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Flash Review

Max Hardcore Extreme Schoolgirls #07

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 Category  Wall to Wall / Gonzo
 Director  Max Hardcore
 Themes  anal sex, rough & messy oral sex, gagging, struggling starlets, young girls,   exotic girls
 Production or Street Date  12.03 to 03.04 date of production, released 06.14.04
 Released By  Max World Entertainment in conjunction with EXP
 Available Formats  VHS & DVD (DVD version reviewed)
  Running Time  108 minutes + bonus footage (15 minutes bts with some sex)
 Source and Price Paid  DVD courtesy of EXP
 Box Cover Quote  "Sativa has a very hard day at the park.  Tiny Lyla gets stretched out big time!  Chiquita is tricked with a Spanish fly!


This is the seventh installment of Max Hardcore's Extreme Schoolgirl series.  This series focuses on Max boning young school girls in the ass and lots of throat gagging.

What's Hot

Asian raincoaters should find Lyla Lei's scene pretty enjoyable.  There's some excellent messy oral action and anal footage.  Plus, she looks really cute here, even with a messy face.

Sadist Max fans will likely enjoy Chiquita's scene.  She's very submissive, but pretty much cries and whimpers throughout the entire ordeal.

Lots of good rough BJ footage with gagging, slobber and messy faces.  Lyla does a great job in this area and Sativa's performance was also notable.

Nice to see Max working with some Latina and Asian girls again.

What's Not

Nearly seven minutes of warnings, Max promo trailers and other crap that every Max Hardcore viewer has seen about a zillion times before the movie starts.   

Max continues to employ the use of a watermark in the bottom right of the screen.  This is unnecessary and intrusive.

Chiquita's scene was too long.  The action was redundant after awhile.

Sometimes the production (and/or editing) was sloppy.  For instance, a production assistant was seen once in the background in the first scene.  In scene two, a male voice mumbling something was heard in Sativa's scene.  Also, at times, the cameraman chose poor angles where the viewers could not see the penetration clearly.  While this might be OK for a softcore or couple's movie, it's definitely disappointing in a Max Hardcore film.  Occasional focus problems were seen also, especially in Lyla's scene.

There's a lot of still photography with a flash (and related beeping sounds) going on, even when the scene is outdoors and there is plenty of natural light.  This is a little distracting.

Relative to other discs, this one is shorter and has less scenes.  There's one two full blown anal scenes here.  The other one is is a extended rough BJ. 

Play By Play

Below is a detailed description of each scene:

  Scene One - Chiquita one guy (Max Hardcore)

The first scene features a skinny Latina girl named Chiquita.  It takes place in Max's living room with the familiar yellow sofa.  She's wearing a tie-dye half shirt, ugly orange wrap, pink panties and black heels with white socks.  She also has some young girl fashion accessories and pigtails.  Frankly, this outfit doesn't look that hot or even well matched to me.  Max isn't looking bad.  He ditched the tired yellow shirt and is wearing a more dapper sports shirt with stripes this time around.  Max tries to talk to Chiquita about the usual "wanna be a model" stuff, but Chiquita seems shy and tentative.  Chiquita poses for some still photos and reveals her boobies.  They are modest sized, but quite nice and she has great areolas. 

Chiquita drops to her knees and sucks Max's cock.  Max throat fucks her balls deep and Chiquita handles his cock quite well even though I get the feeling she's clueless.  Max walks around to her backside and fucks her mouth with her head upside down and her body arched.  She gags and her eyes water up.  Chiquita seems a bit shaken here.  Max then proceeds to try and fuck her ass from behind as she stands.  He seems to have a problem and it doesn't really happen.  A few tears are still rolling down the starlet's face.  Next Max leads Chiquita to the sofa.  With little fanfare he crams his cock up her tight ass in the reverse cowgirl position.  Unfortunately, she still has her panties on, and the view is obscured at times.  Chiquita seems on the verge of tears again even though Max is treating her gently.  She continually says "ay ay" and Max can't get much motion going.  In what has to be one of the most unconvincing performances this year, Chiquita says "I like it", "Give it to me" and "please don't stop". 

Max re-positions her slightly and now she is lying back on the arm of the sofa instead of vertical.  "Oh Papi Papi".  She still seems to be in pain and ready to cry.  Max stands up and bangs her ass missionary.  This position doesn't seem much better for her.  Max kinda gives up for the moment and throat fucks her with her head hanging off the edge of the sofa.  Chiquita gags on his cock and produces slobber.  Now Max returns to fucking her ass.  Chiquita still appears to be in a lot of discomfort.  Max alternates between her pussy and butt.  Then he surfs her tonsils again a2m.  She actually makes a good effort here sucking his cock furiously in brief spurts.  Maybe she was hoping he would cum and the ordeal would be over?  No such luck however for Chiquita.  Max returns to ass reaming her in the same position.  After about a minute, he positions her to sit on his cock.  Chiquita is still teary eyed and doesn't look at all like she is enjoying herself.  Max manages to get a few strokes in here.  Then the girl sucks his cock a2m again. 

Max grabs her hair and forces her head down hard so that she deep throats his entire rod.  With her hair back like this, Chiquita actually looks pretty, but here she's pretty messed up looking.  Chiquita manages this pretty well, even though it looks unpleasant.  After a few deep dunks, the Latina starlet has gobs of snot coming out her nose.   Max gags her with his fingers too, but she manages not to puke.  Max says he is "proud" of her and resumes ass fucking her -- this time doggy style.  The camera work is not the best here, and it's tough to actually see the penetration at times.  Max's legs obscure it.  The camera guy finally gets a good low angle and includes a picture in picture insert of her pained face.  Max finally gets some real ass pumping going in this sequence.  Chiquita performs a2m here while grabbing her heels.  This looks pretty hot.  Then he returns to humping her ass.  Max crams his fingers down her throat again. 

Next Max lifts his legs and has Chiquita rim his butthole.  Then she services his tool again briefly before reverse cowgirl anal resumes.  This time Max uses a dildo on her at the same time.  Poor Chiquita looks like a scared animal in the forest.  Max has her taste the dildo p2m several times causing her to gag.  This is a relatively long sequence and Chiquita whimpers through it the entire time.  Now Max flips her upside down on the sofa and bangs her ass in this position.  He uses the dildo in her cunt at the same time.  Chiquita starts rambling more here in Spanish.  She continues to call Max "Papi" over and over.  Next, Max fucks her mish again.  Interestingly, Chiquita seems recovered now and unfazed by anal sex, but then she begins her hysterics again.  Is she acting?  You be the judge.  More upside down throat gagging with lots of appropriate sounds.  Then more mish anal followed by more harsh upside down oral.  Max bends her over the sofa arm and fucks her ass (?) and pussy doggy style again now.  Chiquita looks pathetic again and is back to constant whimpering.  More extreme blowjob action.  Surprisingly, Chiquita is still sucking Max's cock with a lot of gusto.  I gotta give the girl some credit for this.  Lots of slobber and snot is generated. 

Max has her kneel now and continues to fuck her throat hard.  Then he arches her back and fucks her mouth upside down again.  Next Max throws her on the sofa like a savage and proceeds to fuck one of her holes scissors style.  Due to the marginal camerawork, I couldn't tell for sure which hole he was in.  I think it's her pussy.  Later, there is a close up and Max alternates between both her holes.  Max fucks her face hard again then returns to missionary anal, with the girl sitting.  The dildo returns too.

It's finally time for the cum shot.  Chiquita is sitting on the floor, slumping with her back up against the yellow sofa.  Max puts one leg up on the coach and blows his wad inside her open mouth and on her face.  Quite an impressive amount of cum squirts out.  Then he face fucks her again and goes back in her pussy.  Chiquita says "adios" and "goodbye" in a composed way. 

Needless to say, this scene will appeal most to misogynists.  Fans of Latinas may enjoy it also, but it's not for the squeamish.  Any viewer who wants to see the girl have fun should run!  (46 minutes)

Scene One Rating: 8.00
Starlet appearance: 7.00, Starlet attitude and personality: 8.00, Sexual Heat: 8.00, Raincoat appeal: 9.00

  Scene Two - Sativa and one guy (Max Hardcore)

The second scene features covergirl Sativa.  Sativa appears to be Asian, Latina or a combination of both (perhaps Filipina?).  The setting is outdoors in what appears to be a canyon with a picnic table and bench.  Sativa lays down a towel to a bouncy, cocktail hour, bossa nova soundtrack.  This helps set a nice, light mood.  She's wearing bright tie-dye hot pants, a white bikini top with flower print, heels and juvenile day-glo girlie accessories.  I don't mind the young girl outfits at all, but again, this combination clashes.  She strips out of her pants and has a bikini bottom on.  She has a pretty nice body with sizable tits.  Sativa begins to sunbathe and reads a magazine.  Before long she takes off her top and bottom so that she's nude except for socks and heels.  She actually looks pretty enticing here.

Max appears from the bushes and likes what he sees.  He warns her she could be molested tanning nude in a public park and then shows her how to stroke and suck his cock.  Sativa begins to suck his sock.  She looks great when she does.  Max asks her how old she is, and she responds "old enough!"  But in case there's any doubt in the minds of over-zealous prosecutors, a large "18" pops up in the bottom right hand side of the screen momentarily.  Good natural lighting and color here.  Some slobber results from the oral action.  Max flips her over and fucks her throat upside down.  There are some good sucking sounds but Sativa doesn't seem to really understand "bubbling it out" and letting it "drip right over your face".  Although Max tells her about it several times, she tends to turn her face to the side and spit out the drool.  Some questionable editing here at times, when short footage of her feet or snatch are shown.  Finally, after five minutes or so, some of the slobber runs down her face in the desired way.  It collects in her right eye so it looks pretty dramatic.  Sativa does seem to mind sucking cock, but she does seem bothered by snot and spit on her face. 

She sits back up again and Max continues to stuff his cock in her mouth roughly.  More drool and snot here.  Then Max sticks his fingers down her throat in order to try and make her puke. "Make me skinny mister."  They shift positions again.  Now Max sits down on the table and Sativa inhales his cock on her knees.  Max uses his hands to guide her head and mouth.  Some good messy action here and some good low angle camera work.  Unfortunately, viewers can hear the camera person giving Sativa directions at times.  From here, Max hangs her head off the table again followed by a sitting BJ position where Max stands above her.  Her face is pretty messy here, but still attractive.  For the cumshot, he stands off to her side and jerks his cock off rapidly.  When Max is ready to orgasm, he blows his nuts on her tongue and all over her face.  This is another pretty good cum blast.  Sativa cleans off his cock and gets to gag a couple more times.  (31 minutes)

Scene Two Rating: 8.00
Starlet appearance: 8.25, Starlet attitude and personality: 8.00, Sexual Heat: 7.75, Raincoat appeal: 8.00

  Scene Three - Lyla Lei and one guy (Max Hardcore)  (Snowman's Pick for Best Scene!)

The last scene stars nasty Asian cutie Lyla Lei, who is becoming a regular Max girl.  Max invites her up to his "playhouse".  It looks like a den at his home adjacent to the patio with a sofa .  Lyla is wearing a girlie, flower print dress with white skirt, white socks and black and white shoes.  Like the other girls, she is also decked out in many bright fashion accessories including a plastic, chain style headband I could do without.  Her hair is styled in cute pigtails.  As usual, Max is impressed by how petite she is and tells her she would make a great model.  Lyla eat up his flattery and is all smiles.  She looks pretty darn nice here.  Max shows her how his cock is getting hard and unbuttons her blouse to reveal her "tiny titties".  Lyla seems comfortable with Max and interacts with him well.  Max peels off her panties and underneath Lyla is totally bald. 


Max starts to boink her doggy style, but for an unknown reason switches to a standing position.  I guess Max is fucking her from behind, but viewers can't really see much.  Max then sits on the sofa and has Lyla get on all fours "with her butt in the air".  Then she goes to work on his dick.  Lyla is an experienced cocksucker, and she easily takes his cock all the way down, with appropriate sound effects and lots of drool.  Good messy BJ action here.  Generally good camerawork.  Max crams his fingers down her throat as if to make her throw.  Although Lyla has a gag reflex, like the other girls, she never actually pukes.  Next Max positions her head upside down off the edge of the sofa.  Lots of yucky spit is generated, so this sequence should please raincoaters into this sort of thing. 


Without much warning, Max proceeds to fuck her ass in the same position.  Lyla is pretty expressive and her face is quite messy at this point.  Most of the action is shot from a medium distance, providing a full body view.  I liked some of the angles where Lyla's face was featured.  However, very few close-ups were seen.  There's an edit, and Lyla is again choking on Max's cock.  Again her face gets all wet and lots of drool drips from it.  After some deep, long strokes, Max returns to fucking Lyla's ass.  Lyla has no trouble taking his beef stick.  She performs deep a2m here with her head upside down.  At this juncture, they switch to reverse cowgirl anal.  There's a penetration shot, but the focus is off.  Thankfully, the medium shot is crisp.  It's pretty hot looking, so long as you don't mind Lyla's messy face.  Max stretches her mouth open with his fingers to make her look even more ridiculous.  Max also crams his fingers down her throat.  After three minutes or so, the close up camera is finally in sharp focus.  Lyla gets poked in the butt slow and steady here.  Max doesn't penetrate her that deep.  He directs her to gag herself using all four fingers.  Lyla complies and generates more mouth slime.  She doesn't really say much during this scene, but she moans a lot and makes good sound effects.  This is a long sequence.  After awhile, Max breaks out the dildo and for a DP simulation.  This is OK with Lyla and she handles it pretty well.  It  seems like there are two cameras being used here, which would be a good thing, except one of them has much better focus (or sharpness) than the other.  Viewers may find this distracting.


The scene dissolves to Lyla squatting in front of the sofa and Max ramming his cock down her throat again.  For a few seconds there's a shot of her feet in a box called "Tootsie Cam".  Tootsie Cam is fine, but maybe that stuff should go in the extra's?  For the cum shot, Max brings out his scary dental appliance to hold her mouth open.  He fucks her pussy and ass missionary to work up a climax.  Lyla starts to choke on her spit and removes the dental tool.  Max crams her own foot in her mouth as he reams her butt.  Again, the camera angle is such that viewers cannot really see the anal penetration all that well.  Instead of cumming, Max flips her upside down and decides to fuck both of her holes piledriver.  Lyla rolls to her knees and sucks his cock a2m.  Max has her open up her mouth wide manually.  Then her jerks off rapidly.  He mostly cums on her face.  It's another impressive amount of jizz.  Lyla smiles and seems happy.  She holds her mouth open again and cleans his cock off.  Max assures Lyla she will be so rich and famous.  (30 minutes)

Scene Three Rating: 8.50
Starlet appearance: 8.50, Starlet attitude and personality: 8.50, Sexual Heat: 8.50, Raincoat appeal: 8.50

Everything Else

Special features on this disc include, Behind the Scenes (called "Fucking Around"), Photo Gallery, starlet biographies and nearly 39 minutes of trailers from other Max movies.

The Behind the Scenes footage (about 15 minutes) features Lyla in the dressing room.  She seems like a fun girl and appears in a good mood.  She is putting on her outfit and attempts to listen to her messages on her cell phone.  For some reason, Max is fucking her, but it doesn't seem obvious how it is related to the scene.  Lyla is seen taking glamour type stills indoors and outdoors.  Finally, viewers can see Lyla after her shower with no makeup!  Next is footage of Chiquita fucking Max on the sofa.  It looks like it was shot during the scene.  There a small amount of interview footage with her.  However, she mostly speaks Spanish.  She says this was the ninth video she performed in.  Chiquita gets into the shower after her scene.  Next, there's "slow motion" (i.e. blurry) footage of Max's dog running around.  Last but not least, there's some footage of Sativa.  Sativa and Max consider which outfit she should wear.  The BTS camera guy squeeze her nice, natural rack.  Max decides it would be good to use something from his own wardrobe.  Catalina is seen sleeping on the sofa.  Hmmmm maybe if Catalina had helped select it, it would have been matched better?!  Sativa gets weighed and comes in at 103.     

Production quality of this disc is generally good, but sloppy at times as discussed above.  The scenes are well lit but all the lighting in the world is for naught if marginal camera angles prevent seeing the action.  Audio is generally good, but the camera person's voice can be heard directing the action at some points.  Also, the fuzzy camera/sharp camera issue in Lyla's scene was disconcerting.   

Last Word & Final Tally

Extreme Schoolgirls #07 is worthwhile for raincoaters, especially those who are into Asians and Latinas.  Lots and lots of emphasis on rough, blowjob stuff and puking (although none of the girls actual do).  There's still a great deal of anal of Max movies, but I feel like it takes a backseat now to gagging.  The young girl theme is still intact, but Max seriously needs a better fashion consultant for the starlets.  This movie is not suitable for couples in search of a romantic evening.   

New (Experimental) SRR Rating Method:

Sexual Content Ratings (averaged & weighted 2x): 8.17
Average of all scenes listed above.

Production Ratings (weighted 1x):  7.50
Dialog/Story/Script: 7.50, Costumes/Clothing: 7.00, Location: 8.00

Technical Ratings (weighted 1x):  7.38

Camerawork: 6.50, Video Quality: 8.00, Audio Quality: 7.00, DVD Extras: 8.00

Overall Rating:  7.81 out of 10.00

Second Opinion?

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Review Date: 07.29.2004

Other Suggestions & Comments

On 07.29.04, the average price for this dvd was $19.17 based on 07 online retailers.

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