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Flash Review

Me Luv U Long Time #03

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 Category  Asian (Wall to Wall / Gonzo)
 Director  Robbie Fischer (& Vince Voyeur for one scene)
 Themes  Asian starlets, straight sex, newbies, POV
 Production or Street Date  03.06.02 date of production, VHS & DVD released 06.12.03
 Released By  Red Light District Video
 Available Formats  VHS & DVD (DVD version reviewed)
  Running Time  139 minutes + bonus footage (about 12 minutes)
 Source and Price Paid  courtesy of Red Light District Video
 Box Cover Quote  "Awesome Asian action! Japanese, Thai and Chinese gash stretched to the limits. Interracial, anal and lots of explosive facial pop shots. A veritable erotic bonanza for fans of sweet Asian pussy!"


Robbie Fischer takes over as director in the third installment of Red Light District's "Me Luv U Long Time".  Like nearly all RLD titles, this is a wall to waller with six scenes.  All the starlets are Asian newbies.

What's Hot

Kitty is on hand to provide thrills for guys who are into the youthful look.  Don't be fooled by the innocent look however, this little Asian firecracker can really handle some serious cock!

Nina Lynn is easy on the eyes and performs in a hot POV scene.

Very good AV quality.

What's Not

This feature is lacking in raincoater footage.

The appearance of a few of the girls didn't really float my boat even though I adore Asians ladies in general.

The "Behind the Scenes" segment on the DVD version was surprisingly short - just 2 minutes! 

Everything Else

Below is a detailed blow by blow account of the sex scenes:  

  Scene One:  Lucy Lee and one guy (Brian Pumper).  Lucy Lee's ethnicity is Korean, but she was born in the USA about twenty-two years ago.  She has smallish, natural breasts with nice nipples.  Lucy has two tattoos on her back.  Many folks say they she reminds of them the young Kitty Yung.  In her interview with director Fischer, she says that this is her second scene ever.  Lucy says she is looking forward to it, but I thought she seems rather reserved and chilly.  She used to work as a nude dancer, so perhaps that is where she developed the icy personality.

The scene cuts and Lucy is totally nude on a sofa covered with a sheet.  The scene opens very quietly.  There's no music or dialog.  Lucy poses for the camera, spreading her ass and pussy.  She looks very nice.  Pumper begins to fuck her immediately doggy style.  Lucy does fine backing up into his cock.  The starlet sucks his cock p2m.  Then Pumper fucks her mouth.  Lucy sucks it OK, but she doesn't go deep or make it messy.  Next she is seen getting porked in the sideways position with one leg up.  Then reverse cowgirl with more p2m.  Lucy sometimes makes eye contact with the camera.  At times, I think she has quite a pretty face.  Next cowgirl fucking, standing cowgirl and missionary. 

For the cum shot, Lucy opens her mouth half heartedly.  Pumper squirts a good amount of splooge on her nose, below her nose and around her mouth.  Lucy seems reluctant to smile at the end.   Scene Grade:  C+

  Scene Two:  Ashanti and one guy (Joel Lawrence).  Ashanti is from Thailand.  Like Lucy, she is also twenty two years old.  She looks mixed with black to me.  Probably her best facial feature is her great DSL.  She has dyed blond hair, that would probably look better natural.  Also, Ashanti has noticeable poor teeth.  Body type is petite.  She's a  newbie to porn, as this is only her second scene.  After her interview, there is some tease footage where Ashanti talks dirty to the camera.  Despite a valiant effort, she didn't strike me as a natural dirty talker.  Ashanti is wearing a pink half shirt. 

The guy appears and they make out briefly.  Next Ashanti delivers a blowjob on her knees.  She looks at the camera but in an un-natural manner.  She's much too nervous looking.  Some of the time the BJ is no hands.  Ashanti stuffs her face with Joel's cock, but doesn't suck it deep.  After he's hard, they engage in regular sex.  Positions include on her side or back, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl and doggy.  Ashanti seemed to need a lot of direction.  She orgasms in the cowgirl position. 

For the cum shot, Mr. Lawrence pumps her until climax from behind.  Then he moves in for an open mouth facial.  Ashanti sort of closes her eyes and moves away half way through the cum blast.  This scene fades out quickly.  Scene grade:  C

  Scene Three:  Kitty and two guys (Brett Rockman & Dick Delaware).  The third scene features Kitty, who I was just recently introduced to in "Teens Revealed".  When I see Kitty, I can't help thinking I've entered p4p land.  Here she's wearing a frilly bra and shorts in a nice shade of girly pink.  She's also wearing white panties and funky pink heels.  Kitten is very cute, so long as you like a very youthful look.  She also seems to talk with a mild lisp.  Last but not least, Kitty has a bald beaver (of course).  Kitty plays with her pussy at the beginning of the scene with her panties half way down.  She says she "needs a hard cock right now."  Shocking to hear coming from her!

So, RLD grants her wish and pairs her with two guys.  Kitty jumps into cocksucking action.  She takes their cocks in her mouth deep and let's them fuck her face.  There's some gagging, but Kitty doesn't seem to mind at all.  She makes good eye contact and seems happy to be serving their cocks.  Next she engages in reverse cowgirl sex.  The big cock really stuffs her tiny hairless box.  She also continues to suck off the other guy.  Good bouncing by Kitty.  Then she switches guys and turns around to perform cowgirl.  Rapid pussy pounding here and good views of Kitty's very petite ass.  Next, standing cowgirl, doggy and mish.  During the mish, she jacks off the other dude, who is standing over her head. 

For the cum shots, the guys stand on each side of her.  Guy #01 cums on the left side of her face.  Kitty closes her eyes and mouth and opens them up after the cum squirts out.  Awwww that's no fun.  Guy #01 cums on the right side of her face.  Lots of thick goo lands on her face, including some in her eye.  Nice!  Scene Grade:  B

  Scene Four:  Thai Angel and one guy (Brett Rockman).  Thai Angel appears to be FOB.  She has nice, streaked brown hair and is wearing a red top and matching panties.  There's some tease footage at the beginning and Thai talks to the camera, but it's pretty bad due to her challenged English.  Thai has modest sized breasts and a nice smile and ass. Overall she looks pretty cute.  She also seems quite cheerful.  Thai Angel gets naked pretty fast and just like Kitty, she "needs a big hard dick."

The guy appears and they kiss briefly.  Then eating at the Y and he fingers her.  Thai gives him a oral sex on her knees and makes good eye contact with the camera.  She uses her hands a lot during the BJ.  Unfortunately, the guy has wood problems.  Next the do the horizontal bop, first in the sideways position.  Then reverse cowgirl and doggy.  Thai sucks his cock p2m.  The last position is cowgirl, and she looks pretty in this position.  The guy fucks her he is ready to come and the starlet gets down low on her knees and lets him blow his load in her face.  This is another good cum shot.  Lots of spunk frosts her lips and chin.  Scene grade:  B-

  Scene Five:  Lilly Lee and one guy (Manuel Ferrara).  Scene five features Lilly Lee, who is a soul Asian.  She's Thai mixed with black and has relatively dark skin.  Lilly also dark brown hair and big DSL.  She looks more black than Asian to me.  This is her 4th scene and prior to being a porn starlet, she worked in retail selling clothes.

There's a fast cuts to the sex action.  Lilly is getting it on with two guys, one of whom is Manuel Ferrara, who makes a lot of comments that some may find annoying.  Lilly starts off with a blowjob for both and she has really great lips for cocksucking.  Then on to fucking.  Manuel fucks her intensely in the doggy position.  Lilly keeps sucking off the other guy.  This scene takes place on what appears to be an upholstered bench, but the color is too close to skin color.  It would have been much better if the background was more colorful here.  Manuel continues to fuck her in his hyper style.  He spreads Lilly's ass for the camera.  Then cowgirl and sideways with bjs.

Sideways pussy penetration turns into sideways anal penetration.  However, if you don't watch closely, you might miss it.  It's a little hard to see.  On my television, I couldn't even tell the guy's cock was in her butt without turning up the brightness control.  Lilly looks at the camera and professes her love for anal, but doesn't really seem very enthused about it.  After a bit, the scene cuts to Manuel poking her ass doggy style.  Lilly remains passive and didn't appear to be truly turned on. 

The scene cuts again to the money shot.  One guy stands on each side of Lilly.  Manuel squirts a decent amount of jizz but it's runny.  Lilly closes her eyes and mouth.  The other guy beats off and then cums on her face.  Nice gobs of spunk land on the bridge of her nose.  Scene grade:  B-

  Scene Six:  Nina Lynn and one guy (Vince Voyeur).  The final scene features cover girl Nina Lynn.  It's immediately apparent she's the prettiest girl in the video.  Nina says that she's 29 years old and from China.  She has a brilliant smile, fantastic natural breasts (34c) and a nice body that is not marred by trashy tattoos.  Her body type seems bigger than some petite Asian women.  She poses and teases in the beginning of the scene, showing off her her attractive pussy and ass.  Nina seems to be enjoying herself and is comfortable in front of the camera.  Director Vince Voyeur has Nina crawl to the bedroom.  Nice!

Once in the bedroom, Nina proceeds with a POV BJ.  Nina looks awesome and makes good eye contact with the camera.  She's wearing tempting white panties.  Nina combines her impressive oral skills with handjob action here.  She licks the shaft, spits on the cock, and makes popping and sucking sounds.  Now she removes more clothing completely and goes over to the bed.

Next is POV sex in the missionary position.  Nina looks hot and has a great looking, bald pussy.  She is fun to watch because she gets into the sex.  Nina tastes the guy's cock p2m.  This sequence is relatively long.  Now Nina strips totally nude and after briefly lubing the cock with her mouth, climbs onboard for POV cowgirl and reverse cowgirl.  After some good bounce footage, she is boned doggy style.  Nice shots of her pink (untapped) rosebud here.

The scene winds down with Nina on her knees for the money shot.  The starlet seems pretty excited and out of breath.  She says she wants to taste his cum and makes good eye contact with the camera.  When the guy cums, she opens her mouth.  Most of the jizz lands on her faces.  There are a few notable cum streams.  Nina then cleans the cock off.   The POV footage here was fun and effective.  Scene grade:  B

Everything Else

The DVD version has some extras worth nothing.  An amusing "Behind the Scenes" segment featuring Thai Angel, however it's very short (only two minutes).  Also, there is bonus scene with Lucy Lee.  In the bonus scene she is interviewed and teases viewers before a POV blowjob.  She seems compliant, but again, not really into it.  The cum shot is a good one.  Lucy receives a facial and it drips down her face and onto her breasts.  Lucy looks great at the end covered in cum.  There is also a photo gallery and trailers for many recent RLD titles.

Last Word

The scenes that stand out in "Me Luv U Long Time #03" feature Kitty and Nina.  Lucy Lee is attractive looking, but seemed too emotionally detached to be appealing.  The sex is solid, but doesn't venture much into raincoater territory.  Only one out of six girls performs anal, a rather disappointing percentage.  I think this series could be improved by turning up the nasty dial a bit and perhaps by having three of the scenes feature Asian veterans and the other half featuring Asian newbies.   

Overall Rating:  C+ (2.61)

Second Opinion? 

Rog called this a "nice collection of Asian babes".  He said there were 4 "really strong scenes" in this installment.      "There is no better Asian themed line on the market."  Overall grade:  9 (out of 10)

Review Date: 07.12.03

Other Suggestions & Comments

On 07.08.03, the average price for this dvd was $19.38 based on 20 online retailers.

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