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Zotto Tv Korea

Discussion in 'japanese adult video (jav)' started by westie1, Nov 8, 2017.


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  1. westie1

    westie1 Active Member

    Do any members know any details of a Korean porn TV producer Zotto TV?

    I have enjoyed watching several Zotto TV clips posted on some tube sites. I particularly like the work of one Korean model Hae Jin. Tall, slim, long legs and an attractive face and mouth.

    The format is very straight. The talent for that night's program sit and chat for about half the program. The program must have been originally live because they respond to messages posted in real time by viewers and chat about what they have done that day etc. All unscripted and very spontaneous, albeit myself not understanding much Korean.

    The second half of the show features that night's talent having non-mosaic sex. Oral, vaginal, sometimes girl/ girl or a threesome. Again, the talent are pretty good, because there are no cuts or editing. The sex is continuous and ends with the guy shooting his load onto the girl. Each program runs for 45 to 70 minutes.

    Although the sex is tame, there is something very refreshing and stimulating, watching these young Koreans, clearly enjoying what they are doing in a very natural way, get off in front of a viewing audience.

    I would be interested to know any background regarding Zotto TV, or where further content can be accessed.

    Thank you.
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  2. Snowman

    Snowman Your Host

    First I heard of it ... searching didn't turn up much except for some shady tube sites that set off multiple virus/malware scanners.
  3. Seoulman

    Seoulman Member

    A bit of history: Zotto TV, 1090tv, Live10, HiLove, Haja, NiceGood, C2Joy, Bojalive and Live 69 were streaming Internet channels run out of Canada (Vancouver, I believe) in the early 2000s where the female porno jockeys (PJs) would spend an hour online (usually around 10pm Korea time) responding to chat comments and requests and then spend the second hour in various sexual activities with up to four people participating at once. Sometimes the sites would also show clips from hardcore movies as well. Initially everyone wore masks, but then the women took their masks off. The men either kept their masks on or wore sunglasses. Live1004.tv.com, which hosted hardcore clips, was notable for having hour-long clips of masked Korean women having sex with a masked black man, the only interracial sex seen at that time.

    In May 2004, a porn jockey who used the onscreen name 'PJ Ddalki' (PJ Strawberry) was arrested at Kimpo Airport when she returned to Korea. She was fined, put on two years probation, and made to do community service. This arrest, combined with spreading internet access in Korea, led to the decline of the sites. I do not think any of them continue today.

    Your best bet to find clips would be on torrent sites. Some uploaders include clips I have never seen on tube sites. FC2 Video also seems to host a few clips. (I hope it is okay to mention the site name without providing links.)

    Hope this helps.
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