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Flash Review

Gag Factor #06

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Category  Specialty (harsh blowjobs only!)
Director  Jim Powers
Themes  Humiliation, (Rough, Intense & Sloppy) Blowjobs, Gagging
Production or Street Date  08.01 to 09.01 dop, 11.05.01 street date (vhs), 12.xx.02 (dvd)
Released By  J.M. Productions
Available Formats  VHS & DVD (VHS version reviewed)
Running Time  102 minutes
Source and Price Paid  Rental
Box Cover Quote "It's all about the throat!   Coat your throat with cum!  Whores must eat cum!"


At this time of this review, this is the latest installment of Gag Factor, an extreme blowjob series from J.M. ProductionsThis is the first Gag Factor I have seen, so I cannot compare it to the others in the line up.  This series has generated a lot of discussion on RAME.  

According to the producers there are three things that distinguishes this series from other oral oriented tapes:  (1) Every girl must swallow the load of cum, (2) Every girl gets throat fucked until she gags and almost pukes and (3) Gag Factor has more stroke value than all other blowjob tapes combines.  Boy, that last one sure is subjective isn't it?  For the most part, this episode stays true to the first two directives.  

What's Hot

The "best", meaning the most intense scenes, were those starring Catalina, Angelica Sin, Misty and Kimmy Kann.  

As a whole, the girls are pretty attractive in this feature.  They are not model material or drop dead gorgeous, but they were better looking than I expected to be in this type of movie.  I especially liked how Angelica Sin, Kimmy, Misty and the blond in Scene two looked.  

Asian Kimmy's scene was hot.  I liked her exotic appearance and thought she looked great with a mouthful of black cock.  She gets the treatment in several different positions including a messy upside down sequence where the guy actually tries to stuff his balls in her mouth (without success)!.  She seems to have a pretty easy to trigger choking reflex and gets teary eyed in this scene.  

Thumbs up to Missy's performance.  She gagged pretty loud and produced a good amount of drool in the upside down position.  She also looked very attractive getting face fucked while hanging over the side of a arm chair.  Unfortunately, the cum shot here was sort of weak.  The producers taunt her about romance.  

Good work by Angelica in scene four.  She looks hot, at least in the beginning before her face becomes totally messed up with drool.  She's paired with a very talkative guy.   In the mouth cum shot, but he dribbles it in at close range, it's not the result of pumping action.  

The "in the mouth" cum shots (and the girls' reactions) in Scene 2 and Scene 3 are excellent.  These scenes feature an unknown blond and Catalina respectively.  

Cumisha deserves some credit for an improved appearance.  

Effective tight camera work with good lighting and sound in every scene.  

What's Not

As is to be expected in a tape with ten girls, a few of the starlets didn't do much for me.  I'm speaking mostly of Aliana and the unknown blond in the last scene.

An ugly box cover -- don't you agree?

Everything Else

Meriesa looked good with a cock stuffed in her mouth, but her scene really lacked the intensity of some of the others.  Other than a little more drool than normal, it was not much harder than a scene in a regular BJ series  such as Dr. Fellatio.  

I think it is helpful if I describe a few of the scenes in detail so that readers who have not seen one of videos have a better sense of the action.  I'm not going to describe all ten scenes because it would become rather redundant and this is supposed to be a "flash review".  Here's what happens in the first three scenes:

Scene One - Cumisha Amado

Cumisha is wearing a black dress with straps over the shoulders and purple accents, black stockings, and heels.  Almost right away, the dress is pulled down so that her enhanced breasts can pop up.  Like many older Asian women, Cumisha doesn't look bad for her age and she's actually much better looking now then when she first started making movies with Max Hardcore in the early 90's.  There's no plot here.  Cumisha gets on her knees and begins to give her male co-star a blowjob.  He's a black guy with a large cock standing in front of her.  The guy grabs her head and forces her to suck.  Cumisha gets the cock wet and makes slight gagging sounds.  There's some drool and she licks and sucks his balls.  No hands BJ action and the guy holds her head aggressively again.  Next Cumisha's head is positioned upside down hanging off the side of the sofa.  Both performers are mostly quiet as the oral action  continues.  There's a little gagging and moaning from Cumisha.  It was sort of impressive how Cumisha was doing a lot of the work here, bobbing her head up and down on the cock.  More ball sucking and then Cumisha deep throats the guy.  He then jacks off inside her open mouth.  Cumisha gargles the cum.  (12 minutes)

Scene Two - Unknown Blond Girl

This scene features a cute unknown blond girl who looks rather innocent.  Her hair is back for this scene.  At the start, there's ultra close photography of her sucking her fingers, then it cuts to the BJ action.  The guy holds her head, forcing his dick into her mouth roughly.  After a while, she too is placed in the hanging head position.  The guy pumps his cock into her mouth diligently.  She makes good eye contact with the camera.  Then she's back on her knees.  The starlet deep throats the cock balls deep.  Then she's back in the hanging head position again and endures more very deep face fucking.  Her eyes get teary.  She periodically keeps turning her head to the side so that she can release large accumulations of spit.  The cum shot here is the best part of the scene.  The guy strokes his meat until he cums inside of her mouth.  Then he removes it from her mouth and the girl spits out his cum.  A nasty large glob of pecker snot rolls down her (upside down) face and deposits on her nose.  For an unknown reason, the scene quickly fades to scene three instead of lingering long enough on this depraved sight.  

Scene Three - Catalina

Catalina is a nasty Latina girl with light features.  I think she's moderately cute.  Recently, she has been featured in multiple Max Hardcore videos, so you know she should be ready for this.  Before the scene starts, the director interviews her for a bit.  Catalina says she likes to give blowjobs because of the attention she gets from doing so.  Right from the start of this scene, she is face fucked aggressively.  Catalina is on her knees.  The guy holds her head and sometimes pinches her noses while his cock is stuffed down her throat.  He slaps her face with his cock and Catalina seems more than willing to go with the flow.  Then she's seen sitting.  Again the guy pinches her nostrils while her mouth is crammed to the hilt with dick.  At this point, she starts to look more alarmed.  She spits up a lot of slobber and the guy slaps her very lightly on the cheek.  By now, she's looking quite used and abused even though she's only half way through the scene.  Good drool and gagging by now and at times the camera shoots the action from under the guy's legs.  

Next Catalina is placed in the dreaded head hanging position.  The guy pumps her mouth like a machine and lots of spit runs down the side of her mouth.  Catalina is very submissive.  She just lies there and takes it.  Drool runs backward up her face and into her eyes.  I think her eyes were tearing up anyway, but now they look even more so.  Snot bubbles up out of her nose.  Needless to say, she's very messy at this point, yet the face fucking is relentless.  When she has to pause for a second, Catalina actually apologizes sincerely to the guy.  This starlet is so eager to please, it's mind boggling.  Salvia runs into her nose and Catalina has to blow it out.  The director dreams up a new challenge for the poor girl.  He asks her to count while her mouth is stuff.  Catalina tries hard to please her boss, but ultimately she can't.  She seems sad she's unable to comply with the request.  The director asks her if it is OK for her co-star to blow his nuts inside of her mouth.  Of course, Catalina says it is OK.  The guy then proceeds to shoot his jizz down her throat.  After he takes his cock out, Catalina spits it all out.  Out comes a big disgusting glob of semen and spit.  Yuck!    

Last Word

I'm not sure what to make of this movie.  On a certain level, I feel conflicted recommending something like this at all.  I think it is best suited to a very specific audience, and that is, porn viewers who get off on humiliation of women.  I think that's what Gag Factor is really about, and on that level, I think this feature succeeds brilliantly.  Sure, it's about blowjobs, but when the main objective is to stuff a large cock down a girl's throat in such an intense and prolonged manner that her eyes well up with tears, her face becomes covered with slobber, and she nearly pukes I think the oral sex theme becomes secondary.  These girls basically just allow their faces to become industrial strength jack off machines designed solely for the pleasure of the guy.  There's not even the pretense of enjoyment here for the girls.  This is one of those porn movies where, if your a guy, and you have normal relationships with women, you might feel at least a  tinge of guilt if you like it.  

Overall Rating:  B

Second Opinion?

Patrick Riley was "grateful" nobody threw up, and noted there is "lots of slime, verbal abuse, misogynistic contempt, and some choking."  He describes the women as "utility grade."  (no overall or numerical grade given) (RAME)

Ridley99 on RAME said he was "very disappointed" and called this one a "dud".   He wrote that the cocks were small or limp and suggested the girls were "faking."  (no overall or numerical grade given) (RAME)

Review Date: 12.07.2001

Other Suggestions & Comments

On the date of this review, the price for this video was $29.95 at one online retailer.

The DVD of this movie became available in December 2002.

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