
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  13. superfan911

    superfan911 Member

    yeah that would all be great but one superhero out their who who slam tia so good week she would be left standing for a month. tia ling vs the planetary patriot! if u not heard of him bing and buy man my fav. but tia as wonder woman we gotta see that happen for this halloween. how about it tia? in those satin tight fightin' for are rights! :)

    plus please have pletty of wardobe malfuncations etc in that outfit girl. do we all just love tia so nice on this site so great she chats back to us meer morals. thanks tia.

    hey do you think tia would do those fuck or suck a fan sites :) man what a waiting line:D
  14. ginko23

    ginko23 Supporting Member

    Perhaps a little off topic, but one of the local working girls when I was stationed in Korea went by the handle “Wonder Woman.” She was a tall girl perhaps 5’ 9” and looked a little like Beta Hana. As she would patrol the local clubs, and guys and girls both would shout out “Wonder Woman” to which she did the crossed arms thing and then put her hands on her hips. Cool. She also had a naturally hairless pussy.
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  15. superfan911

    superfan911 Member

    off topic no man, hot girls from korea south or north a good thing to talk about. eps tia ling why is she so sexy, dp anal and money shots etc she does it all. i hope i get a hi or a question answered by her. as this site is great to chat to u all on. no haters or sickos just good old fashion red blooded perverts aka porn fans. who loves tia ling and all asian, etc girls i love 'em all. what is everyones fav tia vid mine was on facial abuse:)
  16. superfan911

    superfan911 Member

    plus on site exploitedteensasia hot asian girls too, one girl named wah gets a mouth full of cum and smiles. amazing. tauey on thai girls gone wild great too. but tia still best.

  17. ppssm

    ppssm Senior Member

    I think Tia would look stunning dressed like Elektra from any of Greg Horn's covers from the late 1990's series.
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  18. superfan911

    superfan911 Member

    of course she would great cos pic man. i like this site. but what movie or tv parody should she do. was that 90s sitcom all american girl to old. or man what shows or movies got hot korean girls in it now. thinking... thinking... still thinking...
  19. tialing

    tialing 2010 APH Scene of the Year Winner

    Wow .... didn't this convo go off in all different directions ! lol :)

    As far as the racial stuff .... honestly no i'm not a fan of chinc, yellow this or that or any other racial slur. Just not my thing. Yes I imagine it may have been uttered in FA , but I've never said i enjoyed that scene either, lol .... no one has that i know of. Asian slut , etc is fine and kind of a naughty turn on , but when you throw in the slurs it just kind of loses it's lust. Just my opinion.

    Super hero , myself I kinda like the Elektra idea. I could see myself as Elektra ... i don't know about wonder woman , though ??? lol

    Max Hardcore .... uuuggghhh .... don't get me started .... but would never happen. Have had some frustrating dealings and convo's with max ... which is why I never shot with him. The pee'ing in girls mouths , etc is just not my thing.
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  20. theslutlover

    theslutlover Member

    Good to know that you'll be staying away from Max Hardcore. Now, in an effort to move this thread in a positive direction I submit this photo.

    Attached Files:

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