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What is so great about anal sex?

Discussion in 'sexuality & relationships' started by nickvexel, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. nickvexel

    nickvexel Member

    I seriously would like to know why people prefer this type of sex act. I've performed it and it isn't that great. Something about sticking your member in a poop shoot that just doesn't do it for me. Not to mention it feels like it doesn't belong there. How do so many guys prefer this over vaginal sex? Whats next...I think we've covered all the openings that would be able to take a dick. Then again I'm probably wrong.
  2. Tommy Dreamer

    Tommy Dreamer New Member

    Thats what i want to know. I havent tried it and really dont care to. Not to mention EVERY girl i have talked to is opposed to it. A few of my girl friends that have tried said they dont know how any girl could actually enjoy it. So why do men want to try it so bad? Because they see it so often in porn. Lately all i can think about is finding a girl that will actually let me give her a facial (im pretty sure i wont find that girl unless i pay), but I want to try it so bad because I see it so often in porn.

    How many of you agree that the more porn you watch, the more sexually deviant you become?
  3. wiskeyness

    wiskeyness New Member

    You guys must live in Alabama or something...maybe Utah? :rolleyessmall:

    Girlfriend loves anal. Please be aware we literally trained her ass for weeks before it could safely go in and it still requires immense amounts of lube to get it to work. Training involved pinkie, then a larger finger, eventually a small plug, then two fingers, a larger plug, two fingers and movements; exercises as we progress (tense the muscle then relax, and repeat). Finally we got me in her.

    My gf has a tight pussy but sometime the taboo and extra bit of tightness of anal (like pipe wrench tight :))...makes things a bit more exciting. Plus I can finger her pussy and have my shaft in her ass at the same time...feeling the my shaft moving against the wall between her vagina and ass is also exciting. Also as she is cumming her rectal muscles will pulse creating an even more intense sensation.

    Something else that I personally love. After cumming in her ass she goes to the bathroom to get some of it out and literally has to fart out my cum. I find it funny and sexy at the same time. Not fetish status but something I adore watching and hearing her do. I normally do not like it when a female farts, this is the exception.

    Now facials I don't understand outside of showing off for video. Really it is a pain in the ass (pun intended) to clean up if some gets in her hair, if you don't like the taste of your own cum it will suck kissing her after you splattered her face, and can mess up some sexy makeup she spent hours putting on. Also without a good camera and decent lighting it is hard to see cum on video.

    Tip: If you do get cum in her hair...or anywhere else for that matter use very cold water and it will cum ;) out much easier (just like blood if you go wild and crazy on her period).
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  4. yoda57us

    yoda57us Supporting Member

    Trying to explain why you like something to someone who has already decided they don't like it is a waste of time. I wouldn't judge anyone for any sex act they enjoy partaking in with one or more other consenting adults. If it's not your cup of tea then don't do it.

    I don't really get the whole load-on-the-face deal. I like cuming on a girls tits, stomach or ass, I have a favorite lady who likes me to cum on her feet once in a while.
  5. plush

    plush New Member

    Part of the thrill of anal sex is that it is in the poop chute and the taboo aspect is a turn on:xyxthumbs:
  6. Bill_1

    Bill_1 New Member

    My first anal was when my lady surprized me with it and i was dumb founded at the time. It was much tighter much warmer and literally pulled the cum out of me like it was a vaccum. Now that being said she enjoyed it and it was done when she was in the mood and generally she prepared for it and started it at her speed. On my part after the first i never turned it down. Now not every lady likes it or tries it. in my experiance about 20 percent of the women i have dated like going there. But just my two cents.
  7. AussieWill

    AussieWill Supporting Member

    I concur...many women are curious about it, too scared to try and surprisingly about 80% who do sucessfully try it love it to their own amazement. well, thats what my own experiences tell me.
  8. slacker2002

    slacker2002 Active Member

    For me, it is the intense level of intimacy involved. There is a lot of trust required on the part of the woman to essentially surrender body, with the knowledge that you will please but not injure her. I've had one GF that was VERY into anal before I met her, and once she and I had done it a few times, she would beg me to fuck her ass.

    I also introduced two other women to anal as their first time. Like one of the previous posters commented, it takes a LOT of prep and training. But if you and your partner enjoy extended foreplay, it will be lots of fun. Now, not every woman will enjoy anal. One test is to rub your finger around her butthole as she is cumming. If she enjoys that, she will probably enjoy anal. One asian lady I introduced to anal, was VERY hesitant at first, but because she loved and trusted me, was willing to give herself to me. Then, as I had 3 fingers in her ass, she was begging me to do it harder as she came.
  9. glaze_n_azian

    glaze_n_azian Member

    Nice and tight, and you never bottom out!! And, stick something that vibrates into her pussy at the same time and its pure heaven!!!!
  10. HypoLuxa-HermesPan

    HypoLuxa-HermesPan Well-Known Member

  11. HypoLuxa-HermesPan

    HypoLuxa-HermesPan Well-Known Member

    And my own experience with women's acceptance of anal of all the ones I've done it with, (and over the past 25 years or so, I've had many anal sex partners)... I'd say 20% tried and did not like it. Another 20% tried and didn't mind it, and did it again, but mostly for my pleasure. Another 40% tried it and enjoyed it, and did it again with a sense of excitement. Finally, the final 20% tried it and over time became obsessed with it--meaning every time we had sex, they "had" to have anal in the session. Some in fact didn't even care if we had vaginal sex at times, as long as they got it in the ass.

    I found the surefire way to get a girl over the hump to where she enjoys it, is to have her experience an orgasm while having anal sex. They best way to do that is to really finger her clit (or have her do it) while having anal sex. It's funny, whenever some girls would have me not go in too deep, as soon as I started fingering them and they got close to orgasm, I'd be buried balls deep in them and they were loving it.

    So, to recap, only a small percentage: 1 in 5, did NOT like anal sex and wouldn't have it again. The other 4 in 5 were repeat anal customers! LOL!

    As to my success rate in persuading partners into anal sex, it all starts with a positive, first time anal experience with me--which usually stems from rimming while we are 69ing, or light anus rubbing or shallow finger penetration during sex. That ALWAYS gets 'em! ;^D Of course, it should also be stated to have patience and take it slow. No one wants to be harassed into having it. Whenever it happens, it usually seems to them like it was a mutual idea to have it. Even with girls who've had a bad experience in the past with anal, can eventually be brought back to anal pleasure. It's all about YOU and how YOU treat them. They have to trust that you will not push them further than they want to go, and that way, they can relax and concentrate on the pleasure each stage of anal progression gives them.

    I guess I never answered the question, "what is so great about anal sex?"
    I'd have to say the usual response as well... the mental taboo of it all, and of course, the tightness around your cock and depth you can go.
  12. indigoblue1880

    indigoblue1880 New Member

    Really everything.
  13. Snowman

    Snowman Your Host

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