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Playboy's Asian Exotica

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Category Softcore
Director Steven Silas
Themes Asian Women, Tease
Production or Street Date 05.1998 (dop)
Released By Playboy
Available Formats DVD
Running Time 52 minutes
Source and Price Paid rental
Box Cover Quote "The mystique of the Asian woman is one of the world's most alluring fantasies."

DVD Features:  Jump to Scenes, Slide Show, DVD-DVD/ROM, IBM/MAC Compatible, Dolby Sound, Previews.


 Overall  GPA

 Total Raincoat Points

Avg. Raincoat Points

Bang for the Buck

2.70 (B-)





For a change of pace, I decided to review a Playboy DVD.  Although I've read reports that Playboy is moving toward a harder direction, this disc is strictly softcore tease.  In fact, it is more mild than I expected.  Things probably get a whole lot more explicit and nastier at your local strip joint.  

Since this is a softcore feature, I did not calculate Raincoat points and removed the "at a glance" table.


SCENE ONE - The Garden of Love 
Asian woman (solo)

The first scene features an Asian woman with long wavy hair, full lips and beautiful skin.  I think she may be Korean, but I am not sure.  She starts off nearly nude, wearing only a long white shirt.  She lies on a deck and poses.  A cheesy pop song plays.  She twirls a streamer, with a dress on and then nude.  She is seen outside near a blossom tree.  The model is seen in a beautiful Japanese style home.  She poses on the bed.  She looks hot crawling to the camera.  She is nude, and I liked the way the sunlight was highlighting her ass and thighs. For the record, this is a softcore feature and her pussy is never shown, but the viewer can see she has some pubic hair.  

All of the sequences described above are short.  The entire scene, like the others in this feature, is less than five minutes long.  

Snowman's scene grade: B-, Raincoat Points: n/a

SCENE TWO - Ecstasy Dance  (Snowman's Pick for Best Scene!)
Asian woman (solo)

Scene two features an attractive Asian woman in a black leather outfit that ties in the front and black shades.  I am guessing she is Filipina.  She has medium sized breasts that look natural.  This scene has an industrial look to it.  The stage is dark with blue lighting and fog.  It takes place in a factory and there is a guy welding in the background.

The model dances on a welding platform during this scene.  She moves around a lot and rubs her body.  She appears to work up quite a sweat and looks quite sexy.  Then she's nude except for her black heels.  All the sudden she is very wet.  I'm not sure it is from sweat or water.  When she's wet, she looks a lot less Asian for some reason.  At one point she squats and the viewer can almost see her pussy.  She makes good eye contact with the camera.  Then she turns around and shows her fine buns.  She spreads them a little bit with her hand and we are treated to a very brief glimpse of her pussy and ass.  She gets on the railing and humps it.

Again, a very fast editing style is used and everything is only seen for a few seconds.  If you see something you really like, viewers pretty much are forced to use the slow motion feature on their players! 

Snowman's scene grade: B+, Raincoat Points: n/a

SCENE THREE - A Touch of Silk 
Asian woman (solo)

This scene features a hot model who may be Japanese.  She is seated in a chair and blindfolded.  Then an unseen person rubs various items with different textures on her bare body.  She experiences a feather, chain, work glove, duster and other items.  Pebbles are spread on her tummy.  Then water is splashed on her.  Next she poses on a lighted white table.  She tends to fluff her hair quite a bit during this session.  At the end of the scene, a large boa snake slithers around her nude body.  She seems quite comfortable letting the snake curl up around her.  

Snowman's scene grade: B, Raincoat Points: n/a

SCENE FOUR - The Naked Kiss
Asian woman (solo)

In this sequence, the model is portrayed as dreaming.  In her first dream, she meets a man in a grassy field and she "Can't wait to get out of her dress!"  Sounds like a good dream to me.  This Asian girl has a slender body and modest natural breasts.   She has hair in her pubic area.  Her second dreamscape is a noir type fantasy set in the 1940's.  Some of these scenes are shot in black and white for greater effect.  She looks the part and mainly poses on a sofa and touches herself in a non explicit way.  Finally she wakes up and dives in a great pool that is adjacent to a bay.  She looks hot swimming nude and sunning herself in a lounge chair.  

Snowman's scene grade: B, Raincoat Points: n/a

SCENE FIVE - Shimmering Delight  (Snowman's Pick Honorable Mention!)
Asian woman (solo)

The Asian model here is presented as a working gal.  She's dressed in a uniform similar to those worn by UPS or another delivery service.  I judged this hot little firecracker to be Vietnamese.  Apparently, she is done for the day, and can't wait to strip out of her work clothes -- even though she is still in the warehouse.  She strips slowly and dabs the sweat off of her hot body.  Instrumental Spanish type guitar music accompanies her.  This model has long black hair that starts off in a ponytail and small but shapely breasts.  She is slim, like all the girls here.  The girl slowly removes her panties after a bit and continues to dance.  She poses and rubs her body.  In the end, the scene fades to the a beach where she is under a waterfall or shower. 

Snowman's scene grade: B+, Raincoat Points: n/a

SCENE SIX - Body in Motion
Asian woman (solo) - Lisa Marie Scott (Playboy 02/95)

Lisa Marie has long curly hair.  I think she may be Filipina.  In this sequence, she portrays a ballerina.  The photography is indoors and rather soft.  She seems to be dancing in a music conservatory at home.  She's mostly nude.  I noticed that her booty is bigger than a lot of the other girls on the disc.  Other than that, she has a slender body type and medium sized boobs.  About half way through her segment, the scene changes to a more urban setting.  Now Lisa Marie has a new look and twirls a lot.  Some bad vocal music (faintly country) is heard.  

Snowman's scene grade: C, Raincoat Points: n/a

SCENE SEVEN - The Hands of Love
Two women (one Asian, one White)

This scene is a little bit different because it features two girls, however only one is Asian.  The other girl is Caucasian.  Not sure why Playboy didn't pair two Asian hotties together.  This Asian girl has permed hair with a flower in it.  Her hair has a red tint and her breasts are pretty large.  The Asian model massages the other girl.  The scene takes place outside on a porch.  The Asian girl is mostly nude except for a white wrap around her middle.  The girls rub boobs together.  Near the end of the scene the Asian girl straddles the white girl and the eagle eyed viewer can catch a glimpse of her pretty pussy.  

Snowman's scene grade: C, Raincoat Points: n/a

SCENE EIGHT - Paradise on Earth
Asian woman (solo)

In this scene, a beautiful and exotic model is featured.  Her Asian features are more prominent than the other girls on this disc.  She has long black hair and is very slender.  She is seen outside in a lush tropical paradise picking fruit.  The girl washes the fruit in a stream.   She's seems to be wearing a white sheet that becomes sheer when it is wet. I liked the way you could see her breasts through the sheet.  The girl sits beside a pond and tastes the fruit.  She is eating what may be a mango and then rubs the pulp all over her body.  I imagine some guys may like this, but I thought it just looked messy.  She moves around quite a bit and poses.  

Snowman's scene grade: B-, Raincoat Points: n/a

SCENE NINE - Bed of Pleasure
Asian woman (solo)

Here an Asian woman strips out of her clothes and dances.  She's wearing a black one piece lingerie outfit.  This model has reddish brown, long hair and severe eyes.  I didn't care for her looks as much as some of the others.  During this scene, a smooth jazz guitar soundtrack is heard.  A fan blows the model's hair and there is lots of slow motion shots.  She moves to the bed, and continues to move around a lot in the typical Playboy style.  

Snowman's scene grade: C-, Raincoat Points: n/a

SCENE TEN - Waterworld
Asian woman (solo)

The final scene features Morena Corwin, Miss September 1992.  She's beautiful, but not that Asian looking.  Here she is seen frolicking in different settings having to do with water.  First, Morena is seen in a natural stream in the jungle.  She plays in a waterfall.  Next, she's in the city and taking an outside shower.  Then, she gets wet in a construction zone.  And finally, she sponges herself in a candlelit tub.  

Snowman's scene grade: B+, Raincoat Points: n/a


I thought the technical quality of Playboy's Asian Exotica was OK, but not outstanding.  The picture quality was generally good, but lacked the clarity and vivid color of the best adult discs.  Likewise the sound was acceptable, but nothing special.  Most of the sound consisted of music and voice over introductions to each scene.  

There are few extras on this disc.  The "slide show" turned out to be just thirteen small pictures, which appeared to be stills from the scenes.  There were plenty of previews for other Playboy discs however, one dozen to be exact.  The lack of bonus features is very disappointing in this instance.  The running time of the disc is less than an hour.  


I suppose the best way to sum up this disc is to stress that it leaves a lot to the imagination.  Sure, the girls get naked, twirl around and touch themselves, but it's a far cry from sex.  The most sexually suggestive thing in the entire feature was about five seconds in "Ecstasy Dance" where the girl humps the railing.  That scene also features a brief view of the model's snatch, a rarity on this disc.  It is strange that an empire built around sex presents it in such an abstract, cool, and dispassionate way.  Although the models were easy on the eyes, I continually felt disappointed because they didn't do anything overtly sexual.  

Lastly, a few words about the "Asian Exotica" theme here.  Although nearly all the girls presented are Asian, there is little else Asian about this feature.  In fact, I didn't even feel most of the girls were representative of typical looking Asian women.  Most of the sequences were generic in the sense that if the models were replaced with Caucasian or Latina women, there would be no hint the scenes were culled from a disc titled "Asian Exotica."

Feature Grade Point Average: 2.70 (B-)
Total Raincoat Points: n/a, Average Raincoat Points Per Scene: n/a
Bang for the Buck Rating: n/a

Second Opinion? 
No other reviews of this video are known.  If you find one on the web, please email me!

Review Date: 12.13.2000


On the date of this review, the price for this DVD was about $21.00 at two online DVD retailers.  

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