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Sakura Tales #02 - "Cherry Blossoms"

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  Category  Asian, Wall to Wall
 Director  Alex Ladd
 Themes  Asian girls, straight sex, anal sex
 Production or Street Date  12.22.02 date of production, released 03.06.03
 Released By  DVSX
 Available Formats  VHS & DVD (DVD version reviewed)
  Running Time  102 minutes plus about 10 minutes of bonus footage (solo scenes)
 Source and Price Paid  DVD courtesy of DVSX.
 Box Cover Quote  Asian slut in heat, all day long she dreams about, how she likes to fuck
 (Yes - it's a haiku!  There are two others on the box.)   


This is the second episode of "Sakura Tales", the new all Asian wall to wall series from DVSX. 

What's Hot

A strong cast presented in a flattering way by Director Alex Ladd.  Good sexual performances by all starlets.  It's always a pleasure to see Kimmy Kahn and Sabrine Maui.  Aliyah and Lyla turn in good anal performances. 

Very good audio/visual quality in every scene.  Good illumination and camera work. 

Stylish open credits with excellent identification of the starlets. 

Attractive cover art.  Also, nice silkscreen design on the dvd disc itself.  Good dvd case.

What's Not

Raincoater content slipped a notch in this installment.  In the first episode, three scenes (out of six) had anal sex.  Here only two contain backdoor footage .  However one of these girls time time out does perform a DP.  It was especially disappointing that Sabrine Maui did not perform anal since her recent anal scenes smoke.  Also, Kimmy Kahn and Loni frequently take it up the butt.  I think at least half of the scenes should contain anal or dp in a wall to wall or gonzo type feature.

More attention should be paid to the story and scene set ups.  In a couple of the scenes, the story was only given lip service.  Nyomi's scene didn't really have a story at all. 

The pace of the scenes is still a bit too fast for my tastes.  It might be best to slow things down, add more story, and eliminate one scene. 

The "Behind the Scenes" segment advertised on the front cover is not present on the disc.  According to Constance Le, there was an internal problem at DVSX with the editor working on this project and the footage was never put into final form.  That's too bad as all prior DVSX discs contained amusing behind the scene segments and many viewers look forward to it.  Thanks to Fizzy for spotting this problem first.  Hopefully the footage will turn up in episode three. 

Play By Play

Below is a detailed description of each scene:

Scene One -  Aliyah plus one guy.  Soft spoken Aliyah tells a short story about meeting a "hot guy" in a restaurant.  He invites her to go to motel with her, and she agrees.  Aliyah is wearing a black top with a dragon print, black sweater, plaid skirt with black belt black stockings and heels.  Her hair is parted in the middle, but she also has unusual, braided pigtails that look sort of cute. 

At the motel, Aliyah looks different.  Now she's wearing a breezy, maroon dress with stockings and her hair is down.  She looks nice, but I preferred her younger look in the intro.  Aliyah and the "hot guy" kiss briefly and then he goes down on her on the bed.  He also fingers her at the same time.  Aliyah's pussy is nicely shaved with some trimmed hair up top.  Then Aliyah begins to suck his cock without using any hands.  The guy stands in front of her as she sits on the bed.  Aliyah makes good eye contact with the guy and some POV angles are used.  They switch positions, and she continues to suck cock as "hot guy" lies on the bed.  Nice close-ups here.   The scene transitions to Aliyah getting porked reverse cowgirl style.  She bounces for a bit and then the guy begins to fuck her quite hard.  Good camera coverage of the action.  This sequence is relatively long.  Then the scene cuts to doggy screwing.  Aliyah lies her head down on the bedspread and looks very attractive like this. 

About ten minutes into the scene Aliyah says "I want you to fuck me in the ass."  The guy then slowly inserts his cock into her bum.  Aliyah's in the sideways position.  She diddles her clit and they kiss several times.  After a bit, there's another cut, and Aliyah's ass is getting penetrated mish style with her legs up.  The guy sinks his cock fair deep into her ass.   She fingers herself with three digits at the same time.  The guy spreads her pussy lips at the same time and removes his cock from her ass all the way during several strokes.  Aliyah's butthole gapes a little bit.  A nice overhead camera shot toward the end of the anal sequence. 

The scene cuts to the quick and dirty money shot.  Aliyah is on her knees with the guy in front of her.  He shoots a couple of powerful cum bursts on her face.  She opens her mouth and maintains good eye contact with him.  Then Aliyah cleans off his cock.  There's a quick return to schoolgirl Aliyah who was masturbating as she told the story. 

Scene Grade B

Scene Two - Kimmy Kahn plus one guy.  As the scene opens, Kimmy is lying down on a sofa and talking to the camera.  She says that she looks like a "good girl", but she's not.  She keeps thinking about her boyfriend, another guy who is "hot" and "so fucking hard."  She looks very cute dressed as a schoolgirl in a white blouse, sleeveless navy blue sweater, plaid skirt and white stockings with flats.  Her face looks especially pretty here and her lips have a great gloss to them.  Nice makeup. 

The scene quickly dissolves into Kimmy and her boyfriend, who are making out on the sofa.  Kimmy is wearing a similar outfit, but now has on fishnet body stocking, black sheer blouse and plaid skirt.  Her legs look great here.  She reaches into the guy's pants and massages his cock.  They kiss, explore each other's bodies and remove articles of clothing.  There's a cut and now Kimmy is sucking the guy's cock.  She looks really nice sucking on his tool.  The camera moves slowly across her the full length of her body as Kimmy pleasures the guy.  She socks his cock quite seriously and makes occasional eye contact with the guy.  Some slobber is evident toward this end of this sequence. The guy fingers her pussy at the same time, and Kimmy seems to like it. 

Next she removes her blouse and it looks like she is going to climb of top of him.  However, this doesn't materialize, and instead the scene cuts to more oral action, but with Kimmy lying on the bed.  The guy slowly fucks her mouth without using any hands.  Nice!  Some slobber runs out of her mouth and Kimmy sucks his cock more aggressively.  He fingers her some more and the starlet seems pretty turned on.  This is the first good view we get of her pussy, and indeed it looks sweet.  It's totally shaved and looks attractive.  Kimmy's bj is back to a more leisurely pace, and is getting messier at this point. 

Finally, Kimmy is going to get fucked.  The guy comes around to her golden triangle and proceeds to fuck her in the missionary position.  He fucks her energetically and sinks his meat deep into her pink.  Good photography from above and under the action.  A few minute later, the scene cuts to Kimmy getting porked from behind.  Nice view of her pussy here.  The camera pulls back for a full body shot that would have great except that the guy's leg is totally obscuring Kimmy's face!  Then a short segment of missionary until the guy is ready to cum. 

The scene cuts to the cum shot at this point.  The guy is on his knees on the bed jacking off.  Kimmy is lying down facing him with her face close to his cock.  He shoots a large quantity of jizz, but sadly, most of it seems to shoot up into the air instead of on her face or inside her waiting mouth.  Luckily, some of it ends up on his cock and Kimmy is game to lap it up.  She cleans off his cock nicely.

This scene isn't the nastiest, but nonetheless I found it to be very hot.  Kimmy is a real pleasure to watch and oozes

Scene grade B

Scene Three -   Jade Feng & Loni plus one guy.  The third scene features Loni, should should be familiar to the gonzo audience and Jade Feng, a Chinese girl who big breasts who was first scene in "Truly Nice Tits #01".  Jade and Loni are having a heart to heart outside at a park.  Jade approaches Loni about having an affair with her husband.  Jade's ability to act is very limited, in part due to her English skills, but Loni does pretty well with dialog.  At first Loni denies it, but she spills the beans when Jade tells her that her Husband confessed.  Loni feels upset, and Jade quickly forgives her.  Jade takes her to a motel in order to comfort her.  Loni looks pretty nice and is wearing a schoolgirl outfit -- white blouse and plaid skirt.  Jade is wearing a striped cotton top that ties in the middle and cut off jeans.  Jade looks OK, but older and less pretty than many Asian starlets. 

Back at the hotel the girls sit on the bed and kiss briefly.  They strip out of all their clothes just seconds later and continue to make out.  Loni seems to be the more aggressive of the two.  She licks Jade's breasts and then her pussy.  A guy pops up and he watches the action from afar without saying anything.  Jade returns the favor to Loni and eats her pussy.  Jade dons a large dildo and begins to fuck Loni from behind.  She also slaps her ass rather hard a few times. 

Now the guy joins in.  The scene cuts to Loni sucking his cock.  Jade is standing by and kisses the dude.  Loni does a good job polishing the guy's knob and he gets very hard.  Next the guy fucks Loni doggy style as she fucks Jade with a dildo.  The guy slams his meat into her rapidly.  Loni always seems to enjoy getting pounded hard.  There's a cut, and now Jade gets a taste of the tube steak.  The guy fucks her missionary style.  Loni rubs her friend's clit and plays with her melons.  Then Jade is seen getting screwed cowgirl.  Now Loni gets another turn and she brings the guy to orgasm.  The guy cums on Jade's breasts and then Loni licks it up. 

This is an OK scene, but not as good as the first two.  I don't find Jade Feng that appealing and I've been spoiled by all of Loni's super nasty scenes in other movies. 

Scene Grade C+

Scene Four -  Lyla Lei plus two guys (Pat Myne & Brett Rockman).  Lyla describes how one day, she was sitting on the side of the road, and a two strangers picked up her for sex.  The scene cuts to the event and indeed Lyla is sitting on the side of the road.  She's wearing something similar to a schoolgirl outfit, consisting of a white blouse, skirt, white cotton panties and white knee high stockings.  Her long, auburn hair is parted down the middle and styled in braided pigtails.  She looks quite hot -- nicer than in her introduction. 

The guys convince Lyla they are trustworthy and ironically begin to fondle her.  Lyla spreads her legs and rubs her pussy.  Brett unzips his jeans has takes his cock out for Lyla to suck.  Then Pat does the same thing.  She makes good eye contact with Brett as he stuffs her mouth with cock.  Lyla is pretty muted, but the guys provide a low key running commentary and call her derogatory names.  Next Lyla lies down on a blanket and Pat begins to fuck her missionary style.  Rockman continues to receive a blowjob.  She has a pretty nice looking pussy.  Lyla sucks cock p2m and then turns around to get fucked doggy style.  Pat continues to fuck her hard.  Next Pat asks her if she wants to be fucked up the ass, and Lyla says she does.  The scene cuts to reverse cowgirl pussy fucking with Rockman.  She tastes her pussy again.  Then she turns around and rides him cowgirl. 

Now the scene cuts to an anal sequence.  Rockman stuffs his dick up Lyla's butt in the sideways position with one leg up.  He pounds her ass pretty hard.  At the same time, she is supposed to be sucking Pat's cock, but she seems too occupied with the anal action.  After a couple of minutes, the scene cuts to doggy DP.  Pat Myne is in her ass.  Lyla seems to struggle a bit with the DP, but the guys assure her they will be gentle.  Her natural inclination is not to say anything although she moans quite loudly.  At the guys' request, she says "she likes two cocks inside of her."  There's another cut, and now she is getting boned anally by Rockman in the sideways position again plus more bj action.  This continues quite a long time.  Rockman pounds her ass good.

For the cumshot, both guys blows their nuts on her mouth and chin.  Lyla closes her eyes and her mouth but cooperatively tilts her head back.  She ends up with a decent amount of goo on her face. 

Scene Grade B

Scene Five -   Nyomi Marcela plus one guy (Cheyne Collins).  Scene five features Nyomi Marcela, who is Jade's real life sister.  She's on a bed and talks to the camera as the scene opens.  Nyomi tells viewers she likes it doggy style best.  She looks pretty nice, wearing a black top with lace and skimpy black panties.  Her jet black hair matches her clothing nicely here.  Unlike the other scenes, she doesn't tell a story.

The scene transitions into the sex portion.  Now Nyomi is wearing a schoolgirl outfit -- white V neck sweater with bowtie, white and grey skirt and white tube socks.  Nice outfit!  Without any set up, she walks into a living room where Cheyne is sitting on the sofa.  Her hair is back with a barrette.  Nyomi looks quite a bit like Jade here.   She drops to her knees and they begin to touch each other.  Then Cheyne pulls aside her panties and goes down on her.  Nyomi's sweater is pulled above her breasts and she has awesome erect nipples here.  Cheyne licks her pussy with rare enthusiasm here and Nyomi seems to like it judging from her moaning.  Next Nyomi orally pleasures Cheyne.  He is standing and Nyomi is on her knees working her magic.  She makes good eye contact with the guy and lots of sucking sounds.  Her technique is to focus on the head and use her hand with a twisting motion. 

Now Nyomi rides Cheyne's cock reverse cowgirl style.  She gets a good bouncing motion going almost immediately.  Nyomi is nude on the bottom, but keeps her sweater on.  This sequence goes on for a long time and there is some nice low angle camera work here.  Next Cheyne takes her from behind.  Nyomi bends over in front of the sofa and rests her hands on the cushions.  Mr. Collins pounds her surprisingly hard.  Nyomi seems to take it well.  She gets louder, but has no difficulty handling the cock.  The last position is mish on the sofa.  Again, Cheyne fucks her hard until he is ready to cum.  Then he pulls out and squirts his ball butter on her face and tongue.  A nice glob of cum lands on her upper lip and some more drips from her chin.  Nice messy finale. 

Scene grade B-

Scene Six -  Sabrine Maui plus one guy (Mark Ashley).  As far as starlets go, it appears that DVSX saved the best for last in this episode of Sakura Tales.  Sabrine is the hottest Asian firecracker working right now.  The scene starts off with Sabrine sitting outside on a blanket in the grass.  She's wearing a hot tiger skin bikini with black heels and looks lovely .  There's not much of a story here, Sabrine says she met a guy "on the net" and then the action switches to the sex scene. 

Sabrine and Mark are sitting on a sofa on a first date after meeting on the Internet.  The couple awkwardly tries to get know each other and Mark asks Sabrine what she likes to do for fun.  Sabrine says she likes to "get freaky".  That's when the foreplay begins.  Sabrine is wearing a cute schoolgirl outfit (blue blouse, sweater, plaid skirt without panties and white socks with tennis shoes).  Mark rubs her legs and quickly finds her pretty shaved snatch. Then he proceeds to eat at the Y.  Mark fingers her pussy at the same time.  Sabrine holds her legs back and enjoys the attention.  Mark also rims her ass briefly.  The scene cuts and now Sabrine services Mark's pizzle.  She's sitting on the sofa as Mark stands in front of her.  Sabrine sucks his pole with focused effort and at times does not use her hands.  She also goes pretty deep and generates some slobber on his cock.  Hot stuff but rather short. 

Next Sabrine gets fucked by Mark on her back.  She's nude now, but her skirt is still around her midsection.  Mark sinks his cock in the pink fast and deep while holding her legs way back.  Sabrine seems turned on and her pussy is pretty wet.  During a close up, Mark removes his cock all the way several times.  The scene cuts to Sabrine mounting his pole reverse cowgirl style.  She sort of squats on his cock and takes it deep.  She's totally nude now for this extended sequence.  Sabrine tastes Mark's cock p2m.  Then she gets screwed doggy style.  Nice full body framing here from a couple of different angles.  This is followed by brief missionary again so that Mr. Ashley can bring himself to climax.  He pulls out and squirts his pecker snot inside Sabrine's mouth.  Quite a bit of cum lands on her chest too.  The scene reverts back to Sabrine alone in the grass pleasuring herself with a dildo for a minute or so. 

Lately, Sabrine is always on fire and this scene is no exception.  She's one of those girls who almost look too cute and innocent for porn.  Although I was disappointed she didn't perform anal here, the scene is still very enjoyable.

Scene grade:  B

Everything Else

The Main Menu on the disc is attractive and contains the following choices:  "Play Movie", "Chapter Selection", "Special Features" and "Trailers". 

Other extras features include a photo gallery, hot shots (cum shot recap) and "solo scenes" for each of the girls.  Each solo scene is about two or three minutes long, consisting of extra footage taken from the introduction portion of each starlet's scene.  This is a nice bonus.  The photo gallery are true stills taken from the set.  Some are presented two at a time in split screen fashion.  Some of these can also be viewed on DVSX's web site. 

Three trailers for several other DVSX features are included:  Jungle Love, Truly Nice Ass #02,  and Double Parked #02.

I noticed an audio/video glitch in the beginning of Nyomi's scene. 

Last Word

Alex Ladd avoids the dreaded sophomore slump with the second episode of "Sakura Tales".  This is another solid installment, which is in the running for best Asian series.  With some minor tweaking, and a little more emphasis on raincoater appeal, Sakura Tales could win the gold. 

Overall Rating:  B- (2.83)

Second Opinion?

Missy Manners noted this was "one of the better all Asian series" but nonetheless felt "somewhat letdown."  She rated the girls and sexual performances as average to below average.  According to Ms. Manners, this feature contains "two good, two average and two bad scenes."  Overall rating 3.25 out of 5.00.

Bono-ONE  says this is a "good second effort" and a "must have" for any Asian fan.  The action was "well filmed"  Overall rating 4.00 out of 5.00.

Review Date: 04.06.2003

Other Suggestions & Comments

On 04.06.03, the average price for this dvd was $21.16 based on fourteen online retailers.

   Speak Out!  Have you seen this movie and would like to comment on it?  If so, please post your thoughts here!

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Sakura Tales #03 -- the third in the series featuring Charmane Star, Avena Lee, Lucy Lee, Shai Lee and others. (DVD Advantage)


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